In the academic world, a lot of students find mathematics intimidating, and as a result, find it extremely difficult to comprehend it.  Sometimes, teachers are responsible for how many students acquire mathematical knowledge; a bad teaching method will result in poor understanding of mathematics. A tutor with a dynamic way of teaching will have more students understanding mathematics and using mathematical formulas to their advantage.

As you will observe, even amongst approved schools in Port Harcourt and other parts of Rivers Nigeria, you may need external lessons outside of the math classes in school. Truly, many students may wonder why they need to partake in private math group lessons or hire a private mathematics tutor, especially if they are quite good at it.

Whether you find yourself lagging in your maths classes or you're quite good at solving math questions, here are reasons why you should enrol in a math tutorial centre or hire a private maths tutor:

  • To help you expand your knowledge of mathematics. If you're pretty good at solving mathematics, there's so much more knowledge to pass around. Hiring a private mathematics tutor, for instance, will help in boosting your mathematical knowledge. Your learning levels will also become a lot more advanced. Remember that Mathematics is a world on its own; the more consistent you are at learning, the better your knowledge of the science subject becomes.
  •  To help break down complex mathematical topics that students have learned in school. Primary and secondary schools are the most crucial levels for students. It's normal to be a little confused during your maths lessons. And since time is limited with your school tutor, a private mathematics teacher or a math tutorial school will have more time to help with breaking down complex mathematical topics.
  • For local, international and professional exams. There's a 90% chance that you will encounter mathematics for your academic advancement and a 70% chance that you'll need to pass a math exam for your professional advancement. Private Math tutors and dedicated mathematics tutorial centres can teach you better ways to pass your international, professional or school exams.

Whatever your reason is for learning math, there are several approved math tutorial centres and schools that offer great math lessons in Rivers Nigeria. In this article, we will explore the different math teaching centres in Rivers, as well as the options available for students who intend to learn maths with Superprof tutoring website.

Find out places to take math lessons in Nigeria

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If you intend to take advanced mathematical examinations, hiring a private teacher or enrolling in a dedicated tutorial centre will help you achieve success a lot more than you hoped. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Where To Take Maths Classes In Port Harcourt and Rivers Environs

If you live in Port Harcourt and other areas in Rivers state, starting mathematics classes with credible instructors doesn't have to be an impossible mission. Here are some learning centres open to training you in mathematics.

Nepa Staff School

Situated in Afam Powerstation Rivers, the school is one of the most prestigious learning institutions in Rivers. It boasts of qualified instructors who offer the best training for their learners. The academy's state of the art facilities is built to support their teaching methods in the art and science departments. Their math instructors for their primary and secondary academic stage have also been remarked as one the best in Rivers. If you find it difficult to locate a good math lesson, this academy is equipped with some of the best tutors for your math learning.

Bishop Okoye's Math Tutors

Bishop Okoye Spiritan Secondary School is located at Okoloma, Rivers. Established in 2006, this academic institution has maintained its prestigious status ever since. With its state-of-the-art facilities, learners in the art, science and commercial departments are trained with the best methods possible. The academy also has a good number of reviews for their instructors. Technically, you can choose to learn mathematics in this prestigious institute as their teachers are top-notch.

If you live in Lagos check out our blog on where to find math tutorials in your area.

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For a student lagging in math, private classes offer more individualized learning than group sessions. Photo Credit: Freepik - Wayhomestudio

Dominican college's Math Teachers

Dominican Basic College and Preparatory School is located at Izuoma, Oyigbo, Rivers. The academy boasts of instructors who provide quality education by using 21st-century technology. The institute's math instructors are known to provide comprehensive training on complex topics and present an enabling environment for learners to discuss certain parts of math they find confusing.

Mathematics and Science Clinic

Mathematics and Science Clinic is located at Summer Hills Close 12, Rumuagholu Road, Port Harcourt Rivers, Nigeria. Just as the name suggests, this teaching centre offers mathematical education for primary school, junior secondary and senior secondary school students. They also focus on any student that's seating for WAEC, GCE or any other equivalent certification, and JAMB.

Not only do they offer group tutorial classes, but they also offer part-time teaching in public and private schools, as well as private coaching (home tutoring).

Apart from mathematics, they also tutor in science subjects like further maths, physics, chemistry, technical drawing and basic science/basic technology. Lessons are within hours 9 am - 6 pm.

The tutoring service boasts of approved teachers who offer seamless and simplified academic teaching to interested learners within the level listed above.

Unique Educational Consulting

Located at Woji, Port Harcourt, this learning institute offers math classes for the following levels:

  • Nursery and primary level learners
  • Common entrance preparatory class for private state and federal exams
  • Junior and secondary school learners
  • Candidates for SSCE, GCE and NECO
  • Adult Education
  • Advanced level exams like SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and IELTS
  • JAMB candidates

If you're unsure of your math capabilities, registering at this centre can help improve your understanding of the purpose you intend to use it for. The institute boasts of a unique learning experience for learners interested in group tutorials, especially in cases where they are sitting for an exam.

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Many learners prefer group sessions. It helps them learn better and faster and improves their networking and communication skills. Photo credit: Freepik - Drobotdean

Private Maths Classes: Face To Face And Online Lessons

Private classes are one of the best options for many students lagging in mathematics, especially since it offers an individualised form of learning. If you prefer private tutorials, here's a certified platform that offers one of the best instructors in Port Harcourt and other areas in Rivers state:

Superprof Math Teachers

Superprof tutoring is an approved platform that offers teaching service to students in different parts of Nigeria. Superprof has a wide range of math teachers who are available for students interested in learning science courses like mathematics, art courses and vocational subjects.

In Port Harcourt and several areas in Rivers Nigeria, there are over  700 math tutors under the Superprof platform, so you have a full list of teachers to choose from.

If you're a student that's interested in learning this subject for academic and professional purposes, Superprof offers two options:

  • The first option is the online webcam lesson. If you're more inclined to taking maths lesson online, you can hire mathematics lesson teachers through Superprof. Each webcam lesson is usually a minimum of an hour and you can schedule a time that can work for your learning. A great advantage of taking mathematics classes online via the webcam is that it allows you to choose teachers that are in sync with your mathematical development. Superprof's webcam lessons break the distance barrier and allow any student to access the best of teachers even if they are far away.
  • The second option is to study with Superprof's dedicated teachers at the comfort of your home. The face to face class is a great option for a student that cannot commit to an online webcam lesson. Just as the webcam lesson,  you can hire teachers through the platform. Just as you take mathematics classes online via webcam for an hour, your face to face home lesson is also a minimum of an hour.

Superprof's mathematics lessons are for every level. Of course, you may be concerned about how to get the right teachers since there are over 700 teachers in Port Harcourt Nigeria. Here are salient steps that can help you find the right teacher that suits your profile or level:

  • Reviews: Reviews are an integral part of finding the right teachers for your lessons. Superprof's platform has made it easier for learners to write reviews about their teachers. So, if you found a teacher to your webcam or face to face home maths lessons, make sure to check reviews first.
  • Profile: Whether it's face to face or webcam class, ensure to check the profile of your prospective instructor for their educational background. Your instructor's education level must be a lot higher than yours. That way, you can be certain of having the best class designed to help you study math for any purpose intended.
  • How they teach: You may come across a teacher that does not have student reviews. Not all tutors with zero reviews have poor teaching performance. Sometimes, an absence of reviews can happen with a new teacher. In this case, you should check out for how they teach. A good tutor will offer unique ways to help you learn math through relatable materials.
  • The level that interests them: Instructors tend to have a particular level that interests them. Some instructors prefer to teach primary, junior and senior secondary school learners, while others enjoy teaching university or adult class learners. Quite often, teachers state the class profile that interests them. That way, you can easily find an instructor that matches your profile.

Whether it's home lessons or webcam virtual class, Superprof offers the best tutors for math lessons.

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