Private tutoring is a growing phenomenon in Nigeria, as many individuals are now seeking ways to learn new skills and sharpen their existing knowledge to become the best in their field. As new soft and hard skills begin to evolve, the demand for tutoring is growing.

The demand for tutors has created a significant niche in the tutoring industry in Nigeria. Thousands of students and parents are looking for the best tutor they can engage in the market.

The art of tutoring is not just a job like others but also a skill that requires many professional touches. The position of a tutor involves outstanding personal traits and requires excellent responsibility.

Parents and students are expected to entrust the tutor with the responsibility of teaching the students the right thing to achieve their full potential.

As a private tutor, you may need to provide intensive tuition or help your student revise or prepare for an exam coming up.

As an existing or aspiring tutor, some important and essential skills are needed to becoming a successful tutor in Nigeria.

This article will help show you all you need to know about becoming a professional tutor in Nigeria.

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Tailored Tutorial for Each Student:

In the traditional education system across the globe, every teacher is expected to follow a given curriculum and complete it before the end of the year. While teachers endeavor to adapt their classes to favor most of the students in the class, the system doesn't always account for each student's or individuals' strengths and weaknesses.

That is why private tutoring is now the ideal alternative for every parent and student since the quality of a good private tutor and tutoring is adaptability.

A good teacher is expected to adapt to any given scenario to accommodate each of the students' needs and goals.

Students at the top or tail end of their academic spectrum can prove problematic due to the uniqueness of their challenges.

The teacher is going too slow for gifted students, while others believe that the curriculum is moving too fast, and it makes it difficult for them to follow. These end up leaving both the gifted kids and the average kids feeling lost and left behind.

These results in frustration and discouragement for those students, thereby requiring an extra helping hand in the place of a private teacher.

As a private teacher, it is important to know how to adapt and accommodate each of their students' needs. It's really important to properly individualize your teaching process and methods.

To achieve this, it is important to develop a good lesson plan that will help you get the best out of your contact time.

Adapting your methods is the best way, and that is why private tutors and online tutoring jobs are now becoming popular for students' engagements.

Why Take Up A Private Teaching Profession

Different individuals are motivated by diverse needs and desires. Some wish to take up a private teaching profession because of passion for teaching or the money.

But for anyone with the desire to provide quality academic tutoring services or private tutoring sessions, some qualities are a must-have for the person.

Since every student is unique and comes with their academic challenges, it is your duty as an online tutor or in-home teacher to help them catch up on what they missed out on in their classes or to gain the needed skills.

Whether you are offering a private home teaching services or online tutoring of subjects such as ESL (English as a Second Language), Mathematics, or any other subject or skill, tailoring your classes is the paramount thing for

  1. Becoming an excellent tutor
  2. Building a client base for both the parents, the student or the potential clients
  3. Student retention for a long period
  4. A fun lesson that is not monotonous
  5. Excellent services to help the student succeed.
  6. Creating a unique lesson plan
A private tutor teaching some kids
A Private Tutor Teaching Some Kids. Source: Shutterstock Image

The benefit of Private Tutoring Services

The demand for a private instructor is on the rise as most individuals in Nigeria now understand the benefits of tailored lessons. To offer these services, it is expedient that you maintain a good and favorable relationship with your students and clients.

Don't forget that you are providing a service by establishing and maintaining a good relationship with your student. The benefits of private tutors include

  1. Works at a specific pace: Private tutors, both online and offline, works at the pace of the students. A private tutor can teach the lesson at a slower pace allowing the student to ask questions without being in a high pressured environment.
  2. Personal Attention: Private teachers or tutors offer the students individualized attention compared to a class consisting of 20-30 students. Here, the private tutor can answer the student's questions and go through topics as many times as it may take for the student to understand it.
  3. Modified Teaching Style: The private tutor is expected to know the student's learning style and tailor his/her teaching method to suit the child or client need.
  4. Flexible and convenient: Private tutors offer unique services to individuals with busy schedules. You can easily decide on the number of sessions you will wish to handle and can take place at a convenient location.

Cognitive Coaching Ability in Tutoring Jobs

It is important to develop one's cognitive-behavioural ability to get involved in teaching jobs or the teaching profession. This involves the unlearning of certain perceptions or behaviors which might hinder one's growth and progress. It also involves the art of helping people to alter how they view themselves in other to influence a positive attribute to learn.

How then does this fits into the field of private tutoring is what you might be asking, but it is not a bad question.

Moving into private tutoring exposes you to different students with different challenges and difficulties in learning. These students already have a battered self-confidence and believe in themselves.

The knowledge of cognitive-behavioral coaching will help to reconstruct these negative beliefs while rebuilding their self-confidence.

A private teacher's work is to improve their ability to think positively, since when a student believes that he/she is dumb and stupid – then they are automatically wired not to perform well.

Remember to highlight this skill when designing your flyers or discussing it with your students' parents or clients.

In building the students cognitive behavioral ability, you are expected to

  • Advise them always on the right steps to follow to get the best out from their studies and school work
  • Show them easy and fun strategies of learning, such as Rhymes, mnemonics, and pictograms.
  • Make sure not to wound their self-esteem when correcting them.
  • Guide the student in the right direction and answer as this will help to boost their self-esteem.
  • Remember to put yourself in their shoes to help you understand why they are struggling with their studies.
A private Tutorial
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Are they required Qualification to get when becoming a Tutor?

In Nigeria, presently, there is no specific training or qualifications required when becoming a tutor. All you need to do is know and understand well what you are willing to teach and register as a self-employed or a tutoring platform such as Superprof NG.

Most undergraduates in higher education institutions in Nigeria are now involved with private home tutoring or online tutoring services.

So as a student in higher institutions, making good money is now at your fingertips.

You can also become a private tutor without any academic qualification as your life experience can be a valuable lesson for people to pay.

An example is an athlete that has participated in a sporting competition before. You can teach upcoming athletes on the steps to take

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No 1 Tutoring Website In Nigeria. Source: Superprof

Why Should You Become A Tutor

To become a tutor is a function of passion or need. The subject that you wish to teach depends on your skillset, demand, or passion.

Being proficient in Further Mathematics, you may wish to teach students struggling with this subject's technicality and concept for a price.

You can also tutor someone about going for a music test on drumming if you are proficient in that area, but that does not mean that you might lecture a university student preparing for his final defense in music.

As a result of differences in speciality and levels, prices for one hour of the tuitions vary from subject to subject, level to level, and grade to grade.

It is now up to you to determine if you are qualified to tutor any students' level or grade.

Because of these differences in speciality levels, the price for one hour of tuition varies from subject to subject.

Tutoring Time
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Setting up your Private Tutor Price

In setting up your private tutor hourly rate for one-on-one classes, different factors should be considered. These factors include

  • Level of expertise: Your level of expertise and experience is usually the major determining factor in fixing tutoring prices. A private tutor holding a Ph.D. in Physics will not be expected to charge the same amount as another counterpart that is still an undergraduate studying physic in the university.
  • The Subject: The subject or skill you are to teach will have a strong influence on the price to fix. A one hour lesson on computer programming or drum lesson will cost more than a civic study lesson.
  • The Tutee's Level: The student's age and brain capacity have a way of influencing prices in the private tutoring market. Are the students still in primary school or undergraduate students?
  • Lecture Sessions: Are the sessions just for an hour class or three-hour sessions.
  • Location: The location of a private tutoring session has a way of influencing the price one expected to charge. Is the class to be held online or physically? Where is the client located (Abuja or Ibadan)?

All this has a way of influencing prices to charge.

Keep in mind that the average rate for an hour class in Nigeria is ₦1500 to ₦3000, depending on the subject matter, experience and the level being taught.

Never be shy to discuss this aspect before concluding on any deal.


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