Abuja is indeed a unique city. Located in the North Central part of Nigeria, it is the capital of Nigeria. The ambiance that Abuja offers is easily noticeable. Immediately you step into Abuja, there is the aura of calmness that accompanies it. Just ask around, people will confirm that Abuja is a really beautiful place to be.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that such a place boasts of a rich music culture. In terms of music, Abuja displays a rich culture, churning out live bands like Aso Rock Band, Beautiful Gates Music Company, Loosends Music Entertainment, Shyne Band, etc.

If you're the type of person who is more interested in the technical know-how of music (which we think is why you're on this page), you'll be glad to know that opportunities abound for music education in the capital of Nigeria.

More specifically, if you're a guitar enthusiast and are looking to learn how to play the stringed instrument, we have compiled a credible list of the best learning opportunities Abuja offers. The list is inexhaustive because there are numerous people and organisations that offer guitar training services in Abuja.

Whether you're a beginner who is just starting out and want to play some of your favourite tunes, or you are already a music guru who is interested in learning a new skill or genre, you'll definitely come across a guitar tutor that is perfect for your music style and can cater for your needs.

Learn how to play the guitar at the Eagles Music Academy

Eagles Music Academy is well-suited for all age grades. the school is set up to ensure students boast of solid music performance. Also, it affords students the opportunity to listen to different music styles as well as provide a critique for the music that spans across different periods, styles, genres and traditions.

For guitar enthusiasts, the school provides a solid training that ensures its students are ready for both national and international certifications in guitar. Five areas of focus include:

  • Theory of music
  • Note reading and playing on sight
  • Classical and modern music
  • Performance
  • General music aspects

Eagles music academy offers different types of lessons. There is group music lessons where people are trained together as a unit. it fosters cooperation, upgrades an individual's social skills as well as provides room for more concentration. Similarly. the school offers private lessons for those who do not want to be taught with a group. the one-on-one training can either be at the school's study centre or the guitar enthusiast's home/any chosen place.

That's not all, the curriculum is set taking the client's needs and expectations into cognizance. the aim is to ensure that the needs are met as at when due. The training levels include Primer which is for five months, intermediate which lasts for six months, advanced which has ten months as its duration, and professional which lasts for twelve months.

These classes are usually held on Saturday and Sunday. it means that if you belong to the working class, you can still learn the guitar conveniently.

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Perfect Your Guitar Lessons at Newlife School of Music

 If you are keen on becoming a topnotch guitarist but you still don't understand how to work on those power chords, it will be worth it enrolling at Newlife School of Music. The school is dedicated to promoting the advancement of music in Abuja and Nigeria as a whole.

Newlife School of music offers different musical courses which include one in guitar playing. In the school, you'll gain knowledge on the fundamentals of playing different guitars - the chords, rhythmic pattern, fingerpicking style, techniques involved - it's what makes guitar playing awesome.

Guitar courses offered at the school are taught by topnotch professionals and they're as fun and engaging as you want it to be. If you're keen on learning new skills, starting a career as a guitarist and are willing to work in Nigeria's music industry, you can build a solid foundation by taking a guitar course at Newlife school of music.

There are full-time programmes available for people who want to enrol. Also, these classes are fixed based on a student's availability. Newlife music school makes their tuition as convenient as possible by considering people's busy lives.

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You can have fun while playing the guitar. Source: Thomas PeopleImages/Getty Images.

Also, there's the holiday music school specially designed for school children. since they'll be idle most parts of their holiday, taking a guitar course is a great way to keep them busy.

Get the Best Private Tuition on Superprof

If you want to learn any style and method of playing the guitar or you want to familiarize yourself with various techniques associated with the guitar, Superprof is the best option for you. It is an online platform that connects students with tutors all over the world.

It operates in over twenty 27 countries including Nigeria and there are more than five million tutors you can gain invaluable knowledge from on the platform. In Abuja, you'll get guitar tutors starting from ‎₦1500/hr.

As a guitar enthusiast who values convenience, one-on-one training might be the best option for you. It's exactly what Superprof offers. Your tutor can come to your home or any designated place to offer his/her services. Even better, you can opt for online tuition. Your classes will be internet-based. It's usually more affordable than physical tutorials.

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woman learning
You can learn guitar playing online with a Superprof tutor. Source: PeopleImages/Getty Images

It's okay to want to try out the services of a potential tutor before choosing him/her going forward. It is why all tutors on Superprof offer first lessons free. With the first lesson, you can decide if the tutor is the right fit for you or can help you achieve your goals. This way, you'll learn the art and science of playing the guitar without any hassles.

Join A Classical Guitar Class at Arpeggio Music Company Limited   

The classical guitar is a special stringed instrument that requires lots of expertise. First, its strings are made of nylon. it is quite peculiar because most guitars have steel strings. Also, the strings are to plucked with the fingernails.

Therefore, learning how to play a classical guitar requires a great tutor. Arpeggio music company views music as a culture and that's why the founders set up the company for people with great musical talents. Originally, the aim of the company is to provide great music to the general populace. However, to promote the advancement of music in Nigeria, a training centre was established.

Arpeggio music company offers tuition in lots of musical instruments including piano, flute, clarinet saxophone, classical guitar, etc.

During your classical guitar training, you'll be thought the theory and performance aspect of the instrument. Also, you'll be given the opportunity to practise consistently as well as learn enough to teach other people.

The classes are open to every age grade. You can enrol your kids in the school to learn how to play the classical guitar during weekends or holidays.

boy with guitar
Guitar classes are open to everyone. Source: GlobalStock/Getty Images

Undergo Guitar Training at Brills Music Academy

Brills music academy is a music organisation that has been offering topnotch music lesson services in Abuja since 2014. Located at Galadimawa, the academy offers tutorial services on bass and lead guitar. the teachers are quite comfortable with different guitar styles and music genres. therefore, you'll have no problem learning and adapting to any.

Apart from the normal tuition Brills music academy offers, the academy also organizes guitar workshops and boot camps for groups of people and corporate organizations that are interested in learning guitar. With the variety of services they offer, the competent hands they boast of and the arsenal of guitars in their possession, they're one of the best guitar training organisations in Abuja.

Therefore, before you choose any physical place to learn the guitar in Abuja, it is in your best interest to consider Brills music academy.

The Strauss School of Music and Dance

Situated at Maitama, this institution has been active in Abuja for over seven years. It is regarded as one of the top music dance and drama institutions in Nigeria. it is famed for being at the forefront of providing knowledge of performing arts for interested parties in Nigeria. the programmes available are both for leisure and gradable lessons.

One advantage Strauss school of music and dance boasts of is the fact that it is regarded as the first school in Nigeria that has the accreditation to register its students for the London College of Music examinations via the University of West London.

For someone who wants to learn the guitar, you should note that the school provides tuition for classical and jazz genres. Therefore, your focus on learning the guitar should be on both genres. Furthermore, the departments are divided into junior and senior academies depending on your proficiency level.


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