Mathematics and English are compulsory core subjects for students in primary and secondary schools. In the senior year of secondary school, many students diversify to art, science and commercial departments. Many of these departments tend to have core subjects that's particular them. However, the compulsory core art and science subjects for students regardless of their learning level (primary or secondary) and department (art, science and commercial) are Maths and English.

Not a lot of students like learning Mathematics. In fact, there's a seventy per cent chance that some students excel a lot in English than Maths and vice versa. But a student can excel in both subjects if they have the right private teacher that can guide their path through individualized lessons.

Since mathematics is needed in our everyday life, you must learn it. If you find that you're lagging in your math class, there are two options you can explore:

  • Getting a private maths tutor on approved tutoring sites like Superprof
  • Getting group and/or private teaching from approved tutorial centres and schools within Lagos, Nigeria.

In this article,  we will explore a list of tutorial centres and schools that offer a math lesson. We will also take a look at options available for students looking to learn maths through the Superprof tutoring site in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Many learners tend to find maths difficult. This idea spans from the method of teaching in some schools. Having a private tutor that's in sync with your learning can change that narrative. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Learn Maths With Maths Solution Services

If you find that group classes are a lot more beneficial for you, then you should visit this education service centre. Maths Solution Services is located at Sabo, Lagos Nigeria. Just as the name suggests, this teaching centre is dedicated to offering math class to students of all levels. Classes span for ten hours; from 9 am to 7 pm.

As a vision, the centre is dedicated to teaching mathematics with simplicity. Technically, you'll be met with approved teachers that offer math classes in a more simplified manner to students.

Midek Concept

Students looking to take advanced Lagos mathematics lessons can register for classes at this teaching centre. Midek Concept is located at Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. And their core tutoring expertise is to provide education for students looking to advance their study in a local or international university or professionally.

Students are provided with unique strategies that they need to ace their standardized exams like GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS. Of course, unlike a university or primary and secondary level school, this teaching institute is committed to offering the best exam lessons, with approved teachers that are dedicated to ensuring that every student understands each lesson with ease.

Their vision states that they aspire:

To be the best institution that is able to seamlessly transform students’ academic needs (where others cannot) to reality using strategically- induced methodologies and simulation procedures that are reliable and valid.

DIIMII Mathematics, Sciences, Skills And Professional Tutorials

DIIMII Mathematics, Sciences, Skills and Professional Tutorials is located at Oregun, Lagos, Nigeria. Just as its name suggests, it is a tutorial centre that offers mathematics and other science courses.  Approved teachers under this teaching institute have been trained for all levels of student learning.

For instance, a student that has difficulty in understanding their math classes or passing their mathematics exams can enrol for a class in the institute. Technically, their approved tutors have years of experience in tutoring classes of every level. So, you can consider that their dedication to helping you experience a better mathematics education is unique.

Apart from offering a math class, the centre is also equipped with science facilities like a science lab, a computer lab and as well as a boarding facility for learners.

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Mathematics has contributed immensely to science and technology. For example, Katherine Johnson was a NASA mathematician calculated the detailed flight path the first American spacecraft would take from Earth to the moon, thereby allowing for the first moon landing. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Eduland Africa

Unlike every other lesson school listed above, Eduland Africa offers mathematics classes online.  Their focus is majorly on senior secondary school learners who intend to take WAEC, NECO, GCE or any other equivalent qualification. As well as secondary school graduates who intend to gain admission into the university.

As you would expect, tutors under this platform have expansive years of tutoring experience with good reviews to match their profile; many of their teachers have over 11 years of teaching experience.

Of course, the tutoring experience is dedicated to learners interested in online video tutorials. And for as low as ₦400,  a student can access their maths classes online.

Do you live in Enugu? here's a link to centres that offer quality mathematics tutorials

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Mathematics has become an integral part of human existence. Whether through group sessions or private lessons, understanding how to solve mathematical equations will help you in the long run.  Photo Credit: Unsplash

Superprof Mathematics Teachers

Aside from math private group sessions, you can also opt to get a private maths tutor. One of the best platforms available for learners who want to access an array of tutors is Superprof. As a tutoring platform, Superprof has a wide range of instructors who offer math lessons online (via webcam) as well as face to face home lessons.

As a student, the platform allows you to review the profile of your intending math education tutor. While there are over 4,000 teachers ready to take face to face home lessons or online math lessons, it's essential to be certain of the kind of teacher you should get.

Here's Superprof's guide to helping you find the right tutor for your mathematical needs:

  • Always check your intending tutor's profile. An approved teacher's profile usually includes their education background and reviews from old learners. Reviews oftentimes expose the teacher's teaching methods and his/her relationship with their learners.
  • Apart from reviews, another important aspect is the level that interests the teacher. This is especially useful for parents who want their children to learn math and for new learners. Many times, parents and new learners make the mistake of getting an experienced teacher whose interest may not necessarily be for children or beginners for their face to face or online webcam sessions.
  • Expertise year is also an essential part of getting the right teacher. You might come across some instructors with little to no year of experience. In this case, you should look out for their teaching methods. Do they teach dynamically? Do they teach with relatable materials? If you find their sessions exciting and in sync with your learning, you might as well work with them.

95% of Superprof's instructors also offer their first sessions for free. It means that you have the opportunity to find the best tutors at your pace. Through online sessions as well, a student can work with top-notch instructors that are not located in their area.

Discover the reputable maths tutors on Superprof.

Exam Planet Nigeria

Exam Planet Nigeria is situated at Agege, Lagos. Just as its name suggests, the institute offers training in all professional and international academic exams.

Since a lot of these exams require the student to solve mathematical questions, the learning centre is equipped with credible math tutors that can train each learner on how to ace their math-related exams. They also offer free online materials for learners to access.


As a core subject, math is an integral part of technological advancement and science. Technically, the use of mathematics has become embedded in our everyday life. Whether you intend to study this course for a school exam or to advance your professional career, it's important to work with the right instructors that are dedicated to ensuring that you learn properly that you desire.

With an approved math instructor, you'll notice that it's easier to solve complex equations and you can work your way to achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

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