Ibadan, an ancient city in Nigeria located in Oyo State, is one of the most culture-oriented city Nigeria boasts of. A Yoruba speaking city, it is quite easy to distinguish the dialect of people who grew up and inhabit in Ibadan, immediately you hear some say Yoruba words like ‘so’ instead of ‘sho’ or ‘hin’ in place of ‘mio’. It’s a distinct dialect.

Taking a tour of Ibadan, you’ll come across remarkably old buildings that house people. Brown roofing sheets are their signature looks. It is the capital of the old Oyo Empire. One of the things that captivate the minds of Ibadan people is music, good music. It applies with Yoruba people generally. They savour the melodious tunes produced by ancient and modern instruments. It is normal to see people playing music and dancing on the streets of Ibadan. Nothing really, just vibes.

Ibadan people make use of different ancient instruments to produce melodious songs. Some of them include Agogo which is the Yoruba bell, the double-headed Bata drum, Gudugudu, Omelet ako bata, Sakara, talking drum, etc. When they fuse these instruments with their music, the result is heavenly.

Ibadan is an ancient city in Western Nigeria. Photo by Sheyi Owolabi on Unsplash

As a music enthusiast living in Ibadan, you might want to take your interest in music a notch higher. Have you imagined vibing to some of your favourite songs with contemporary instruments? If you’re a fan of Fela Anikulapo Kuti or you have listened to his songs oftentimes, you’ll realise that there is a fusion of ancient and contemporary tunes in his afrobeats. The guitar sounds accompanied by trumpets and pianos are quite noticeable. Do you desire to make such music in a professional capacity or as a recreational activity?

You can start by learning how to play the guitar in Ibadan. However, you can learn the art of playing the guitar anywhere in Nigeria. The stringed instrument is one of such instruments and its melodious tunes cannot be ignored. When you listen to songs made by revered musicians like Ebenezer Obey or King Sunny Ade, you’ll hear guitar plays every time.

Luckily, there are different places and platforms to learn how to play the guitar even as a beginner in Ibadan. We’ll discuss some of them in this article.

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Let’s get started.

Topnotch Guitar Lessons at Foremost Music School

If you ever launch an online search on Foremost Music School, the most remarkable thing you’ll come across is “learn how to play instruments of your choice in three months.” And that’s correct. You might be skeptical about the possibility but three months are enough for you to learn the basics.

Located at Oke Ado, Foremost music school is an institution that has been established to provide comprehensive music lessons to people who are willing to learn. The school organizes training on different instruments including the keyboard, guitar, trumpet, violin, etc.

The school boasts of competent tutors who are prepared to stretch your brain beyond the limit and ensure you grasp everything there is to depending on the instrument of your choice. With the army of musical talents, it’s a very nice place to learn music.

Your level does not matter at all. You might be a beginner who is just starting and is willing to get a hang of the guitar, you might be an intermediate who has some basic knowledge of the guitar but is willing to learn more or you’re a pro who is open to learning more tips and tricks. Whichever one you are, you can get the best out of Foremost Music School.   `

Also, the school is open to people of all ages to learn musical instruments, especially the guitar. The three-month intensive training runs during the week and weekends depending on your schedule. Apart from the guitar, you’ll learn general rudiments of music and its theories.

Furthermore, you’ll gain adequate knowledge on-ear and voice training such that you can make melodious tunes to accompany your guitar. That’s not all, you’ll be taught harmonization and how you can score your music without hassles. There are many guitar tuition options for you in Port Harcourt.

Find the Perfect Guitar Tutor with Superprof

What if all you need is something comfortable? A hassle-free lesson devoid of all the stress that usually accompanies attending physical classes in other locations? What if you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home before you learn how to play the guitar?

As much as you think this are what-ifs, they are made possible with Superprof. Traditionally, you sign up for guitar classes at designated centres and attend classes on a daily or weekly basis. Truth is, it gets tiring at some point. There are days when you do not feel like getting up from that couch or leave your home, you just want to be rooted in there for a while and learn the guitar at the same time.

Superprof is an online platform that connects tutors around the world with students who require their services. The platform is fully functional in over 28 countries including Nigeria. If that wows you, check this out: there are over five million tutors globally on Superprof willing to teach you at a physical location or online via webcam. Whatever you need to learn whether academics, art and craft, health and nutrition, music, etc., Superprof is your No1 plug.

For guitar enthusiasts in Ibadan, Oyo state,  who want to take their love for the guitar to the next level, there are various local certified guitar tutors with approved profiles you can hire and are willing to provide you with home tuition. The tutors are willing to come to your home for face lessons or help you learn the guitar online via webcam lessons. All you have to do is choose a convenient time and you’ll learn at your comfort. If you have to cancel a class all you have to do is notify your tutor of the cancellation and your class will be rescheduled. COMFORT AT ITS BEST!

You can hire a tutor with an approved profile on Superprof for as low as ₦500/hour. You won’t get more competitive prices than that elsewhere. It is important that you hire the perfect fit for you. You need a tutor whose style resonates with your needs and can bring the best out of you. When there are different options to choose from, it might get confusing.

Not to worry, 90% of Superprof tutors offer their first lesson free. This should give you ample time to discuss your needs and expectations with your tutors. After your free first hour, you can decide the tutor you’ll work with for the long haul. ALso, you can get the best guitar tutors for you in Lagos.

Dedicated Guitar Classes at COLLS Music Academy

If you need help knowing the best tips to play those chords, COLLS Music Academy is an option for you. Situated at Liberty Road, they provide standard musical training for everyone regardless of age. Their training cover different instruments like drum, piano, violin, trumpet, saxophone, and most importantly, the guitar.

Furthermore, the academy has a well-set up studio that people can use for rehearsals. If you own or belong to a live band and you need a studio with standard facilities that can help with you preparations, COLLS Music Academy is a great choice for your purpose.

It is open to kids too. Your child can learn the guitar and it’s advantageous because he or she is on track to become a world-class guitarist after maturation. It doesn’t have to be professional. It can be for recreational purposes also.

Also, you can get the perfect guitar tuition in Kano.

Man with guitar
You can have fun while playing the guitar. Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash

Learn the Guitar at HKA Choice Music School

A sneak peek at HKA Choice Music School suggests that they’re more inclined towards providing music tuition for kids. Not exactly. Training kids is their forte though. Tutors at the school strongly believe that it is beneficial to teach people from childhood because childhood learning tends to stick more with people.

The music school is open to everyone that desires to learn various instruments including the guitar. The guitar training is based on acoustic, electric and bass guitars. Students who are interested in this training will receive comprehensive lessons on finger exercises and different chords. These classes are mainly practical and students will learn how to accompany songs of different styles with the guitar.

Acoustic guitar
Learn how to play the acoustic guitar. Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

The school is situated at Kongi, Bodija and the classes are mostly summer music training.

Join a Guitar Class at Pneuma Music Academy

Pneuma music academy makes claims to be one of the best music academies in Ibadan. They offer training for music professionals who desire to learn various instruments. Even people who want to learn them for recreational purposes are welcome too. Their guitar tutors are seasoned professionals who have mastered different techniques and are willing to share their knowledge with others.

The music academy has been providing services for over three decades and they have churned out lots of professionals. Apart from instruments, they offer voice training for those who want to improve their singing abilities. They teach the theory of music too. The academy is open to everyone regardless of age. People living in Abuja can enjoy topnotch guitar tuition close to them.


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