Some states in Nigeria have a rich artistic background that teaches you painting even before deciding to enrol for one. One of such states is the historic Osun State. If you reside in Osun State, the chances are high that you've already started your painting classes in Osun. That's because the state is rich in culture and history.

From the Palace of the Ooni of Ile-Ife to the Osun Osogbo Festival to the Oranmiyan staff's stories and the stories of Moremi, Oduduwa, and his sons, Osun State, Nigeria is rich in history of art, exhibitions, and different works of art available in various arts center and art galleries.

If you're an artist that cherishes certain majors like war stories, the unending war between Ife and Modakeke will interest you. These stories, lessons, and events are just a few of the stories that can inspire your artistic expressions.

So, just hearing or reading about these happenings already informs your love for painting. These are only stories; imagine when you visit museums in the state, to see more art design and historical monuments. It's just like Osun is an artistic state.

The art energy you see in Osun State is also similar to the art energy on the global stage. Art is everywhere. The life we live, the wars, the diseases, the comedy, and tears are all forms of inspiration for painting artists. That's the reason why you have more and more artworks speaking against the injustice we experience globally.

All of these painting works are admirable and attractive, which will enhance your love for the arts and make you want to learn to paint in an arts centre. But the question that comes next is, "how do you want to start learning to paint?" As a beginner who has no idea whatsoever, getting this type of advice is rare. Firstly, what you can do is to understand some of the arts painting terms you can learn. Likewise, you can also inquire about the art classes near me.

Fortunately, this article will show you the essential tips to consider when you're searching for painting lessons. Also, we will explain some painting techniques that you'll learn when you start your art lessons.

Painting of three women
It's not enough to be skilled, you have to keep learning as a painter. | Photo Credit: Dazzle Jam on Pexels.

What to Consider When Choosing a Painting Class

In a state with such a rich art-history, culture, and historical background as Osun, Nigeria, art and design become a regular expression. As a result, the number of painting classes in Osun will continue to be on the rise.

Given this, you'll need to be extra careful when choosing the school of art or painting lessons you'll love to enrol in. This is because there are different forms of art which include fine-art, life drawing, figure drawing, etching, pottery, fabrication, creative expression, and graphic design among others. You have to enrol in an art class that is in-line with what you want to learn.

Better still, you can register online at SuperProf and have a professional painting artist teach you the art of painting on any of the disciplines available. Let's take a look at some options you need to consider:

Type of Painting Course

Painting is an extensive section of art education (which is also very wide). There are three main mediums of painting, and they are:

  • Watercolours

If you ever took any interest in painting lessons at your younger age, it's almost impossible that you didn't test out watercolours. Watercolours are the oldest forms of painting and most of the historical paintings of the past in an art musuem were created using watercolours. It may be the first medium of painting, but it's not going extinct anytime soon. The primary constituents of watercolours are the colour pigment and water.

These materials are always available, which is one of the reasons why watercolours are quite affordable. Not only because of its affordable price but because these constituents are safe to use. If you need to learn painting for beginners, the chances are high that you'll start with watercolours.

  • Acrylic painting

Acrylic has some similarities with ancient watercolour. The primary difference is the time of existence. While watercolour is the oldest form of painting, acrylic painting is the newest form of painting. This painting just came into being in the mid-1900s. But since then, experts and beginners alike love this type of artwork. When you see pictures of this new age, they likely used acrylic paints.

The similarities between acrylic painting and watercolours include its affordability and accessibility. Also, acrylic painting is water-based, and you only need water as a solvent. When you start learning to paint, there's a great chance that you may use acrylic paint.

  • Oil painting

The oil painting has a different storyline from the other types of painting. To start with the price, these types of oil paints may cost you a fortune. That's because the materials and constituents needed are costly. Speaking of the materials, the solvent required to dissolve these oil paints is usually toxic. So, because of these features, when you take painting classes in Osun or anywhere else, you most likely won't start with oil-based painting.

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't start with these paints. It only means you'll need some background knowledge as it is more dangerous and more expensive.

Although, there are so many advantages of using oil painting for your artworks. One of these advantages includes a versatile final product of your image. Since the paint is oil-based, artwork with this paint is likely to shine. When you take painting lessons with oil paint, you'll notice that these paints hardly dry up easily, but you can continue drawing other layers even at the damp state of the previous layers.

Painting of a woman's face and body
Creativity is the highest selling point of an artist. | Photo Credit: Bestbe Models on Pexels.

Painting Techniques You Must Know To Excel in an Art Class

A common mistake among most painting enthusiasts is believing that painting depends on talent. Of course, skill is essential, but you can still learn to paint on an art program. The only disadvantage is it may take a longer time. When you take classes on painting for beginners, you likely start from drawing practices. That's because drawing and painting are very closely related.

Now, you want to learn to paint, not draw, so you don't need to learn sketching as a potential artist. All you need are the introductory courses and concepts that drawing involves. So, if you know how to draw already, all you need is to practice rejuvenating your drawing skills. That's one of the first techniques you'll learn while taking a painting class.

As a beginner in an art-school, painting may seem like a very complex space with a lot of terms and different techniques. And when you're taking art classes for adults, these terms can be too much. Trying to learn art terms like shading and colour mixing may be a little hard to comprehend. Let's take a look at some of the techniques you can learn painting with:

  • Underpainting

Underpainting works perfectly for both oil and acrylic painting mediums. For underpainting, you first paint your workspace with light paint before you paint the actual work. The underpainting is essentially preparing your workspace ready before you begin painting.

  • Glazing

Glazing is a technique that also works for both oil painting and acrylic painting methods. However, this time, this technique occurs at the end of your artwork to make it more expressive and improve its aesthetics. Essentially, you must have finished painting; then, you may use another layer of transparent paint on your painting artwork.

This painting technique helps your artistic expression appear sharper and better. Unlike underpainting, glazing is used for improving painting colours at the end of the painting.

  • Stippling

This type of painting technique works for all kinds of painting methods. The stippling method requires you to hit your work material with the brush. The stippling technique helps your painting move from rudimentary to advance.

  • Impasto

This technique works well for both the oil painting and acrylic painting methods. For this method, you need a palette knife. With this tool, you can apply large quantities of paint to your canvas. And at the end of this impasto technique, your painting has better colours and a better intense look.

  • Watercolour techniques

Watercolour painting techniques are essentially wet on wet technique and wet on dry technique. These methods are already explanatory from their descriptions and are used by contemporary painters in Nigeria. The wet on dry means applying wet paint on a dry working surface. The wet on wet style means using wet paint on a wet surface.

Materials and Supplies Needed for Painting Classes

Of course, the number of terms and techniques related to painting may be much and important; that's not all you need. You need to put these terms and procedures to practice. To do this, you'll need basic painting materials to grasp the foundations of learning to paint.

In most cases, the art studio or art centre may provide you with the necessary materials at the start. However, it makes perfect sense to have your equipment so that you can practice personally.

Some of this equipment may be too expensive. Therefore, it is better to confirm the necessary art equipment you need to become an award-winning painter before you start buying. And it's even better to confirm from online painting platforms like SuperProf, where you can connect directly to an expert painting artist. The primary materials you'll need are brushes, canvas or paper, and of course, the paint itself.

Art materials and supplies
With the right mind and materials, every painting is possible. | Photo Credit: Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.

What Are the Best Art Classes and Workshops in Osun?

When you're looking for painting classes in Osun Nigeria to run any of the degree programs available, there are certain options you must consider. Although, based on your preferences, it may take a little while before you find one. You can, however, bypass this stressful procedure by checking trusted platforms online like SuperProf.

However, if you still want to search for painting classes in Osun to get a Bachelor of fine arts degree, you can try out these places:

  • Nike art gallery Osogbo.
  • Osun State Polytechnic Iree.
  • Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Osun, Nigeria.

Choosing out of the several painting classes is not a tea party; it's a challenging task. However, you cannot learn to paint without taking painting classes to learn the creative process. But you can get these painting experts without stress.

When you visit SuperProf, you get to connect with experts at any painting medium you desire. We offer both online painting lessons and private tutors. More than 97% of tutors on SuperProf offer free lessons for their first classes to help you know if their style of teaching meets your need and also helps the tutor to assess your skill before scheduling further classes.  Hence, you're saving money, time, and energy when you learn on SuperProf.

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