The opinion of many Lagosians is that nothing is impossible in Lagos. Truth is, we don’t disagree. Lagos boasts of every societal trend you can think of. Some of the most trendy nightclubs and restaurants in Nigeria are located in Lagos. The city ‘that never sleeps’ is always full of activities.

One distinct feature of the mega-city is its interest in music. Whatever the occasion is, it’s quite normal to accompany it with splendid music. It is deeply rooted in its culture. Wherever you turn to in Lagos – from Gbagada to Opebi, Costain or Adeola Odeku, you’ll surely stumble on venues for great music.

However, all these will amount to nothing if there isn’t any avenue for you to learn how to play and make music yourself. It is heartening to note that Lagos boasts of different opportunities to learn music. Whatever your genre is – pop, rap, jazz, blues, R n B, rock, dancehall, EDM, funk, you name it – or whatever the instrument is including guitar lessons, you’re assured of getting everything you need to undergo an effective training and become a pro at making music.

It is evident that we’re here to discuss guitar classes. Whether you’re a novice, intermediate or you’re a pro who is open to learning more, you’ll get what you need in Lagos. Every style of learning guitar is readily available in the city. Also, everyone in Nigeria can learn the guitar.

Learn the Guitar at MUSON Centre, Onikan

You won't find a lot of better musical institutions than MUSON centre in Lagos. Located on the Island, it is famed for hosting lots of musical concerts and events. But that’s not all that happens there, it houses an art gallery as well as provide dance and music classes for willing parties. Irrespective of what your needs are – singing classes, guitar lessons, piano tutorials or training for other musical instruments, some seasoned professionals are ready to provide quality tuition services to you.

For guitar enthusiasts, MUSON centre, Onikan offers guitar lessons on every level. You don’t have to wield some guitar experience before you can become a pro at it. You will learn how to employ a couple of basic techniques, strike simple chords, and understand the accurate reading of music.

Perfect your Guitar Skills with Lee Ellie Music School

If you’re willing to learn the science of playing the guitar, Lee Ellie Music School is one option you can explore. Run by professional hands, the music school has a team of tutors that can cater for guitar enthusiasts in Lagos.

You’ll be exposed to real-time guitar lessons,  playing the guitar is mostly practical. Therefore, Lee Ellie wants an enjoyable learning experience and ensure you achieve your dreams for learning the guitar.

Guitar lessons
The best way to learn how to play the guitar is through practicals. Source: Seun Idowu/EyeEm/Getty Images

Whatever genre you’re looking to focus on, be assured that guitar instructors at Lee Ellie will cover it. Also, if you’re learning guitar just for recreation or for career purposes, your needs will be met.

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Sign Up for Professional Classes at Tenstrings Music Institute

The first notable thing about Tenstrings music institute is that they have four branches in Lagos – Surulere, Ikeja, Festac Town, and Lekki/Ajah.  Also, their programmes are divided into two areas: music performance and music production. These programmes span between three months and two years depending on what you want.

When you’re done with your guitar training, you’ll be able to play like a professional and you’re open to industry opportunities too. It is important to note that Tenstrings music institute is Federal Government-accredited. It means that whatever certificate or diploma you earn, you’ll be able to use it in any official capacity.

Learn Electric Guitar at Tonality Music School

Located in Ikeja, Tonality music school has dedicated one of its music courses to learning the electric guitar. It is famed for hosting various events, live band performance and concerts. However, it boasts of different educational courses and classes dedicated to music.

Their focus is on the electric guitar because of the awesomeness of the instrument. It gets its development from the combination produced by the amp or by arranging different sounds with effects such as overdrive, distortion, boost, fuzz, and other sounds.

Every age and gender can learn the electric guitar,  you don’t have to become a professional. You can learn for fun too.

Enrol for a Class at Harryfield Guitar Academy

Situated at Charly Boy, Gbagada, Harryfield Guitar academy offers intensive training sessions for those who are interested in becoming pros at playing guitar. Even if you have never played the instrument before or you’re a beginner, you can enrol for the classes. You’ll learn everything from scratch which include different music theories and practical guitar playing sessions.

When you complete your programme, you are expected to know read music as well as write it. Also, you should be able to read and play basic notes with your guitar. That’s not all, you’re expected to leverage on the guitar foundation you have built to harness your skills and continue playing the instrument regularly.

The guitar training class lasts for two months at Harryfield Guitar academy. There are different learning options available to you. You can choose to go to their Gbagada centre twice or thrice a week to receive tuition. Also, home lessons are available and a designated tutor will provide home tuition for you twice a week.

Earn a Degree at the University of Lagos

If you are willing to take up music professionally, getting a degree is a good option for you. What better way to secure your degree than applying for a music degree programme at the University of Lagos (UNILAG)? Established in 1962, UNILAG is famed for being one of the best higher institutions in Nigeria.

The music department offers courses in different categories and one of them includes learning instruments. As a guitar enthusiast, you’ll be taught how to play various kinds of guitar available. Since the classes are more practical based than theory, you’ll have fun while learning.

UNILAG offers its students the opportunity to intern especially during their summer break. Therefore, you can join an organization or band to hone your skills and gain more experience while studying. Upon the completion of your degree programme, you can use your certificate to work in various capacities.  

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Employ a Private Guitar Tutor at Superprof

While we’ve highlighted some of the best guitar schools in Lagos and are still going to discuss some more, it’s important to consider people who aren’t keen on going to different places to engage in guitar classes. Some people would rather chill at home and receive training from there.

Apart from that, considering the cost and burden of transporting yourself around, it might not be worth the hassle. It’s why you should consider home tuition.

There’s no better way to hire a seasoned guitar tutor who would offer the best home tuition than on Superprof.

Superprof is an online organisation that creates a connection between tutors and students. If you want to know how to jam to your best songs while playing the guitar, you can learn with a private tutor on Superprof. You can hire a Superprof tutor in Lagos to teach you physically at your home (face to face guitar lessons) for as low as ₦1500/hr. Also, if you're unsure of who to select, you can give some tutors a trial. 95% of Superprof tutors offer their first lesson free, allowing you to know whether you sync with your tutor or not.

There are different guitar tutors available on Superprof who will give you the best training you deserve. Home tuition is quite flexible as you’re the one who’ll determine the time convenient for you.

For those who aren’t comfortable with physical or at home tuition, there’s the option of receiving guitar classes online. Tutors on Superprof are ready to offer online classes to guitar enthusiasts who are open to receiving classes online via webcam.

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guitar lady
You can learn how to play the guitar for recreational purposes. Source: Cavan Images/Getty Images

Learn at Kunbi’s Music Company

If you ever need music education services in Lagos, you may consider Kunbi’s music company.  The company offers music training, specifically guitar lessons for individuals and groups of people. Its tutors are selected and given adequate training to provide efficient guitar training for enthusiasts.

The school is set up to live up to standards set by international bodies such as The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Rock School, London and other reputable bodies. There’s a curriculum that encompasses different training levels ranging from beginner to advanced level.

There are different instruments available for you to learn and it doesn’t exclude the guitar. They believe that no one is too young or old to learn how to play the guitar. Also, there are different strategies one can employ to hone guitar skills.  They provide different fun and engaging ways for people to learn how to play the guitar perfectly.

At Kunbi’s music company, they hold the opinion that tutors should measure the progress of their students. Therefore, If their guitar lessons aren’t yielding much fruit, the solution is to change strategies.

Parting Words

If you’re not a Kano resident, there’s no problem. Here’s how you can get the  best guitar lessons in Kano.


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