Enugu is home to the University of Nigeria, one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria. With its rich academic history and cultural heritage, it's one of the states where you'd find the best mathematics teachers in Nigeria.

Many students indeed have issues with understanding maths in school. One of the reasons being the teaching technique and the time available to teach the science subject. Of course, a change in the way mathematics is being taught in a class may increase understanding of the subject. Furthermore, constantly practising during and after your maths lessons will likely bring good results.

In any case, getting complementary maths classes will help improve your mathematics learning and broaden your experience with the course. Having good maths teachers changes your experience towards mathematics and can propel you to advance in your maths class. If you'd like to learn maths to the fullest in Enugu, a good teacher, as well as consistency in studying, will give you the best results.

In this article, we will explore the best learning centres (including schools) where you can learn maths. If you find private maths classes more appealing, you'll also gain insight into private maths classes online and at home through the Superprof tutoring platform.

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Extra Mathematics Lessons By Level

Before you start your mathematics lessons, it's essential to understand your level. As a science subject, mathematics is broad and can have several complex branches. When advancing in a math class, you'll likely encounter difficult topics, and you must have the right tutor who can teach these aspects.

Knowing your academic stage will help you streamline math teachers, especially since you may find it difficult to pin the right tutor down. Of course, university-level mathematics is quite tougher when compared with primary-level mathematics.  University students are more concerned about research quality and how employable they will be if their math skills are top-notch. Primary school students are more curious about numbers and are not focused on core/intense mathematical equations, while secondary school students concern themselves more with advancing their math education knowledge for everyday purposes and to pass tests and exams.

Maths teachers tend to have a bias towards a certain academic stage. Some teachers prefer to teach university students while others find joy in teaching primary and secondary school students. Technically, what you'll discover is that the more interested a tutor is in your learning stage, the higher the chances of getting a better learning experience.

All of these and more is why a student living in Onitsha or other places in Enugu should get a tutor or register at learning centres that focus strictly on their academic stage.

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Mathematics Lessons for Primary School Students in Enugu

Getting the right school or learning centre for students in this education stage may seem easy. Indeed, several tutors and learning centres in Enugu state pose themselves as approved enough to teach children math lessons. As parents or guardians, this is more or less a foundational class, and as such, can be very delicate.

In that case, getting the right math and science education for your children is not as easy as projected. Of course, there are many approved science education centres that a primary school student can take math classes. Take a look at Christine Creche Nursery and Primary School, Enugu. Not only does this teaching institute offer one of the best science education, but they have resources and facilities to back them up. The school boasts of approved mathematics tutors who offer credible teaching to primary students. The school is located at Abakpa Nike, Enugu.  Another school that offers a quality experience for students looking to start a mathematics lesson is NobleTrail Academy.  Located in Residency Drive, Onitsha, they do not only offer quality education in art and science courses, but they also have a wealth of approved instructors readily available to provide the best mathematics training for your child(ren).

Math Lessons For Secondary School Students

As a secondary school student living in Onitsha, Aba, and other parts of Enugu, taking supplementary math lessons may become essential. The reason is simple; unlike the primary education experience, secondary stage mathematics becomes a bit more abstract as it advances.  Even in approved secondary schools with a credible teaching method, some learners may find it difficult to assimilate math lessons. Here are some approved tutorial centres available for learners looking to take group lessons in mathematics:

Faraday Academy

This lesson centre offers supplementary teaching in math and other subjects for junior and senior secondary learners. Situated at Uwani, Enugu, it is particularly great for learners who have difficulties in passing their exams. Whether it is national exams like Junior and Senior WAEC or exams and tests co-ordinated by their schools, the lesson centre boasts of a teaching method that allows for academic excellence. Of course, this teaching method also spans to the math lesson provided by the centre.

Ivy-League Tutorial College

Ivy-League Tutorial college is located at Uwani, Enugu state. This lesson centre offers approved tutorials for learners who intend to sit for WASSCE, JAMB and Post-UTME. If you find that you're lagging in your math class, you can take group sessions at the centre. Not only are they backed up with good reviews, but they also have approved tutors who offer one of the best maths education in Enugu.

Brainfill Academy

Brainfill Academy is situated at Achara, Enugu. This approved academic centre is designed to boost academic excellence in every student. They provide group lessons for secondary school learners taking WAEC, GCE and other equivalent national certification.

A major plus to learning from this centre is that they provide training for the Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) advanced stage programme. Technically, a student that has been unable to qualify for university admission can study this programme and after getting the required grade, is eligible for the second year in the university.

The institute boasts of credible tutors that offer quality services in all subjects including math. They also ensure that learners assimilate each class through weekly tests.

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Private Math Lesson Online and Home Tutoring With Superprof

Many parents, university undergraduates and postgraduate learners usually prefer private sessions. Indeed, private sessions are perfect for people who want to learn at their pace and focus on weak areas. Not only does it give you time to process every complex topic, but it also offers training that's unique to you. With a Superprof math teacher, you have the following options:

  • Taking mathematics classes online: The online option involves hiring a private maths tutor from the platform for virtual sessions. How do you interact virtually? Virtual sessions happen through the use of a webcam. Not only does the webcam session allow you to choose a teacher of your interest, webcam sessions break the distance barrier that would have naturally come up, assuming you have an interest in a teacher that lives far away. While this is great for undergraduate and postgraduate learners, the webcam option is not the best for children. Since children get distracted a lot more than adults, taking math via a webcam wouldn't do as much justice to their understanding of the subject. Rather than the webcam option, children can opt for face to face lectures.
  • Starting private math lectures through face to face sessions: Unlike the virtual webcam option, face to face sessions are physical. It involves hiring a teacher that matches your profile to come to teach you math in your house. Face to face sessions can be a lot more personal and with the right instructor, private tutorials can be fun. The face to face private tutorial is perfect for children and adult learners who do not find the virtual webcam sessions beneficial.

Of course, with this information, it's important to choose the right private instructor for your lectures. Here are salient tips to work with:

  • The platform has a profile option for instructors. Whether it is webcam or face to face session, a good instructor usually has good reviews. These reviews are made by old learners and it helps new learners get more information about a prospective instructor. Of course, you may find an instructor with zero reviews. If you intend to work with them, ensure to look out for flexibility in their sessions.
  • Apart from reviews, years of tutoring expertise is great! For learners who intend to study math for research and other purposes, working with an instructor who has trained learners for years will make your sessions seamless.
  • Indeed while years of training learners make an instructor credible, they must be fit for your academic profile. An instructor whose profile matches your academic profile will change how well you understand your math. In essence, your trainer must have a keen interest in your academic stage. For example, no matter how you research and study as a university learner, if your instructor prefers secondary stage learners, you may learn slowly.

Math can be a very interesting subject with the right teacher. Find the best instructors with Superprof.

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