The ancient city of Kano has deep culture and tradition roots. It is not surprising that a city famous for its outstanding music legacy and cultural lifestyle boasts of lots of music enthusiasts. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in rich music, Kano is the place to be.  There are traditional festivals held in the city of Kano every year.

The most prominent one is the Durbar festival which the emir of Kano hosts to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr (it is a Muslim festival that marks the end of Ramadan or Muslim holy month). The durbar consists of different horsemen who are always elegantly dressed. They ride through the city accompanied by melody and dancing till they get to the emir’s palace. These horsemen represent each village in Kano emirate.

Horsemen celebrating during a Durbar. Source: Carl/Getty Images

With the various fanfare that Kano exhibits every year, music is an important feature of the town. Apart from that, there are performers and artists who are beginning to adapt to the current wave of pop culture in music. If you have listened to 'ClassiQ’s': ‘Gargajya’, you’ll notice that the song fuses traditional Hausa instruments like algahaita, kakaki, goje and gangan with modern instruments like the guitar. The sound comes out perfectly and it is regarded as a real banger.

If you’re a music enthusiast and you want to make good music, gaining knowledge on contemporary instruments comes in handy. One instrument that stands out is the guitar. Whether acoustic, bass, classical or electric, it is a brilliant piece to focus on.

It is why we have compiled a worthy list for people who want to learn how to play the guitar in Kano. It does not matter if you are a beginner who is just in it for recreational purposes or an expert musician that wants to foray into a new genre, you’ll find learning the guitar fun and interactive. Leggo!

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Enrol in a Serious Guitar Class at Ben Sax Music School

As much as the name might suggest that the music school is mainly for those who want to learn how to play the saxophone, it offers much more than that. The name is only so because Ben Sax started the music school. Located in Sabon Gari, the school offers comprehensive classes on different musical instruments.

Whatever your desired genre of music is – jazz, classical, pop, funk, afrobeat, highlife – Ben Sax offers classes handled by professional, qualified and experienced tutors. All you have to do is take your lessons seriously and you’ll be on top of your game soon.

Depending on what you want to learn, Ben Sax offers varieties of lessons. If your focus is solely on the fundamentals of guitar, you’ll learn what you need to. If your interest is beyond the fundamentals or recreation and you’ll rather focus on pursuing your guitar lessons for professional development or earning a certificate, you’ll also get the training you need.

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Learn all Styles of Guitar at EFCY Mazajie Music School

Like we mentioned earlier, Kano has many schools and tutors that impart the knowledge of guitar in others. Due to this, the quality of guitar training is topnotch and there is steep competition in prices. EFCY Mazajie music school is a music education organisation run by professionals. These professionals can adapt to every genre of music – rock, funk, Afropop, rap, etc.

The guitar tuition approach at EFCY Mazajie is quite comprehensive. The syllabus encompasses everything ranging from chords and scales to aural training, the theory of music and other related subjects. With a wealth of experience and strategically located in the heart of Kano, EFCY Mazajie music school is a great option for people who are keen on learning everything there is on the guitar.

You are assured of topnotch guitar lessons. The best way to learn how to play the guitar is through practicals. Not to worry, the school has adequate instruments that provide a quality learning experience for its students. You don’t even need to have a basic knowledge of the instrument before you enrol at the school. There are classes for beginners who are just starting. In due course, you will get a hang of the instrument.

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Children can have fun playing the guitar too. Source: Jose Luiz Pelaez Inc/Getty Images

Join a Guitar Class at Rehearse Studio

A look at the name alone would suggest the affiliations of the establishment with performing arts. It is literally a practice zone for people who want to harness their music skills. For example, an individual who wants to train his or her voice to be able to sing better is welcome in Rehearse Studio.

It is heartening to note that the studio doesn’t offer voice training only. For those who want to learn a musical instrument or two, Rehearse Studio is a great option. It offers training for instruments such as the piano and the guitar. For the sake of this article, the guitar is our focus.

The studio offers comprehensive classes for who want to become guitar playing pros either for professional or recreational purposes. It doesn’t matter if you have never handled the guitar before, the studio is your stepping stone. You can enrol for beginner classes. If you have a knowledge of the guitar already and you want to take it to the next level the tutors at Rehearse Studio can help you achieve your needs.

There’s so much to learn while playing the guitar. It includes knowing how to read and write guitar notes. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to play melodious and harmonious tunes that resonate with different songs.

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Hire a Private Guitar Tutor with Superprof

Everyone craves comfort. Honestly, it might be stressful leaving your home to a guitar training school on selected days just because you want to learn how to play the instrument or the timings do not align with your schedule. There are days you won’t feel like going anywhere but you have to force yourself to because you enrolled with your hard-earned money.

Not to worry, you don’t have to subject yourself to such discomfort. Superprof is here for you.

Superprof is a platform that brings competent, experienced tutors and potential students who require their services together. It is in operational in over 28 countries around the world, including Nigeria. There are more than five million tutors signed up on Superprof. The aim is to build a global education community digitally.

One advantage Superprof has over other learning platforms is the opportunity for students to find the teaching style that suits their purpose and tutors who fit the bill. For those who want to learn how to play the guitar in Kano, Superprof has competent professional tutors with approved profile strategically spread across the city.

Any tutor you hire on Superprof is always willing to offer home services to you. This way, you can receive guitar lessons from the comfort of your home. That’s quite convenient for you. If that isn’t enough, these tutors also offer online guitar lessons via webcam. You don’t have to meet your tutor physically, all you have to do is have a working internet connection.

We understand that hiring a tutor can prove to be difficult due to various reasons, pricing is one reason. It is normal for people to look out for the best tutors who won’t hurt their budget too. A Superprof guitar tutor in Kano costs as low as ₦2000/hr and you get discounts for more hours.

Similarly, style might prove to be another barrier. A student might have expectations from tutors. It’s why Superprof tutors offer their first hour of lesson free. You can give tutors trials to see if their style resonates with your needs.

The best part of Superprof tutors is flexibility. The tutors understand that people are always busy, therefore, they fix their classes according to your schedule. If you need to cancel a class, all you have to do is inform your tutor. Your class will be rearranged for another time.

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Become a Professional Guitarist with Benwealth Institute of Music

If you desire music-related education in Kano, Benwealth Institute of music is there to suit your needs. The institute deals with music training, especially guitar classes for individuals and corporate organisations. It boasts of competent tutors that are trained to give the best guitar training to people interested.

Benwealth trains people to learn different instruments including the guitar. Since no one is too old or young to learn the guitar, everyone is welcome at the institute.

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You can learn the guitar for live performance. Source: JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images

Take a Class at Joshfretz Instrumentalists And Company    

At Joshfretz Instrumentalists and company, sales of musical instruments and their maintenance are what they do. But that’s not all. Joshfretz offers guitar lessons for people who want to learn how to play the guitar.

You don’t have to be a pro at it. You can start learning from the basics.

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