In most cases, people always believe that painting is an art that aligns with history, and you can't blame people for having this general perception. That's because when you learn to paint, the classical works you'll see are often the older artworks that have been here for generations.

If you're to mention classical artworks in the world, there's a high chance that you'll mention the Monalisa artwork from Leonardo Davinci. Of course, the artwork is beautiful, but that doesn't mean there are no great paintings in recent times. There are beautiful arts, but the older paintings are what we usually identify as classic and rare good paint works.

The perspective of people towards artworks directly affects the reputation of the respective artists. That's why you'll see great artists in the world like Francis Bacon have great works but low reputation. Now, that doesn't mean the art and painting trade is not respected or desired by many, it only means there is a wrong perspective that needs to be corrected.

In Africa, the art culture had been dormant for years, not until recently when we started appreciating our culture. That's why you'll see countries like Nigeria hold events such as the Calabar Carnival with a different display of art. However, learning to paint may be daunting as you have to look carefully for the right artist.

For example, if you want to take painting classes in Port Harcourt Rivers state, you need to consider some important factors. You can't just walk into any art shop and start learning to paint. You have to first confirm the section of the painting you want to learn. After that, it's best if you list out some names of possible art studios where you can take these paint lessons. That way, you can choose a place and training that suits your sole purpose of learning to paint.

Fortunately, there has been an increase in the appreciation of art and culture in Nigeria that has affected the spread and growth of the painting industry. Now, there are so many options for painting classes in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, one of the busiest cities in Nigeria.

The painting industry keeps evolving and grows in the competition by the day. For an industry where the work reputation goes to the older works, you need to continuously improve. Of course, you may have the talent, and know-how to paint. However, it's best if you keep learning to paint, as it's an industry with constant changes. In this article, we'll show you why you should learn to paint, and also discuss places where you can enrol for painting classes in Port Harcourt Rivers State.

A painting of a hand holding a leaf
The best paintings are always the simple ones. | Photo Credit: Alena Koval on Pexels

Why Are Painting Classes Important?

Through what we hear, what we see, and what we learn, we all have some unique perceptions of amateur artists globally. Some people may consider an amateur artist as a time-waster, while some may see the talents therein. Surprisingly, some believe these creatives to be special breeds and have created free training opportunities for them. And unfortunately, some people consider the whole idea of arts as a waste of time.

Of course, if you're in one of these categories, you have a right to your opinion, but we disagree. Firstly, you'll agree that becoming an artist requires a lot of searching from your creative side and training as well. Before you can paint, you must have imagined something, then imagined its end look before you start its expression. As a result, learning to paint as an amateur, or painting as a pro helps you to express and showcase your creativity.

We strongly recommend that every single person takes painting lessons. You can start by taking painting classes in Port Harcourt Rivers state on watercolour, shading, painting techniques, collage, still-life drawing, colour mixing, and the creative process of sketching

You may say to yourself, "oh, there are no art courses near me, how do I start?'  Well if you don't know anything about painting, you can take lessons on painting for beginners. But if you're still in doubt here are some reasons why you should take art lessons:

  • It engages your creativity

Art is creation expressed in different forms. The moment you take that pen and paint to try to express anything, you must have seen the image in your head. That means, your creative thinking cap works about three times; before you paint when you paint, and after the painting. Doing this frequently in an art lesson will help you engage your creativity well.

  • It helps to improve your mental health

When you explore your creative self in a drawing class, you begin to appreciate yourself better and respect your person more. When you learn to paint, you'll be happy when your tutor commends your work of art. Also, you work with your mind to create expressions of different drawing techniques and design, which means you are in control of the mind. As a result, you can express your feelings and stay happy mentally.

  • It helps you to discover other talents of yours

So many artists didn't know they could paint or master different colour theory until they took painting lessons or registered for art education. That may be your case too as you can leverage the basic drawing courses you get to discover other drawing skills of yours. When you start learning to paint, you may just find a talent that you have hidden for a while.

Yellow Red and Green Birds of Paradise Flowers
Improve your creativity with painting classes in Port Harcourt. | Photo Credit: Steve Johnson on Pexels

Available Art Classes in Port Harcourt to Learn Painting and Drawing

Taking painting classes in Port Harcourt Rivers State can be very interesting, of course, when you're with the right artist. Port Harcourt is in the southern part of Nigeria and has deeply-rooted culture and art that can give expression a meaning. That means you'll be getting a lot of art ideas from the different painting classes in Port Harcourt Rivers State. However, it's still best to go to the arts centre that suits your interest. Let's take you through a list of option;

Become a Pro in Arts And Crafts at Victorious Arts And Crafts

The drawing and painting field is a very wide one, and when you're painting as a beginner, you may need as many options as possible. That will help you discover the section of the painting you love faster and more effectively. At Victorious Arts and Crafts, you have the option to learn how to draw and paint using different brushes and painters. However, the institute also facilitates painting courses, free training sessions, and workshop on decorations, art demonstration, crafts, and other related projects. This approved art learning institute isn't hard to find as they're located at 49 Peace drive, Abuloma Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Bag an Academic Degree at the Institute Of Arts

Founded in 2011, this institute is an approved affiliate of the University of Port Harcourt. Essentially, the pioneers of this institute believe that when people expose themselves to their art and creative sides; it can earn them a living. Also, they strongly believe that, with the right teaching, artists can employ paintings and artworks to address social and national issues to make a difference.

The primary goal of this institution is to tell the story and tales of the Niger Delta region in very creative artworks like figure drawing and design. With this institute, the pioneers hope to empower the citizens of the Niger Delta with the right teaching and training to put the region on the painting map. This is one of the few institutes that focuses on art lessons for adults.

Wood art painting
With the right tools and knowledge, you can create anything. | Tara Winstead on Pexels

Take Painting Classes for Beginners at I B Visual art

This art enterprise is located at no 1, Obaji Street, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. At this enterprise, they offer art and art-related services with top-notch quality. When you choose these painting classes in Port Harcourt Rivers State, you have options that include painting, drawing, graphic designs, etc.

Register for Painting Classes on SuperProf

The whole experience of painting classes in Port Harcourt, Rivers State will surely be fun and inspiring. That's because you'll be learning, networking, and discovering new talents daily. As nice as this sounds, there are some disadvantages to these classes. The primary disadvantage of these painting lessons is a direct connection with the mind of the tutor.

The reason why many people say being an artist depends mainly on talent is because they haven't tested their creativity. Yes, there's the place of talent, but when you attend great painting lessons, you can grow and groom that talent with the right supervision. Now, no matter how great a painting tutor is, the moment there are more students in the class, the attention becomes divided. And when you're painting as a beginner, that's a bit risky.

However, SuperProf is a platform where you can get the same painting knowledge and have a one on one connection with your tutor. With SuperProf, you can learn at your own pace by taking online lessons with a private tutor or require a private tutor to come to your home for face to face lessons. The tutors charge per hour and 98% of them offer their first lessons free without any commitment upfront, which enables you to choose the best tutor that suits your learning needs. 

Because of the people and type of city, painting classes in Port Harcourt Rivers State are numerous. However, if you're looking to learn art in its totality, you need private tutors. SuperProf is that platform that allows you to choose the art tutor you wish to employ. And you can learn directly at a steady and affordable rate.

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