Most times, people tend to misunderstand the meaning when asked: “what is teaching profession”? There believe that you are only a teacher when you teach in a conventional classroom. But this is not the real fact.

A teacher can be any individual that passes knowledge to another either through the classroom or other unconventional methods

Holding private tutorial services often takes place in different locations, depending on the agreements of the contracting partners. In Nigeria, private teaching jobs and tutorial services usually take place in the student's house, mostly after schools or weekends.

But does that mean that private tutorial classes cannot be done somewhere else apart from the customer's place?

The answer is No.

Studies have shown that private tutorial classes can be held in different locations depending on the nature of the subject or skills that is been taught and the learning ability of the student.

This article will help you understand the benefits of changing the students' learning environment when having a Mathematics lesson, English tutorials, and Drum or Guitar Tutorials.

Professional Tutor
A Private Tutor Doing A Science Practical With A Student. Source: Pinterest

Benefits of Conducting Private Lessons Outside the Home

The basic knowledge that every professional tutor or individual in the teaching profession should know is that you are at your customers' service. Therefore, you need to consider how your services will benefit the student both in short and run term basics.

In doing this, you need to consider the teaching approach you need to use, and that also influences the location where the tutoring jobs or class is expected to hold.

This is most likely when the student dislikes the traditional school setting and may not be interested in learning. To pique their interest, you can have the lessons in an unusual place and a new study plan and strategy different from what they are previously used to.

This new strategy helps reconnect the student to learn and progress in the study area.

But remember that this solution is not a magical way out as you’ll still have some works to do

Carrying out the tutorial in these unusual locations comes with some unique benefits such as

  1. Fun and adventurous: Learning for some students is easier when the process is fun. It’s therefore important that you model your teaching strategy and methodology to suit your ideal location
  2. Improve Attention: New locations often pique the student's interest since they are likely interested in paying more attention due to the location's novelty. This gives credence to the saying that people easily get bored following a beaten track.
  3. Make use of the location's unique features: Teaching in a new location help to show your students that you can learn anywhere. It helps them to understand that reading and learning is not just limited to the traditional classroom.

Home tutoring

This is the most popular location for most private lessons, as we have stated earlier. It is more comforting for most students and parents since they are more familiar with the environment.

This method will not require the student to change their routines as it is their fortress – where their heart is where their treasure is.

The home is also convenient for the parents since they won't need to take the child out to another location or to organize a new location for the class.  With this setting, the teacher can just come in even when the parents are not around.

It is also a good opportunity for the parents to monitor what their children are learning as some homes are installed with CCTV.

The drawback of this method is that the environment is often noisy due to other family members being around and house chores. Another drawback is that the tutor needs to travel too far if the student's home is far from his base.

To overcome some of these drawbacks, the private teacher needs to be creative to help the tutee learn even while at home.

A private Home Tutor
A Private Home Tutor Teaching A Child At Home. Source: Freepik/Dreamstime Image

Private Online Tutoring Jobs

The world has gone global and smaller, making it easy to connect with thousands of individuals in different locations. These make it easier for people with busy schedules or houses in villages, ghettos, or far from the city center to get involved in private tutor sessions.

Depending on the subject or skill that one is learning, the tutor can use different conceivable mediums such as Skype, Video chat, WhatsApp, Zoom, and Google Hangout to connect with the students at home.

However, Skype lessons and video chats remain the most prevalent option for online classes.

Benefits of these online tutoring classes include

  • Saves Time: Most tutors love and prefer online classes because it saves them travel time and opportunity to reach students worldwide. It is also beneficial to the students as it allows them to access teachers worldwide from platforms such as Superprof.
  • Ease of scheduling lessons: With online tutor services, one can easily schedule lessons with little hassle. There will be no need to meet the teacher at the nearest library or the nearest coffee shop.
  • Refresh and Strong: The online tutor service helps prevent the tutor from coming to the lesson venue tired and worn-out because of commuting to and fro from his base. With the online medium, you can have long tutorial sessions with the student. All you will need is a stable internet connection and a Smartphone or laptop.
  • World at your fingertips: Another benefit of the online teaching methodology is that the online lesson period opens up to you a world of other options for teaching. The tutor can access all learning resources thanks to collaborative platforms such as Google Drive, PDFs, Web Links, and Word Files.

This method's shortcoming is the lack of human touch, as most kids might not pay rapt attention during this lesson. Others include the chance of the internet connection going off.

Private Lesson at the Library

This is another good place for having private tutorial sessions with students. It gives both the teacher and student the feeling of being in a book fair. Here, most of the materials that you will need are available.

The Library can also act as a great place for one to place their advert for a professional private tutor.

Most of the shortcoming of the local library's use for this kind of activity is that they are often not the right place for lively discussion or debates. However, most newer libraries, such as the Ibom e-library and Afri-Hubs Libraries, now come with feature places that allow people to discuss and interact while reading.

The Library is a mini-treasure hunt for students to pick up different books and develop their reading skills. It is also a good location or place for students to prepare for the examination and do their class assignments.

Learning in the Library
A Young Girl Reading in the Library. Source: Pixabay Image

Outdoor Tutorial Sessions

The outdoor sessions for one-on-one lessons are suitable not just for fine art and geography lessons but also for almost any other subject and skill set.

Tutors can teach almost any subject ranging from English, Biology, and Philosophy to other skills like communication skills, negotiation skills, and others while sitting on the grass in an amusement park outside the sun.

It has proven to help the students in developing their alertness as well as the teacher’s enthusiasm.

This is a great option for students during the dry seasons as there can harness the vitamin D from the sun and reduce stress. It is also a great way to stay relax by taking in fresh air while learning.

All you need to come with is the study material, pens, books, and any other item that might be used by you and the student.

Remember that when we talk about outdoor classes, it does not mean just saying outside but can also mean having the lecture in an unusual location.

The classes can be held in the museum when teaching the student about history and artefacts or taking them to an architectural building when teaching them mathematics. You need to show them what you meant by geometry, symmetry, trigonometry, or inscribed circles.

Knowing the venue to use and adapting to your environment for outdoor classes makes you a professional private tutor.

Outdoor training session
Woman enjoying an outdoor session summer class. Source: Freepik Image

Private Classes in A Bar

Some classes or discussions can be ideal for taking place in a bar. This can be coaching and mentorship classes, language classes (Igbo Tutorial, Hausa Tutorial, Yoruba Tutorial, Arabic Tutorial, French Tutorial, Spanish Tutorials, etc.)

You can picture the scenario where you are chatting in a foreign language and drinking a cup of beer or wine. This environment fosters a relaxed discussion and aid comprehension.

A relaxed environment helps the student to progress faster, notwithstanding the age of the tutee. It also helps the teacher be at his best since it might look like a friendly discussion between peers and not an uptight lecture venue.

You can take the student to a foreign eatery such as a Chinese restaurant and make them order their food or drink in that language (if China is what they are learning). These classes and learning methodology makes it fun and interactive.

Always remember that unusual places for the tutorials should always remain unusual so as not to lose its savour and charm. By using these different locations for the private classes, you would be able to pique your students' interest and avoid the boredom inherent in-formal tutorials.

Always choose a location that suits your student's learning styles and the subject or skills you are teaching.


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