Oyo state is one of the popular western cities in Nigeria. Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state, is the third-most populous city in Nigeria, after Lagos and Kano. With over 6 million people, Ibadan is rich in cultural and political history.

The Oyo-Ibadan dialect has been considered the widely accepted official dialect for Yoruba speaking and learning.  Oyo state is also home to the University of Ibadan, the first prestigious learning institution in Nigeria that has trained Nobel laureates and successful giants of the Nigerian society.

While several schools in Oyo offer mathematics lessons, taking maths classes independently often time, does not complete your learning. Complementary learning is essential, especially if you're lagging in your mathematics learning. This is where private tutoring comes into fore.

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Learning mathematics in Ibadan goes beyond "just learning." At its core, mathematics helps boost your cognitive skills and expands your knowledge capacity. Photo Credit: Unsplash

This article will focus on where you can find approved schools and tutorial centres in Oyo state and its capital, Ibadan for your maths classes. Students who prefer math home lesson will also get insights on how to research the best teachers on the Superprof platform, as well as tips on how to discover the best teaching method for you.

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Taking Maths Classes In Ibadan and Oyo Environs

If you are a learner in Oyo state looking to improve on your maths knowledge, below are some tutorial centres that offer credible mathematical training regardless of your educational level:

Maths help for Primary and Secondary school students

If your wards are still in the elementary and secondary school levels, the places listed below cater to students in their age range and educational pursuit.

Standard Tutorial Centre

Situated at Randa, Ogbomosho, Standard Tutorial Centre offers art and science training for primary level learners and secondary school graduates. With their impeccable tutoring methods, training for math courses for elementary and high school learners is seamless.

Best Academy

Best Academy is located at Iseyin, Oyo state. They offer tutorials for learners who intend to take national exams like WAEC, JAMB, Post UTME and NABTEB. Their math group tutorials are handled by credible instructors who ensure that every learner can independently write their mathematics exams.

Education Advancement Centre

Educational Advancement Centre (EAC) is a non-governmental organization that focuses on advancing the studies of an SSCE or ordinary level graduating student. The Institute centres on providing an alternative route into the university for secondary school graduates who have had issues passing secondary level exams and gaining admission into the university.

This education centre boasts of having a teaching method that's borne out of continuous research which is then adapted to suit the learner.

Their programs include:

  • Strategic Post-UTME
  • Advanced level GCE
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
  • Foreign Admissions Service
  • Premedical Foundation Programme
  • Remedial O Level

Using their method of teaching, the institute offers quality mathematical training services for an interested learner. With their state of the art facilities, you can be certain of their resources being used to ensure that you understand every math topic offered in your level. It is located at Awolowo Avenue, Bodija, Ibadan.

Find a good Calculus tutor here.

British Prep School Ibadan

British Preparatory school is an educational institution for children between the ages of 3 months and 11 years. The school uses modern facilities and a unique tutoring method to train children in science and art subjects.

They aim to ensure a solid foundation for children as they transition to high schools of their choice. Many good reviews from former parents have placed the institution in a high pedestal; rating it as a top-notch institution for foundational levels.

If you want your child to learn Maths the proper way, the school offers a unique tutoring method that helps increase your child's problem-solving skills. It is situated at Oluyole Estate Ibadan.

Excel Pre-Varsity Centre

Just as its name suggests, the centre prepares students for SSCE, GCE, UTME and POST-UTME exams, as well as foreign exams like GRE and TOEFL.  If you're a new leaner, you can look out for reviews from former trainees. Located at Felele Road, Ibadan, the educational centre offers quality tutoring in several art and science courses including maths.

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Did you know that "a jiffy" is an actual unit of time? It is 1/100th of a second. Photo Credit: Unsplash

University and Advanced Maths Lesson

For university students and graduates that intend to take maths lessons for professional or advanced educational purposes, Ibadan offers tutorial centres that train learners which also includes exam training.

Laidera Consulting Firm

Situated in Ring road, Ibadan, Laidera Consulting Firm offers training in the following:

  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • PTE
  • ACT
  • SAT I & II
  • GRE
  • iTEP

The institute makes use of technological resources to train new and existing learners several subjects including mathematics. Since math is compulsory for many exams, the institute offers quality problem-solving training that can assist students in acing their exams. Learners who are interested in Information Technology and Foreign education can use this form of complementary tutoring to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Iclass Tuition

If your professional career is geared towards accounting, banking and finance, math is inevitable. This institute offers professional tutoring which includes mathematical and accounting topics. It is situated at Odunsanya street, New Bodija, Ibadan.

Find Mathematics classes online here on Superprof.

Home Tutoring: Mathematics lessons via face to face tutoring or online

Not a lot of students enjoy group lessons. You'll find that a lot of students would rather prefer the option of face to face home lessons or online classes via webcam. If you prefer to hire a teacher to take maths classes online or you're a parent that's looking for complementary mathematics learning for your children, this section will cover all you need to know about the Superprof tutoring website.

Take private Mathematics classes with Superprof

Superprof is an international tutoring website that offers face to face home lessons and webcam classes for students in several parts of the world. Just as you have it in its platforms across different countries, Superprof Nigeria offers a wide range of approved private teachers who offer online webcam and face to face sessions for all subjects.

The first option is the online lesson. It allows you to hire approved teachers to teach mathematics online through the use of a webcam. Webcam lessons are perfect for students that would like to learn from the best teachers.

Technically, webcam lessons allow you to hire a private mathematics tutor that lives far away from you, especially if you find that you're in sync with how they teach. Not only does the webcam option provide this, but it also allows the student to choose approved teachers of their choice since it breaks the barrier of distance.

The second option is Face to Face home lessons. The face to face lesson option allows you to hire a private maths tutor to teach mathematics lessons at the comfort of your home. This option is especially great for primary school students. It's not news that children lose concentration, especially if their math education is online or through a webcam.

The face to face lesson allows approved teachers to supervise children's study a lot better. Face to face home lessons is also perfect for working-class students who have very limited time.  Unlike the webcam lesson option, these set of students are forced to commit to the scheduled time, therefore, allowing them to gain mathematical knowledge even with their busy hours.

Of course, your next concern is how to find teachers who can teach your level (primary, secondary, university or advanced). Ibadan, Oyo Nigeria has over 750 mathematics teachers, so it's understandable if you're confused.

However, the platform has made it easier for students by providing a ''level'' option. This can help streamline the teachers you should hire. Also, each teacher's profile contains their education background, the level that interests them, and reviews from former students. All of these are available to make a student's research for teachers easier.

If you'd like to learn more about how to find the right teachers available for your mathematics learning, keep reading!

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Math has contributed immensely to the advancement of technology. Imagine what you'll discover when you learn mathematics. Photo Credit: Unsplash

How To Find The Right Teaching Method For Maths Lessons Online And At Home

Teaching a subject like Math can easily take a different turn with the wrong teacher. Many approved schools in Ibadan become even more popular and get better reviews when their students are topping at international and local exams, competitions and much more. We can all agree that it is the work of competent tutors.

Whether you're taking face to face home lessons or the online webcam lesson, finding the right tutor is an important aspect. Here are approved ways of getting yourself the best tutors for your math lessons:

  • Years of Experience: The experience years of a tutor is one of the best ways you can profile them. An instructor who has good years of experience tends to help you study better.
  • Levels of preference: Every instructor has an education-level preference. For example, not a lot of instructors like to teaching secondary school or university learners. Using this knowledge will help you make better choices when searching for a math tutor.
  • Reviews from old students: Reviews! Reviews! Reviews! They are one of the best ways to profile an instructor. In every way, reviews tell you how good an instructor's training is, or whether you shouldn't bother at all. Take reviews seriously, it will assist you in sieving the wheat from the chaff.
  • Teaching methods: The teaching method of a teacher will either make or mar your learning process. Approved instructors tend to be dynamic in their approach to teaching this science course. By using relatable materials, a student's understanding of a math topic can move from a zero to a hundred. If you find an instructor with little to no years of experience, this is an approved way of profiling them.

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