Many students will agree on one thing; maths can be difficult! What's worse is having a maths teacher in school that teaches the board rather than the students. To achieve success in a difficult subject, you must put in the extra work. This means hiring a private maths tutor to take math classes at home or enrolling for extra lessons in an approved learning centre.

But why is mathematics so tough?

  • Many students dread this subject in school because it can be very boring, especially with a bad tutor.
  • Advancing in mathematics can be pretty difficult and several learners lose interest and fall behind.
  • To ensure that the school curriculum is met, most tutors tend to move too fast into complex topics.
  • Mathematics can be very confusing and in school, there is limited time to help students clarify difficult topics step by step.
  • Math is a very broad science subject, and many students drown in all of its topics.

Even though this can be an uncomfortable experience, dedicating time to learn maths will eventually bring good results. If you'd like to learn maths in Kano, several tutorial centres offer mathematics lessons. For students that prefer private complementary math lessons, this article will also provide salient tips on how to choose a Superprof math tutor that matches your profile.

Find out places to take math lessons in Nigeria

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Supplementary maths classes allow a student to understand math topics better. Photo Credit: Freepik - Stories

Take Maths Classes Online and At Home With Superprof

Superprof is the best-approved tutoring site that offers private maths lessons and tutoring in other academic and vocational subjects. Students whose learning is more aligned to private tutoring have the option of learning mathematics in two major ways:

  • Online classes

Online classes are done with the help of a webcam. This option allows you to take mathematics classes online with the supervision of an online mathematics tutor. Before you start your maths lesson online, you're expected to research a math tutor that is in sync with your learning profile. Afterwards, your classes will be held via the webcam.

One of the many benefits of the webcam option is that it allows for flexibility. Unlike the face to face home classes, webcam lessons allow students to explore a wider range of teachers. Technically, students can choose an approved mathematics teacher of their choice without having to worry about the distance.

With webcam lessons, you're not limited to a teacher within your area, especially if there's a tutor that matches your profile, but doesn't live nearby. Your chances of picking a high-ranking approved tutor become guaranteed.

Even though many learners prefer the webcam option, some believe that the teaching method is not as viable. It's important to state here, that it is untrue, as Supeprof ensures that each tutor offers the same quality education whether through the webcam or face to face home lessons. Aside from learners who find the webcam class helpful, the webcam experience is also great for working-class learners who are almost always occupied. With an approved scheduled timing, you can learn maths as quickly as you would have hoped.

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  • Face to Face Home Lessons

In Kano, one of the best ways to find an approved teacher is through reviews and referrals. Sometimes, a student might realise that their math tutor's teaching method isn't in sync with their learning profile. There's also the fear of having a very limited number of lesson tutors. A student who uses the Superprof platform would have less of these issues, as Superprof has an array of tutors located at different areas within Kano.

The face to face class is especially perfect for parents who want their children to understand mathematics lesson a lot better. An approved Superprof teacher with experience in teaching children will offer individualised teaching approaches. Through step by step training on mathematical topics, children can understand the science subject better.

The rule also applies to secondary level children, as they must be well taught on this science course. Kids at this level, (even though they are more advanced than primary school children), would still need a tutor to teach them at home.

Whether you choose the webcam lesson or the private class in your house, each lesson lasts for a minimum of an hour. As a prerequisite, checking for reviews of your intending instructor makes it easier to find the best teachers for your level. Kano has over 100 mathematics instructors, so it can be a bit confusing to find an instructor that suits your profile. Here are some tips that can help you get by:

  • Superprof platform has different academic levels. You can search for your learning stage to help streamline a list of approved instructors.
  • Each instructor has a profile that's specific to them. The profile details how well approved an instructor is for webcam or physical private lessons.
  • Look out for reviews in the profile, as they are approved ways to know a lot more about how they teach and what academic stage interests them. Reviews also help you avoid getting a trainer that's not fit for your academic stage.
  • Years of experience is also necessary. There are many mathematics instructors under Superprof with good years of working expertise. However, if you find an instructor with little to zero years of tutoring, check out reviews on how they teach. Their first lesson is likely to be free, so in the case where there are no reviews, you can find out how they teach first hand.

While each of your lessons (webcam or physical)  is for an hour, you must dedicate at least an hour to study on your own. Practising will increase your knowledge and prepare you well for any test or exam you wish to do.

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MOD Education

Located in Zaria Road, Kano,  MOD education helps learners in achieving their goals through partnership with highly-rated international schools. With their highly qualified instructors, this teaching centre offers training in the following:

  • SAT
  • GMAT
  • GRE

As a way of ensuring that you're well trained in your mathematics topics and other subjects, they monitor your progress by conducting regular sample tests weekly. That way, learners who intend to sit for any of the international exams listed above will get a feel of how the exams are like before the main exam date. Through this approved pattern, learners are more prepared and have a better understanding of how to solve any mathematical equation that they might encounter.

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Eleganzar Lesson Centre Kano

Gaining admission into the university isn't as seamless. If you're planning to write JAMB exams for university admission, consider choosing this institute. Eleganzar Lessons Centre is situated at Sabongari, Kano. Their tutorial centre offers teaching for any student looking forward to writing WAEC, NECO or any other equivalent education certification exam. They also offer training for adult education learners as well as JAMB, professional diploma and certificate courses during the weekend.

The institute boasts of approved teaching practises for learners interested in taking mathematics and other science and art subjects.

Intercontinental Schools Kano

Intercontinental schools Kano is an educational institute that's located in Ahmad Daku Crescent Kano. Established in 1997, the school's educational standards is one like no other. In terms of how they teach, their instructors make use of lego education, and activity-based learning to reshape the knowledge of children and young adults. With their unique teaching method, primary and high school learners can be assured of getting the best learning possible during their maths class.

Their mission is:

"To provide holistic, inclusive and quality innovative world-class education. For this reason, we have adopted different approaches and tools that makes learning enjoyable for our students."

Unlike several schools in the state, the academy limits the number of pupils in a class to ensure that no one is left behind. It's a smart way of getting a maths lesson since there'll be room to ask questions.

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Having the right math tutorials will make this science subject simpler. Photo Credit: Freepik

Queens Science Academy Kano

Queens Science Academy is located in Gawo Avenue Kano.  The co-educational academy offers mathematics and other art and science courses to JSS1 to SS3 pupils.  Their tutoring services are also shaped to cater for Cambridge IGSCE, WAEC and NECO examinations.

This educational institution boasts of a curriculum that's delivered by expatriates and locally approved instructors. The aim is to encourage self-expression, creative thinking, problem-solving skills and other skills needed for the 21st century. On average, the class size is between 15 to 20 pupils which allow for greater interaction and involvement during maths class.


Mathematics makes it easier for a learner to understand new technological jobs like coding, accounting courses and so much more. With the help of competent instructors, you will finally be able to face your mathematical fears. Often, the reason a student doesn't understand a complex mathematics topic is because of how they are taught. Working with the best schools or getting help through approved tutorial centres and private tutoring services like Superprof will make your mathematical goals become a reality.

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