When you learn maths in primary or secondary school, it goes beyond being just a subject. At its core, Mathematics provides an efficient way of building mental discipline and promotes logical reasoning and mental tenacity. Having a good mathematical knowledge also plays an important role in understanding other science, art and commercial school subjects.

If you've ever wondered why you needed a private tutor or extra tutorials to take maths lesson in Abuja, here are reasons to consider it:

  • To help break down difficult mathematical theories. Sometimes, solving maths equations can take a toll on you. While your school may provide resources readily available to help your learning, you may still require external teaching.
  • To help with exams, tests, exercises and homework. Mathematics is one of the compulsory subjects in secondary and primary schools. Technically, you will have to write a maths exam more than once in your life. Students who intend to further their education in other science subjects (whether in local schools or international schools) may also need to take maths classes. The same applies to learners who intend to use their mathematics knowledge for a professional setting. If you fall into any of these categories, then mathematics lessons should be important to you.
  • To expand your knowledge and sharpen your cognitive skills. More than just solving equations in class, a maths lesson helps sharpen your mind and increases your brain capacity.

In Abuja, Nigeria, you can experience good mathematics lessons through approved tutorial centres and tutoring websites available in your locality. This article will explore the different maths education centres available for students living in Abuja. You'll also gain information on the maths private lessons option available under the Superprof tutoring site.

Explore places to take math lessons in Nigeria

mathematical equation
A math lesson in school may not be enough. Getting a private tutor or going to a dedicated tutorial centre will help expand your knowledge of the subject. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Galaxy Uniprep Centre

Located at Kado District, Abuja Nigeria, this approved mathematics education centre is focused on teaching senior secondary school students and secondary school graduates mathematics and other science and art-related subjects.  Emphasis is placed on students who intend to further their learning in a Nigerian or international university.

According to this learning institute, its mission is:

To adequately prepare intending university students through effective coaching and testing for onward journey into university and for the acquisition of special skills for mental as well as physical adjustment in a university class situations.

The learning institute prepares its students for all kinds of exams including JAMB, IELTS, GRE, SAT, A-Level, IGSCE, and TOEFL.

Lagos residents,  check out our blog on where to find math tutorials in your area.

Take Maths Lesson In Abuja With Superprof Math Tutors

Superprof is an approved tutoring website that offers lessons in all subjects including mathematics. One of the advantages of getting a math lesson at Superprof is the wealth of teachers the platform has. In Abuja Nigeria, there are over 1,000 tutors available for maths lessons.

Students can choose from an array of tutors for their private math lessons. With Superprof, there are two ways for students to learn maths:

  • Take mathematics class online. Intending maths students can take maths lessons online via webcam. The advantage of taking maths classes online are many. However, a triumphant reason is a fact that students can work with approved tutors who live far away from them. You're not limited by distance or by teaching methods that a tutor in your area may offer. Webcam lessons can span for at least an hour. Through a webcam, your approved online maths tutor will help improve your mathematical learning and prepare you for primary, secondary, university or other advanced level exams.
  • Get a private maths tutor to take face to face home lessons. The face to face home lesson is the physical option of the webcam lesson. To hire a private math teacher for your face to face home lesson, you're expected to review the profile of a prospective tutor that lives in your area. If their profile matches your learning, then you're good to go! Just like the webcam lesson, your math lesson can be at a minimum of an hour.
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Students who experience good mathematics tutorials tend to be better at grasping concepts and understanding theories within the science and art spaces. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Even though a student has the option of webcam classes and face to face home lessons, it can be quite difficult to sieve through the many math teachers under the Superprof platform. Here's a simple guide on how to choose the right math teachers for your webcam or face to face home classes:

  • Check out their years of experience. A teacher's years of experience is an integral part of your home or webcam classes. The more the years of experience, the more the ease of teaching. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules. However, if you're looking for a teacher who will offer the best math classes, work with a tutor that has a substantial amount of experience years.
  • Check for reviews. A tutor that has been teaching for more than a year and even a couple of months will have reviews. Reviews give you a better perspective on your prospective teacher's teaching profile. It will also help you avoid having to work with a teacher whose teaching profile is subpar.
  • Explore their education background. It's possible for your tutor to not have reviews. In cases like this, they may be new to tutoring (like the case of a student-tutor). However, you must ensure that their education knowledge is higher than yours.
  • Check what level interests them. Parents and new learners should pay close attention to this. Since foundational sessions are delicate for children and a new student, your teacher should have a keen interest in your level. It will motivate your tutor to work tirelessly to ensure that you understand what they teach you.
  • Look out for their teaching methods. Even with good reviews, a student may still find it difficult to understand what a teacher has taught. It doesn't mean they teach haphazardly, it simply might mean that their training methods aren't in sync with the student's learning. An approved teacher tends to mix relatable resources or materials to provide dynamism during their math lesson.

Having all of these in mind will guide you on choosing the right profile for your webcam or face to face home class.

Explore math centres in Oyo

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“The difference between the poet and the mathematician is that the poet tries to get his head into the heavens while the mathematician tries to get the heavens into his head.” ― G.K. Chesterton.  Photo Credit: Unsplash

Learn@Ease Tutors

Learn@Ease Tutors is located at Utako, Abuja Nigeria. The learning centre offers after-school classes, SAT/ACT prep classes, secondary school entrance prep exams and college and career counselling. As you would have deduced, this institute focuses on children and teenagers in Abuja, Nigeria.

Reviews by past learners give the tutorial centre a 5-star rating. So, parents can be assured of top-notch math lessons for their children which also covers for exam and test preparation.

Learn Maths With Evergreen Learning

Evergreen Learning is located in Gwarinpa, Abuja Nigeria. The tutorial centre offers education for children and young adults.

Evergreen Learning Centre was established with the objective of providing quality education in unique areas of learning which are Early Childhood Education, Basic Education, Senior Secondary Education, After School Care, Exam Preparation, and Finishing School. These unique areas make us a SCHOOL PLUS!

With the services listed above, taking maths classes will be seamless. Plus, the tutorial centre also has a 5-star rating review made by past learners' experiences.


Math is unavoidable. It has become the everyday lingua franca for business, technology, academics and many more. Of course, it is beneficial to have substantial knowledge of the subject. And if you're a student hoping to pass a science exam, be assured that understanding mathematics is the first step to succeeding.

Getting a private tutor is a great step to understanding complex mathematical topics and expanding your cognitive skills.

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