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The average price of Guitar  lessons is ‎₦2647.

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Learn How To Play Guitar by taking guitar tutorials with a private tutor in Nigeria

The guitar is one of the most romantic stringed instruments in music. When played by a professional instrumentalist, it can take different forms of music and sits comfortably with all kinds of instrument. In Nigeria, there are different types of guitars:

  • The acoustic guitar.
  • The classical guitar.
  • The electro-acoustic guitar.
  • The electric guitar.
  • The bass guitar.

Of course, before you start your guitar lessons, it's important to know which of the instrument's form you find more appealing.


The bass guitar has slightly larger strings than the other guitar forms. It can be either four strings, five strings and more recently, six strings. Technically, your 4 string guitar lessons will take a slightly different manner of teaching approach than your classical guitar lessons for beginners will.


While this may seem inconsequential at first, you'll realise that in a music school, for example, students learning how to play bass guitar have completely different classes from students who would like to learn lead guitar.

Indeed, guitar lessons for beginners can take different forms. However, music theory remains the same regardless of the guitar training you are doing. A professional music school and/or private tutor will ensure that you learn the music theory as it should be.

How To Find The Right Guitar Lessons Online

In Nigeria, students learn to play this stringed instrument for several reasons. One of the most common is being able to sing songs while playing. It brings a wonderful experience for any student to be able to use their guitar basics knowledge to play easy musical notes and sing songs along with it.


There are two main ways to learn guitar. For a learner who is trying the musical experience for the first time, he/she is likely to go online. If you're interested in knowing the theory involved in playing this musical stringed instrument online, it's essential to explore the two main ways:


  • Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs offer free classes for any learner that is interested in learning to play the guitar. Options are available for guitar lessons beginner classes, guitar lessons intermediate classes and as well as the advanced class training. Indeed, your guitar course, as we have stated earlier can be free. However, this does not apply to all MOOC platforms as you will either pay for your certification or the lesson per month. Usually, even with quick classes, you may likely get to pay to access a better teaching experience. In any case, these classical, bass, electric or acoustic guitar classes are usually a lot more affordable than in a music school in Nigeria. The downside to this experience, especially when it is completely free  (in the case of Youtube), is that it is patterned to teach many people. So, if you find it difficult to learn music theory and guitar in this manner, you should try the second online option.


  • The webcam lesson provides a student with an easy individualised professional training. Technically, you hire a  music teacher online through an approved tutoring site like Superprof. Your and your instructor make use of the webcam to take your lesson. Your tutor spends at least an hour with you virtually, to teach you easy ways to understand guitar beginner scales. Unlike the MOOC class, the webcam class grants access to reviews made by older learners. In your webcam class, your tutor will likely work with songs and resources that you can relate to during your lesson.


Approved tutoring sites like Superprof provide the best virtual webcam lesson for a learner who's invested in learning how to play guitar chords. Not only does the webcam guitar tutorial offer you the best-approved tutors for you to choose from, but it also allows you to view the profile of your intending teacher. This way, before starting your webcam guitar tutorials for beginners, you have already checked out certain things (such as educational background, reviews from past learners, etc) before choosing your teacher.

Basic Guitar Lessons For Students Interested In Private Teaching

Just as the name suggests, the face to face home lesson allows you to learn how to play guitar at the comfort of your house. Your playing session is usually a minimum of an hour. And if you get to work with an approved teacher s/he will add more to your guitar theory knowledge.

As expected, it's not advisable to hire just anybody for your guitar lessons. Whether it is electric guitar lessons for beginners, bass guitar lessons, acoustic guitar tutorial or your jazz guitar lesson, you must hire a competent instructor. It's understandable that as a beginner, you may find it a bit difficult to get a competent instructor to add to your knowledge.

Quite a lot of learners and parents wait for referral tutors to help them start their bass guitar lessons for beginners for example,  and guitar lessons for kids respectively. These instructors tend to have great reviews and years of working experience. They are likely to know how to play other instruments such as the piano and ukulele as well.

However, this is not the only way to find an approved tutor to teach guitar notes for beginners. Tutoring sites such as Superprof do not only offer webcam sessions. Technically you can hire an instructor from the website for your face to face home sessions.

Here's a brief guide to help you find an instructor to get you started on guitar chords for beginners:

  • Your instructor's profile should have good reviews. Although, there's a chance that you will come across a profile with zero reviews. Chances are, it may be a student-tutor. Quite often, student-tutors will provide a more dynamic approach to teaching you. In any case, you must ensure that their knowledge years is a lot higher than yours. In essence, bad reviews can be a lot riskier than trying out a new instructor.
  • An approved instructor's profile also has a good number of expertise years. You have better chances of playing in quick steps with an instructor who has good expertise years.
  • If your approved trainer can play more than one instrument (such as the piano), chances are that they will add to your music profile knowledge a lot better.
  • Whether your class is an hour or more, ensure our approved instructor is interested in your level. Having an instructor who is very invested in your level will add to your music knowledge view a lot more than you envisaged.

Whether its webcam or face to face sessions, working with an approved tutoring site like Superprof will provide better and quick access to playing the guitar.

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