Mathematics is one of those science subjects that many students dread. When a maths teacher starts to take mathematics lessons in some schools, several students lose focus and get bored easily.

But does it mean that this science course is actually that bad? 

Many times, one of the major things that limit the basic understanding of maths is how it is taught. In a secondary school, for instance, the maths tutor may have limited time to go over a maths lesson as much as they would have preferred. That is usually rampant in maths classes with a capacity of over 25 students; since there's less room for students to ask questions or discuss math lessons they find interesting.

In Edo state, complementary mathematics teaching might be necessary, especially if you fall into the category of students stated above. You may be a little sceptical about where to find the right place/person to learn maths from. However, Edo state's rich cultural and academic history has birthed many professionals that are available to meet your mathematical needs.

In this article, we would explore the best places to take mathematics education as well as Superprof's private tutoring experience, for students who prefer mathematics classes online or at home.

Find out where to take math lessons in Nigeria

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Where to Get Maths Lessons in Benin and Edo Environs

Whether you're interested in taking Mathematics for national exams, as a university undergraduate, professional advancement or simply to improve your personal and academic research, finding approved learning centres can sometimes prove difficult.

Regardless of your year (primary, secondary, university, post-graduate) in school, here are some approved institutions in Benin and other places in Edo that offer basic and advanced training in mathematics:

Lumen Christi International 

Lumen Christi International High school is located at Uromi, Edo state. Founded in 1986, the academy is one of the most popular schools in Edo state. The academy is also famous for its instructors who dedicate their time on instilling quality training on their students.  You can trust their credible teachers to offer the best maths teaching.

Federal Government College

This academy is situated in Ibillo, Edo state. The school is popular for its impeccable student training in the arts and science fields. Their tutors are trained to provide quality education for learners who are in their class. And parents can trust the institute for quality math classes for their children.

Brother Pius Nursery Primary School

Located at Ogogugbo, Benin City, this school offers one of the best maths training for primary level children. If your kid is lagging in maths, you can trust the credible reviews given by past students to help guide you.  With an impressionable record of competent instructors, be rest assured that your children will have one of the best maths learning experience.

Gifted Hands Science Tutorials

Located at Uselu Road, Benin City Nigeria, this lecture house offers math training for learners who intend to take WAEC, JAMB and Post UTME exams. Not only do they comply with the national syllabus required for every language (like English) and science (such as math) subjects, but they also provide quality professionals equipped with the right resources to train prospective university undergraduates.

Boiling Point Tutorials

Located in Uselu Benin, Boiling Point Tutorials is one of the biggest lecture centres in Edo state, Nigeria. The institute boasts of its unrivalled training method for learners writing national secondary and university exams. For learners lagging in math, the institute has a backlog of good reviews that can assure you of success in math.

Genesis Science Tutorials

As the name implies, the lecture centre focuses only on math and science subjects. It's one of the approved academic centres in the state. Situated at Country Home Road,  secondary level learners are also taught the best approaches needed to pass national and tertiary admissions examinations. Since it is specific to just science courses, you can be assured of acing your math exams.

Test House Tutorials (Gorilla Brains)

Also referred to, as "Gorilla Brains," the institute has several branches in Edo. The lecture centre has over 60 approved tutors who offer training that includes SSCE practicals, exclusive knowledge of Post-UTME courses, and salient tips on how national and tertiary exam questions are set.

Edulight Institute

The tutorial centre provides approved methods to train learners who intend to take GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, PTE, ACT, SAT and other international exams. Learners who are lagging in mathematics can register with the institute to access their approved training method.

Our diverse Educational Services offers unparalleled flexibility, with the option to choose and integrate many different Educational tools . . . Edulight diverse combination of teaching methods addresses a wide range of experience levels, learning styles, and job roles.

It is located in Power plaza, Sapele road, Benin, Edo Nigeria.

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Unlike the webcam session, the face to face lessons is the perfect programme plan for children. Photo Credit: Freepik

Private Maths Tutorials: Online and Home Tutoring With Superprof

If you find that group lessons aren't beneficial to you, your next best option is private tutorials. Private tutoring allows you the time to take math lesson at your pace, and of course, liaise with your instructor to help with understanding complex mathematical lessons.

Superprof is one of the leading and approved tutoring site that offers math private lessons in two ways:

  • The online webcam lesson: allows students to hire an instructor virtually, and through a webcam, start an hour (minimum) lesson with an approved teacher. In Benin city, Nigeria, the webcam option helps learners choose approved tutors of their choice without having to worry about the distance. The webcam lesson also allows them to work with a wider range of instructors, especially in cases where teachers are limited in their area. The webcam lesson is especially great not only for learners who want multiple options but it is also a perfect lesson option for working-class beginners who have limited time. Just as you have it with face to face lessons, the virtual webcam lesson has a range of approved instructors who offer quality tutoring for all stages.
  • The face to face home lessons: The face to face lessons involves hiring a teacher that lives in your area to teach math at the comfort of your house. The Superprof platform has made it easier to access teachers within your locality in Edo for face to face lessons by categorizing their options into levels and subjects. For different subjects, you can view the profile of your teacher to see if they are equipped enough to help with your training. Whether it's language subjects like English or science courses like Maths, every instructor working with Superprof offers a training method that is specific to each individual.

Whether you're studying maths for basic education, for exams or professional courses, Superprof's array of instructors can meet your needs in Edo state.

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The lesser the number of learners in a math class, the higher chances of interaction and understanding of complex topics. Photo Credit: Freepik - Upklyak

How To Find The Right Private Maths Tutor

Getting the right math lessons online, at home or with a group can be tough. Nowadays, there are so many options of maths tutors available and it can be a herculean task to sieve through every one of them. As a learner, one of the first math lesson options you'll be exposed to, are referrals of an approved math teacher in your area.

If you live in an area with limited tutors, you may be referred to the same math lesson tutor and it can sometimes be unpredictable.

In this regard, you must be certain before hiring a private teacher. Here are some questions you should ask and answer before getting maths classes online or at home:

  • What is your purpose for learning math?
  • What is your ultimate teaching profile? Would you like learning that involves the use of relatable materials to teach math lessons?
  • What kind of math concepts are you interested in learning?

Finally, when searching for the right teacher and program, regardless of if it's for science subjects or an English literature subject, here are things you should be on the lookout for:

  • Price. If you're working on a budget for your lessons, liaise with teachers that are available for the fees you're offering.
  • Reviews: Before choosing an instructor for your lessons, you must ensure that they have good reviews. Good teaching reviews sum up a big part of an instructor's profile. Reviews also expose a teacher's student-stage interest. Also, not only does reviews prevent you from choosing the wrong training profile for your academic stage,  but it also helps you avoid people who have bad teaching experiences.
  • Teaching Pattern: Ensure that your lesson instructor's training method is in sync with how you learn.
  • Years of experience: Teachers with good years of experience teach better. You may encounter a profile with one year or no years of experience at all. In this case, you must ensure that they are flexible in their lessons and employ approved and dynamic ways to teach each lesson.
  • Level of interest: Work only with a profile that matches your profile. For instance, you should avoid an instructor that's interested in university-stage learners if you're a secondary school pupil.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility involves using technology, as well as local tools and resources to teach a lesson. Working with a rigid teacher limits your learning.

As students in Edo state, your teacher is expected to be professional in their tutoring for each lesson. And as well, create a safe learning space for every student they teach.

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