The guitar, which is a stringed instrument, is one that sounds so melodious. Tracing the history of music, it is easy to see that guitar is an integral part of it. The instrument has become one of the most used and most versatile instruments for music worldwide. It isn’t limited to any genre of music. If you’re a rockstar, rap addict, pop enthusiast, RnB lover or blues fan, the guitar suits your music perfectly.

The guitar is simply an iconic instrument. If you find yourself watching a live band play, it’s common to see guitar players in such bands. For example, King Sunny Ade & His African Beats are always accompanied by guitar players wherever they go to perform.

A Note of Warning for an Amateur Guitar Player

There are pros and cons for people who are willing to learn the guitar. Starting from the con, many people think that as soon as they can string a few melodious tunes together, they’re worthy to teach other people the art of playing guitar. This way, chances are, you’ll come across substandard tutors.

Also, it is common to come across different forms of guitars that do not perform the desired functions. Therefore, using this kind of instrument might hamper your progress from becoming one of the best guitarists in the world. You should learn that you need to pick your instrument carefully.

However, the commonness of guitars and guitarists alike is a big advantage. For example, Nigeria boasts of lots of gifted musicians who possess a great deal of experience in creating, recording, and teaching quality and relatable music.

If you’re thinking of learning the art of playing the guitar, many willing hands are waiting to welcome you into the fold. Besides, you won’t lack enough role models to follow their footsteps.

Learning how to play a musical instrument certainly comes with lots of advantages. It is suitable for an individual’s foray into the physical, spiritual and emotional world.

Some of the reasons to learn how to play a musical instrument include:

  • It heightens the mood
  • It gives room for people to express themselves
  • It sharpens one’s senses
  • It alleviates stress
  • It increases your cognitive ability
  • It connects you with culture, etc.

Find out who the top guitar teachers are in Port Harcourt.

Taking Guitar Lessons in Nigeria

There are different opportunities for people interested in learning the guitar to do so in Nigeria. Regardless of your age, style of choice or whatever you’re looking to achieve from learning the instrument, you’ll find a suitable place here to achieve your dreams.

Stay tuned because we have an in-depth analysis of major cities in Nigeria. Leggo! Here are some of the best places to learn the guitar in Ibadan.

Take Guitar Lessons in Lagos

Lagos is a great city to take guitar lessons. It’s because there are world-class learning facilities and environments spread all over this megacity. You’ll find various educational institutions that focus on making and teaching music alongside the instruments that accompany it.
What’s more, you’ll come across dedicated tutors who are experienced in the art of teaching music.

Get Your Children to Play the Guitar

If your children are young and are interested in learning the guitar, Lagos is one of the best places for them.

For example, Lee Music School situated at Yaba is a topnotch music school. Younger music enthusiasts can enrol here to learn the guitar. The school has different levels which include preliminary, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Kid with guitar
You can enrol your kids in guitar academies while you're at work. Source: kate_sept2004/Getty Images

Your child/ward can start learning from scratch the basics of rhythm and have lots of fun learning with other kids.

Pursue a Higher Guitar Education

Lagos has some of the best and most popular music institutions in Nigeria. If you enrol for a diploma or degree in music, you’re preparing yourself for an illustrious career in music.

If you’re interested in a music diploma and learning the guitar, MUSON centre, Onikan is one of the recommended places for you. Set up by the Music Society of Nigeria, there are different music classes one can undergo including learning how to play the guitar.

If a degree intrigues you, the University of Lagos is the place to be. They have a world-class music department that offers tutorials in different aspects and instruments including guitar. You can get more on guitar lessons in Lagos by reading our more detailed article.

You should note that these institutions aren’t recommended for beginners. They’re perfect for people who regard music as their career.

Learn how to play the guitar in Lagos.

A Selection of the Best Guitar Tutors

It is not possible to list every guitar tutor for everyone interested in learning the guitar in Lagos. For those living in Gbagada and its environs, Harry Field Guitar Academy is the place to be for you. They boast of experienced tutors who are willing to guide you on the guitar journey right from basics to advanced level.

If you live around Ikeja and on the Island, Tenstrings Music School is your best bet. They have branches in Ikeja, Festac, Lekki, and Ajah in Lagos. They’ve existed for 13 years and have grown to become one of the best music academies in Lagos.

Also, Superprof NG has experienced guitar tutors available on its website. They can give a walkthrough on how to play the guitar from the comfort of your home because they offer home services. Even more, you can learn the art of playing the guitar online. These tutors can offer you tutorials via the internet.

You can hire a guitar tutor in Lagos on Superprof for as low as 1000/hr.

Look for Guitar Classes in Abuja

Abuja is another city you can easily find guitar classes around. You’ll always find tutors who are willing to come to your home to give you guitar tutorials. Also, you have check out Superprof NG because there are always guitar tutors available regardless of your location.

Find the best guitar tutors here in Abuja. Source: Lingbeek/Getty Images

You can read our detailed post on guitar classes in Abuja.

A Pick of Abuja’s Finest Guitar Tutors

There are some of the finest guitar tutors in Abuja. You just have to know exactly where to look. If you’ll rather opt for private guitar tutorials with a guitar tutor that will be physically present at your home or one on one online lessons via webcam, Superprof NG is the right choice for you.

Arpeggio Music School in Garki is one of the best guitar schools you can get in Abuja. They offer training from the scratch up until whatever level you desire. Brills Music Academy in Galadimawa provides courses on bass and lead guitar.

There are other guitar academies in Abuja and they offer intensive training for interested parties. They’ll tailor your lessons according to what you’re hoping to achieve at the end of the training. You’ll learn guitar concepts like chord work, ear training, and improvisation.

Enrol for Guitar Exams in Abuja

If you’re interested in taking guitar exams in Abuja, many of these music schools are endorsed by appropriate bodies. Taking these exams are recommended for you to take note of your progress and your proficiency in playing the guitar.

Interactive Guitar Training for Children and Adults

It’s futile learning the guitar without having fun. It is what spurs us on to learn. Many of the guitar academies in Abuja allow kids and adults to witness an enjoyable and interactive musical experience.

If you’re at work, you can enrol your kids at these academies while you’re busy. You can also enrol as an adult. It isn’t too late to learn the guitar. You might not get a qualification but you’ll learn how to play the instrument in your leisure time.

You'll always find a guitar tutor around you in Abuja.

The Best Guitar Classes in Port Harcourt

You can learn how to play the guitar in the oil-rich city of Port Harcourt. There are lots of private tutors in Port Harcourt that’ll guide you on how to play the stringed instrument irrespective of whether you’re learning casually or for academic purposes.

You can learn more about guitar classes in Port Harcourt.

Guitar Tutors in Port Harcourt

There are lots of performing musicians who also teach interested people how to play the guitar. with all the experience they've garnered, they are competent enough to offer tuition to people. Alternatively, there are various music academies in Port Harcourt.

If you're willing to learn from the comfort of your home, Superprof NG has tutors in Port Harcourt who are willing to offer home or even online services depending on your choice.

Guitar Training in Kano

The Northern Nigerian city, Kano boasts of ancient and contemporary musical instruments. Whether your learning intention is for academic or recreational purposes, you'll certainly come across music institutions that'll suit your purpose.

These are many guitar Tuition options for you in Kano.

Guitar Training For Everyone in Kano

If you're considering an individual or group guitar training in Kano, there are different institutions of learning available for you. for example, EFCY Mazajie Music School in Kiru offers a wide range of learning for music enthusiasts. Your skill level is irrelevant. The only thing important is your willingness to learn.

Guitar Classes in Ibadan

Ibadan, a South-Western city in Nigeria boasts of many competent and qualified guitar tutorial academies. Similarly, you can come across guitar tutors in Ibadan who you can access via the Superprof website.

Ibadan has many guitar tutors and you can find them on SUperprof. undefined/Getty Images

Learning Classic and Contemporary Guitar Tunes in Ibadan

it doesn't matter if you're planning to learn classic or contemporary tunes in Ibadan, you're covered by professional hands who are willing to give you the best tuition possible.

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