Since its inception, the world of arts has continued to evolve tremendously. In Nigeria, there has been a massive fusion of creativity and technology in the arts and design industry today that is changing the narrative of the history of art. These days, you see many artists and art students who learn all they know from the internet. As you're reading this, thousands of art drawing innovations are in the pipeline.

Another function that has improved over the years in the Nigerian creative industry is the level of access to artworks and art exhibition over the years. Some years back, there was no way you could see artwork or abstract painting without visiting an art gallery or the artist's workspace. However, these days, you can sit down on social media and see beautiful artworks and design, textures, and framing on the internet without spending a dime. These innovations have now given rise to more creative expressions of art drawing.

If you want to learn to paint or create your unique art, there's every chance you have pages that you admire on social media platforms. That means you are already learning to draw subconsciously in terms of inspiration and creativity. Likewise, there are other platforms like blogs that share helpful content to teach you new techniques and fundamentals of paint application. However, if you want to become a professional artist, it's better you take painting and drawing lessons. This is very important if you're in a city with rich cultures like Ibadan, Oyo state.

When you take painting classes in Ibadan, Oyo state, for instance, you have new exposure to Nigeria and the city's history and story. That way, you can create an art design that has more information the people in the city can directly understand and relate to.

Like you know, painting is a vast field, which means there's a lot of ground to cover and specific areas to become a specialist. You can choose to create still-life drawings or paint natural animals; whichever one, you have to be great at it. And for our city of focus in this article – Ibadan, you have many great competitors. As a result, you need to stand out, which means you must continue to learn to draw and paint.

You can start by taking classes focused on painting for beginners to keep getting better. However, you cannot allow your drive and passion for painting to lead you the wrong way. When you want to choose painting lessons, there are so many factors you should consider. Starting from the experience of tutors to their teaching style and depth. That's because whatever you learn needs to be of top-notch quality. Let's take a brief look at some of the factors to consider before choosing a painting class.

White Paper Painting
Learn the basics of painting as a beginner in Ibadan. | Photo Credit: Ravi Kant on Pexels.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Painting Class

If you are taking painting classes for beginners or registering for an art class for adults, knowing the right factors to consider is very important. That's because you may not even fully recognize a great artwork. Basic painting class factors to consider include:

Types of painting

Before you start looking for the painting classes in Ibadan Oyo state, you should know the different types of paintings. This will guide you in choosing the particular art class that suits you. There are three widely accepted types of paintings: watercolour, oil painting, and acrylic painting. Each of these paints has its respective peculiarities, which are explained below:

  • Watercolouring

Water colouring is the oldest type of paint available, and in most cases, it's the starting point of painting for beginners. When you start using watercolours, it may seem like a leisure activity. But the moment you begin to explore its abilities and functions, you'll be surprised. Water colouring may be the oldest type of paint, but it isn't going extinct soon because of its dynamism.

The primary materials you need for this painting technique are colours and water. Water is readily available, which means the only material you'll be purchasing is watercolour, which is quite affordable. This cheap property is the major reason why beginners start with watercolour. Artists like Jose Apaza and Mary Whyte are great sources of inspiration if you want to learn to paint with watercolours.

  • Oil painting

As the name implies, oil paints are primarily dissolved with oils. This feature is the primary reason why oil painting is becoming widely accepted. Oil painting is quite common amongst painting artists of the new age. That's because the oily feature of these paints allow artists to continue painting multi-layers even when a layer is still damp.

In most cases, you can only learn oil painting in art classes for adults. The major reasons for that are the high price and low accessibility of this paint type's manufacturing materials. Now, that doesn't mean you cannot begin to learn painting with oil painting. Instead, it means you have to be prepared to face the complexity of this type of painting.

  • Acrylic painting

Acrylic painting is a relatively new type of painting launched in the last century. Although it may be new, it's fast becoming a favourite amongst painting artists globally. The reason for this isn't far-fetched as acrylic paints are relatively affordable and accessible, unlike oil paints. Since it's a relatively new development in the painting space, you may have difficulty looking for acrylic painting classes in Ibadan Oyo state. But you don’t have to worry that’s why there is a platform called Superprof that offers online painting classes where you can learn about acrylic painting.


Another factor to consider when choosing painting classes is the price. Of course, learning a great skill like painting may cost a fortune, but it's always better to go in informed. So, whenever you go through the different painting classes in Ibadan Oyo State, be sure to draw up an estimate. Alternatively, you can consider hiring a private tutor on SuperProf at an affordable price.


The location of the art class is also something you should consider. Not only the location of the class but the location you intend to settle after you have learned. When you search, it makes perfect sense to search for art classes near me, to make the search easier. It would be best if you also learned about the culture of the location you intend to practice.


The experience of the art tutor should greatly influence your choice of art classes. You can ascertain the experience of the tutor through previous works and the conversations you have with the tutor. However, if you have some access level, you can go ahead to quiz a former student at this art class.

Different Paintbrushes
With the right brushes, you can create the best painting in Ibadan. | Miguel A. on Pexels.

Common Painting Techniques and How They Work

Now that you understand a few factors to consider when choosing a painting class that suits your profile, how do you begin to learn to paint and what is needed to know how to create an artwork? You have to know that for each type of painting, there are painting and drawing techniques for it. For oil painting and water colouring, they have peculiar techniques. Some painting techniques you need to know include:

  • Wet on dry technique

This technique works perfectly for all three painting styles. All it involves is applying wet paint on a dry canvas.

  • Wet on Wet

In most cases, these techniques of painting work for just the water colouring and the oil painting mediums. When you want to apply the wet-on-wet technique for watercolours, all you need to do is map out the areas you wish to paint and make it wet. After that, wet your watercolours and start painting. For the oil painting technique, wet on wait means you're painting on some layers that are still damp.

  • Washing

This is associated with acrylic paint. All it entails is simply applying the acrylic paint until it has similarities with watercolour.

Important Art Materials and Supplies Needed for Painting Classes

As easy as this may sound, choosing the right painting materials can be a tough choice. The choice becomes even more challenging when you are on a low budget. However, to save yourself the troubles, choose between the types of paintings you have and that will give you the right direction and an accurate estimate. But essentially, try to get colours, brushes, canvas, and your solvent (depends on the medium).

Close-up photo of acrylic painting
With painting classes in Ibadan, you can improve your skills. | Photo Credit: Squeeb Creative on Pexels.

The Best Art Classes in Ibadan

Ibadan is an ancient city filled with a lot of Yoruba history, and as such, expect painting and drawing classes in Ibadan, Oyo State, to have a lot of cultural undertones. You can apply for art degrees and diploma courses in approved higher institutions like the University of Ibadan or Ibadan College of Art. And if you're looking to learn painting for beginners, you can always find several painting artists and approved drawing school around. Some of the art institutes with the art department in Ibadan include:

  • The Twin Art Institute at Onireke Road
  • Topfat Art Gallery
  • University of Ibadan

Art lessons in Ibadan, Oyo State may be numerous, but picking the right one that suits your profile may be a little daunting. That isn't because of the painters, but from the factors, you need to consider. Why go through all of those tests when you can connect directly with a painting tutor online and learn everything necessary?

At SuperProf, we have registered private tutors for either home lessons or online lessons. The interesting part about using SuperProf is that 98% of its tutors offer their first lesson free meaning you don’t have to commit till you find the perfect tutor who meets your individual needs. Save yourself time, stress, and money; learn painting in Ibadan with  SuperProf today!

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