As one of the most populous cities in Nigeria, you would expect that oil-rich Port Harcourt is laden with abundant learning opportunities. You're not wrong. Port Harcourt, located in Rivers state, is a diverse city with people from different cultural backgrounds residing in the city. These people have different educational achievements and diverse experience.

This also applies to those who are keen on learning the art of playing the guitar in Port Harcourt. Music enthusiasts always want to have a good time jamming to some of their favourite music by streaming online or listening offline.

However, there is no better feeling than listening to these songs and playing an accompanying tune with your favourite instruments.  Imagine you listening to Sir Victor Uwaifo's 'Joromi' and you're playing an accompanying tune with your bass guitar. Pure bliss!

If you are quite interested in broadening your knowledge on where to learn to play the guitar in Port Harcourt, this post is for you. It is evident that the guitar is quite intricate to play at first. To find your way around it, you'll have to undergo one form of training or the other.

Port Harcourt provides great options for you to learn the art of playing the guitar. It doesn't matter if you want to opt for group training or you would rather have one-on-one tuition. It is why we have come up with a comprehensive list on guitar training academies that will suit your purposes regardless of your favourite genre - pop, classical, jazz, funk, rock, metal, etc. included.

Get ready to pick up your guitar and start playing. Hearteningly, there are guitar tutors spread across Nigeria.

Opt for a Guitar Class with Singers Best Music Academy

Singers Best is a music institution that calls itself 'one of the finest in Africa'. It is government accredited and it offers various courses and effective training programmes in developing musical interest, harnessing the musical talents of individuals and facilitating the progress of a music enthusiast's career.

One good thing about Singers Best music academy is that there is no age restriction. Music training is open to every interested party, your educational background does not matter. There is room for you to learn at Singers Best Music Academy.

The academy holds training sessions based on different instruments which include the guitar. its programmes are gradable and it means that every participant will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

The academy is well-equipped to facilitate your guitar training. Learning how to play the guitar at the academy will make you appreciate, comprehend and play the guitar expertly.

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Learn the guitar for professional development. Source: FG Trade/Getty Images

Obtain a Degree at the University of Port Harcourt

The University of Port Harcourt or UNIPORT as it is fondly called is a second-generation federal university that was established in 1975. It is one of the few Nigerian institutions that have the department of music. it is unsurprising due to the rich cultural heritage of the city of Port Harcourt. Also, as a South-Southern institution of learning, it is quite normal to find music enthusiasts because of their affinity for music. It is therefore imperative that the department exists in the school.

As a degree-awarding institution, students who enrol for a degree in music obtain a Bachelor's Degree upon successful completion of the course. It means that you can in any organization that requires the services of music professional. That's not all, you can settle for self-employment and begin your music business because you have undergone adequate training.

For those interested in guitar and are planning to seek admission in UNIPORT, it is a good decision because learning the guitar is available at the school. You'll learn how to play various types of guitar and become proficient afterwards.

Another advantage is that your focus won't be on guitar alone, you'll be able to learn other aspects of music. It includes live performance especially for those who are thinking of starting a music band. Since you'll become adept at playing the guitar, it'll be nice to combine your guitar skills and performing live. Get a guitar teacher close to you in Ibadan.

Learn how to Play the Guitar with Grandprinz Music Academy

Grandprinz music academy is an accredited institution that has been set up for those who have keen interests in music. The classes offered by the academy encompasses learning instruments and some theoretical aspects of music.

For the purpose of this article, our focus is on people who are interested in learning how to play the guitar. The classes dwell on everything there is to know about the guitar which includes its history, techniques, improvisation, different theories, grades, etc.

As much as the aim is to ensure you earn top grades while learning, you'll be exposed to playing the guitar while listening to different songs. In the same vein, you'll learn how to read, write and interpret guitar notes.

The classes are divided according to your proficiency. There are also classes for children. This is music to the ears of busy parents who are looking for ways to ensure their children are engaged with one form of activity or another.

Even better, the academy offers vocal training which means that you'll be taught how to sing perfectly well and accompany your singing with the melodious sounds from your guitar.

Guitar tuition awaits you at Abuja.

Hire the Perfect Guitar Tutor for You on Superprof           

Superprof is a platform that boasts of millions of tutors all over the world. It offers various tutorial subjects which include math, physics, piano, guitar, etc. it is why it is touted as arguably the best place to get the best tutors for guitar lessons.

Port Harcourt boasts of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience who are ready to offer private tuition services for those who want to learn how to play the guitar via Superprof platform.

If you desire to familiarize yourself with different guitar styles and methods or you want to learn tips and tricks that will make playing the guitar easier for you, Superprof is the best way to learn. You can hire a Superprof guitar tutor to give you private lessons for as low as ₦2000/hr.

As much as you want to learn, it is understandable that you want to learn at your convenience. If this describes you, going to a training school might not suit you perfectly. The better option for you is private training at your chosen venue. This way you can learn the guitar from the comfort of your home.

There’s more, if you are not comfortable meeting with your tutor physically or you want to learn with foreign guitar tutors, you can opt for online guitar lessons, Superprof gives you access to thousands of experienced online guitar tutors worldwide. All your classes will be held via webcam. It’s a better option because it is more affordable than one-on-one training and your choice of tutors is not limited by geography restrictions.

It’s okay to be confused about who to hire. If you ever find yourself in this position, you can take a trial class with Superprof. Not to worry, you don’t have to pay for it because most Superprof tutors offer their first lesson free. It will give you ample time on who will suit your needs and ensure your goals are achieved.

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You can learn how to play any type of guitar with Superprof tutors. Source: 4x6/Getty Images

Upgrade Your Guitar Play with More Life Studio

More Life Studio is originally a music recording studio that has been set up especially for people who want to record, mix and master their music. However, the management deemed it fit to set up a training institute to cater to the needs of people who wanted to understand the technicalities of music.

The training centre is run by experienced music professionals and performers. More specifically for those who are looking forward to learning how to play the guitar, you’re assured of learning different guitar playing styles and how to accompany the melodious sounds produced by guitars with some of your favourite tunes.

More Life studio has classes for professional development and recreation too depending on what your learning purpose is. The class gives you ample opportunity to be in the midst of people who share the same learning goals with you. This way, you’ll be able to learn more rapidly.

There is a big opportunity to learn how to play the guitar in Lagos.

Enrol in a Guitar School with Grandeur Musicals

Located in Mile 4, Grandeur Musicals is a music training institute that has been established for everyone interested in learning how to make music in Port Harcourt. The institute offers classes in voice training, music theory, the composition of music, how to use the software associated with music and how to play certain musical instruments.

Also, the institute deals with the sale of various musical instruments as well as their maintenance. For those particularly interested in learning how to play the guitar, Grandeur musicals have everything you need to forge ahead in your guitar training. The tutors opt for standard methods to ensure the students enjoy high-quality learning.

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You can learn the guitar for recreational purposes. Source: Pekic/Getty Images.

Furthermore, those who want to take professional exams can undergo adequate training with Grandeur musicals. It is a bold step to pass the exams with flying colours. It is open to both the old and the young. There are different classes available depending on the needs of the students.


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