The art of private tutoring is the gateway to new teaching experience for most professional teachers in Nigeria. This route offers new opportunities to make extra money to one's account and influence more students' academic success.

If you are a private tutor or seeking ways to become one, you will be pleased to find out that this form of business is now very lucrative in Nigeria.

According to a Survey, Nigeria's private tutor market has grown to an enviable height in the last decade, with most students in primary and secondary schools now receiving private tuition after school hours.

However, the major challenge in this business is finding new clients and breaking into the market, as seen in almost any other business.  But the simple trick in overcoming these challenges is seeking out ways for your prospective clients to find you by putting your name and profile before their eyes always.

Superprof is one of the most popular tutoring websites in Nigeria that can help you achieve this objective of increasing your publicity. At Superprof, thousands of students are looking for professional private teachers across different ranges of subjects or disciplines.

All you need to do is sign up and start offering your services if you have any skill that you believe others would be interested in learning.

This is marketing at its finest!

Private Home Tutors in Nigeria
A Private Home Tutor in Nigeria Learning with a Child. Source: Connectnigeria

Benefits of Becoming a Private Tutor

The private teaching profession comes with many benefits for the private tutor either as in-home or as online tutoring jobs. These benefits include

  • Intellectual Stimulation: The art of private tutoring is a good way to stimulate one's brain and intellect. It puts you on the pedestal of continuous learning as you share your passions and connect with new individuals
  • Freedom and Flexibility: One of the outstanding benefits of being a private tutor is the flexibility and freedom that comes with it. It allows you to manage your own time and schedule. Remember that this schedule is often dependent on the student’s timetable, but it is not an eight-to-five job.
  • Autonomy: It gives you time to travel and spend with your family since students and parents are far more understanding than a typical Nigerian employee. As a private tutor, you have a level of autonomy and freedom to work around your schedules.
  • Extra Income: Private tutoring is an easy way to earn extra income, even when you are not working as a full-time teacher. Even as an undergraduate in any higher institution in Nigeria, you can make an extra ₦50000- ₦ 80000 monthly for just a couple of hours of tutoring jobs per week.
  • Connect with New Individuals: Becoming a tutor means connecting with new individuals. You are an important asset to your student in helping them to achieve their academic goals. It is also a great way to meet new people and developing a friendship that might extend beyond the teaching sessions.
  • Add to Your Resume: Being a private tutor can add more value to your resume when searching for a new job, either in teaching or any other profession. Almost every employee loves applicants that are organized, goal-getter, pacesetters, and motivated.
How to make an extra income
Making Extra Income as a Private Tutor. Source The Point Image

Marketing Yourself As A Private Tutor

If you've never marketed yourself before, it might look pushy to tell people about your capabilities and accomplishments.

And to do this will require you to advertise yourself to the right audience. You can learn more about writing a good Ad by visiting the superprof website, where you can view some examples of other professional tutors in your preferred area of tutoring.

Some examples of ways of which one can market themselves as a private tutor include

  • Website

A website is important for any form of business these days. Most clients love to check out the tutor’s website before contacting them. It makes you look more professional and trustworthy. The internet also makes you accessible to almost everyone.

Suppose you are starting out as a tutor and do not yet have the financial capacity to own your website,  Superprof, Nigeria, is your best solution for offering online tutorials for thousands of students every month.

You can also make use of other Ad listing sites in Nigeria to publishes your services.

Tutoring Websites like Superprof also allows you to include positive testimonials from PREVIOUS clients and to highlight your success stories.

  • Social Media

Social media is another great medium to publicize your business and services to the world. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great channels that one can creatively use to attract new clients.

To stand out on any of these social media platforms, you need to be very active by responding to comments, queries, follow influential people in the educational and teaching profession, use hashtags and also make sure that you write an educative post in relation to your discipline or subjects that you teach.

  • Agencies and Listings

Join professional websites and agencies like Superprof to help connect you to thousands of students looking for tutors in different departments and subjects. You can also join some forums such as Nairaland to publicizes your services.

  • Offline Advertising

This can be in the forms of business cards, pamphlets, or flyers at supermarkets, libraries, churches, local shops, or campuses. It is a great way to build followership within your local communities.

  • Schools

You can contact some schools around your vicinity by dropping your business cards or flyers with them. You can also meet with the headteacher or principal since there are more likely to recommend you to parents in their schools.

  • Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a good way to communicate with your potential clients. You can write articles in different areas of your expertise and your educational experiences. For example, if you are a drum teacher, you can keep a blog about your favorite drummer and other drumming areas.

  • Word of Mouth

This is one of the oldest forms of message dissemination around. It can be to your friends, family members, or acquaintances. Others might be through referrers from satisfied clients who will tell others about your services.

Remember, if you’re serious about being a private or online tutor, your students are your greatest marketers!

Marketing yourself as a professional private tutor
Marketing yourself as a professional private tutor in Nigeria. Source: Tribune Nigeria

Information To Be Added On A Tutoring Ads

Information to be included in a professional tutoring Ad shouldn’t be too long. It should be concise and straight to the point. Important information to be highlighted in the Ad should include

  • Qualification

Highlight your academic qualifications if you have any. It might be a Diploma in education, certificate, or even a Master's in your chosen area of speciality

  • Experience

What are your experiences in in-home or online tutoring business? This should be included in your Ad if there is any of such. Your client will need to know if you have five to ten years of experience teaching mathematics.

Where are you based presently, and will you be willing to move from one place to another? This is the right opportunity to let the client know if you prefer in-house or online tutoring services or both.

  • Reference

You can place previous testimonials from past clients to enable potential customers to know that you are really the professional tutor you claimed to be.

  • Subject Offered

Tell them the subjects or skills that you are going to teach. Make sure that you are not a jack of all trade and master of none

  • Price per session

You need to let them know the price you are going to charge either per hour or per session

  • Contact details

Add your phone number, email address, or any other contact details such as your social media handles

A Private Teacher Learning
A Private Tutor Teaching A Tutee. Source: Photo Boy Image

Sign Up to Superprof

One of the best websites for your in-home and online tutorial platform in Nigeria where you can sign up easily and for free is Superprof. The platform helps you grow your tutoring business and connects you to thousands of students looking for tutors and coaches.

It is the biggest tutoring website in Nigeria and an encompassing platform where every student can find tutors in over one thousand different subjects and skills.

It is easy and free to sign up.

All you need to do to get your profile verified involves

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Sign Up page at the top right corner of the website.
  3. Input your name, email address and create a secure password
  4. Add the subject or subjects that you are good at and willing to teach.
  5. Add related subjects
  6. Select individual classes or group classes, or both
  7. Write brief information about yourself using the information we stated earlier
  8. You can add a YouTube Video or your resume if you wish to
  9. State your address (location) and your lesson route (in-house, online, or both). Your address is never revealed on the site, just your LGA.
  10. Fix your ideal price
  11. Save, and you are ready to start earning money and connecting with students around your location and outside your location.

This is as simple as ABC and a cool way to earn at your own pace and convenience. Why not join thousands of smart Nigerians earning big as a private tutor and to also help students become the best that they can become.

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