Painting and artworks at large may be attractive to an onlooker, but it's a lot of work for the artist. As an onlooker in the artistic industry, you may believe that any drawing and painting you see is art. But when you get your hands dirty with it, you'll realize there's more to an artwork than just drawing.

The first thing you need to know is, "are there art classes near me." Choosing any of these lessons is a daunting task when you know little or nothing about artwork itself. That's because artwork is extensive, so it's quite hard to find art lessons for adults or beginners covering all spheres of artwork.

Art may have just three letters but generally has three other sections that have their respective sub-sections. These three primary sections are; visual arts, performing arts, and literature. There is more to this field generally, but these are the major sections. Here, we'll focus on painting and painting classes in Kaduna, Nigeria.

If you don't already know, the painting falls under the visual art section of art. Now, painting is just one out of numerous areas that fall under the visual art category. Essentially, visual art means any art that you can visualize (see). There are many other subsections of visual art aside from painting. Some of them include sculpture, architecture, and film, among many others.

If you want to learn to paint for any reason, the best option for you is to enrol for painting lessons. However, when you want to take painting lesson, there are many factors to consider. First, you have to choose the type of art you love. Then, the painting technique you think you'll adapt easily. Then you go on the search for the art lesson you desire.

Being a commercial state, there are several options you can get concerning art in Kaduna. However, the fact that there are many artists only means a lot of direct competition. And that only means you need to have the requisite skills as an Artist to stand out. Therefore, what you need is a good artist. Finding one isn't so hard; you can start by typing "art classes near me" on a search engine and choosing the options available. Or better still, you can check online platforms like SuperProf to connect with lovely art tutors.

If you still feel art is about talent only, let's look at why you need painting lessons.

Splash painting
Taking painting classes in Kaduna will help you master the art of painting. | Photo credit: Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.

Why Choosing a Painting Class is Important

When you hear the word painting, what comes to your head is probably all the house painting in most cases. And sometimes, you may relate it to the mixing of different colours. While you're not particularly wrong, art in this context relates to drawing. So before you can learn to paint, it makes perfect sense to learn to draw first. Now, that doesn't mean you should try to learn drawing like an artist.

What you need essentially is the concept of drawing or even just sketching. So enrolling in a drawing class may not be necessary. But since it's essential to know the basics of drawing and painting and sketch, you can opt for online courses. For example, on SuperProf, you get to connect with artists with proven knowledge in this field.

The truth is, you really cannot separate painting and drawing. And of course, before you can decide to learn to paint, you need to be interested in the art, which is why you're reading this article in the first place. The truth is, as a painting artist, you cannot particularly say you're an expert. Your artwork may be recognized, but you keep learning, expressing, and evolving every day. If you want to succeed as a painter in Kaduna, you need continuous learning and practice.

If you do little research, you'll notice that painting lessons in Kaduna are plenty. That's partly because of the rich culture and history of the city. But majorly because of the bulk of painting talents in the land. That means you have to stand out to become renowned in this location. And you can't stand out if you don't learn and improve your skills continuously. If you're still in doubt, let's examine some reasons why you need to take painting lessons:

  • To gain more exposure

Painting requires your creativity, experience, vision, imagination, and talent all fused. Now, you're creative and talented, no doubts - but if you don't see other artworks and paintings, you're limiting your talents to only what you know. However, when you take painting lessons, you get to explore the creativity of other artists. Also, you get to see through the story and painting process of other artists, which will broaden your scope of experience.

  • To become better at painting

Like we mentioned earlier, painting is an industry that continually evolves. You may have a particular style and method of drawing, which may not be proper or cost-effective. But when you learn to paint, you'll pick up some new skills and techniques from your tutor. When you have the opportunity of connecting with the tutor one-on-one, you learn better. Although, if you want this kind of training, you should try online platforms like SuperProf.

  • To connect and meet with like-minded professionals

Joining any of the painting lessons in Kaduna will cost you some money. No matter the love for artworks, you wouldn't want to become a painter just for the fun of it; you'll want some monetary value. If you're going to make profits from the painting industry, you have to connect with other painting professionals. They can teach you what they've been doing to make money and teach you new skills.

Color pencils for painting
You need the right tools to express the right artwork. | Photo credit: Pixabay.

Different Painting and Drawing Techniques

When you are taking a painting lessonthere are so many elements, terms, and painting techniques you'll come across. One of the first things you'll learn in an art-class in Nigeria is the availability of different paintings. There are three primary divisions of painting; they are acrylic painting, watercolours, and oil painting.

Different artists use one of these paintings based on personal preferences, work scope, and expression. Furthermore, each of these other painting expressions has its respective techniques, cost implications, and tools necessary. Let's take a look at these types and their different techniques.

  • Watercolours

If you take your mind back to the times when you did painting courses in your primary school, you'll remember you used watercolours. Watercolour is the first type of painting that came into being. Most of the historical paintings, like cave paintings, were created using watercolours. Up until now, you cannot undermine the importance of watercolours in the world of painting.

The constituents of watercolours are very natural, which makes them very affordable. To date, if you want to take painting classes in Kadunayou'll probably use watercolours for practice. As the name already hints, the primary materials to colour with watercolours are water and the colour. The techniques you can use watercolour for include wet on dry and wet on wet techniques.

  • Oil painting

This is a more advanced type of painting. As the name already implies, it has oily features. And with this feature, you have the opportunity to continue painting on other layers even without one being particularly dry. However, the materials needed to complete oil painting may be relatively high, but they're durable and versatile. So, in most cases, you'll only get to learn oil painting in art classes for adults.  The techniques you can use for oil painting include wet on wet and wet on dry techniques.

  • Acrylic painting

This painting was created in the 1900s, but it's fast becoming a favourite for both expert painters and beginners. If you're looking for acrylic painting classes in Kaduna, it may be a daunting task. However, you can opt for online platforms where you get to connect with an acrylic painter.

When you start painting lessons, you may start with acrylic paints because it's easy and harmless. The techniques you can use with this type of painting include wet on dry and washing techniques.

Materials and Art Supplies Needed for Painting

When you are enrolling for art courses in Kaduna, hardly would you have all the painting equipment. But some tools are essential such as brushes, canvas, paint, paint solvent. In most cases, you can quiz your tutor on what tools are more important. After that, you can now draw estimates and make purchases.

Colour painting with brushes
You can become a professional artist in Kaduna by registering for online classes. | Photo credit: Ylanite Koppens on Pexels

Where to Find Art Classes in Kaduna

Kaduna is a city blessed with a vast cultural and historical background. That means the art will be very broad-based on their history. As a result, depending on what you want, there are many options for painting classes in Kaduna. However, instead of wasting more time, you can search online to connect with an artist one-on-one. Examples of painting classes in Kaduna you can try include:

  • Bismarck specialist art studio: KK8, Ahmadu Bellow Way, Unguwan Rimi, Kaduna North.
  • Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
  • Ziktal arts: By Sabon Tasha Junction, Kaduna South.
  • SKenapsko art: 18, Kwara Street, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna South.
  • Aluko art agency: 30, Benin Street, Kaduna North.

To take painting classes in Kaduna can be very interesting after you've gone through the stress of looking for the perfect one. However, you can bypass this stress of searching online and offline for the right painting class by enrolling with a tested and trusted online platform - SuperProf.

At SuperProf, we connect you with experienced painting artists who can teach you in your home or teach you online. What is more interesting about SuperProf is that about 98% of tutors offer their first lessons free without any upfront payment. You can save money, stress, and learn a lot when you make use of SuperProf.

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