English language subject is very important in school, it is a vital part of the learning curriculum. But despite teaching it daily in schools, especially to young pupil, some still find it difficult, because English has complex grammar rules, that is why a private home lesson is often needed.

If your child is having a hard time learning English, a private English teacher can be just what they need, the child will have the opportunity to learn English up close, and master its various skills such as writing, spelling, and speaking.

English language lessons account for the majority of all private lessons held across Nigeria, there is a huge demand for it. Parents hire English tutors to teach their children because as we all know, there is going to be no promotion for the student without passing maths and English in exams.

The English language is taught right from pre-nursery to the advanced level, children, as well as adults,  are taught the subject, and the reason why is obvious.

English, for most of us here in Nigeria, is a secondary language, the majority of speakers have a first language we speak at home, and only started speaking English when we started school.

Even native English speakers complain about how they find it difficult to navigate its intricate grammar rules, it is a difficult language to learn without any help, and sometimes, the help of a school teacher is not nearly enough.

That is why many parents decide to hire an English lesson teacher for their children, to help tutor them some more, and to help them achieve the academic excellence they sought.

Sounds easy enough, but finding the right tutor is not easy, for one, the student has to be the center of focus of the tutor's extra-curricular lessons, also you have to match the child with a lesson teacher that is able to teach at the same level of education of the child’s.

So, a nursery school kid needs someone who will teach them nursery school English topics, primary and secondary students need someone who will teach them primary and secondary school topics respectively.

Therefore, finding the right person that will teach the child (and you) is important. But luckily, there are plenty of tutoring companies, both online and offline, and even individual English teachers offering home lesson services.

So you have plenty of options to choose from.

With our tips and pointers, you shouldn’t have any problems choosing the best English teacher for your child.

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Reasons To Hire A Private English Lesson Teacher

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider private lessons for your child, teaching on a one-on-one basis has benefits that cannot be derived from school.

It is the wrong notion that private tutors are reserved for students who are doing terribly at school, or for those who their parents push them excessively to achieve academic excellence.

Private lessons can be observed by anyone who wants to improve their English skills, whether or not they have problems at school.

English lessons improve your skills.
Private English lessons are for anyone, irrespective of whether they are doing well at school or not. Source: Pixabay.com

Private home lessons help set the stage for adult learning, students will get to know their strengths and weaknesses because of the individualized way private English lessons are taught, and so, they will learn to depend on themselves more when the time comes for them to read and study on their own.

The importance of English home lessons cannot be emphasized enough, and here are the reasons why.

You Are Taught Individually

Nigerian classrooms are cramped, especially if you go to government schools. It is not surprising to see a classroom of 100 people, all jostling trying to learn.

With a system like that, no wonder students are finding it hard to learn anything. A private lesson takes account of your personalized learning styles, your individual strength and weaknesses, and whether or not you need special attention, such as in the case of learning with disability.

But most schools have a one-size-fits-all system, some worse than others, that is why most students fail to get good grades, which ends up demoralizing them and hurting their confidence.

The role of a private English teacher in a child’s education can effectively improve a child’s English knowledge, because of the focus put on the individual child.

Private school kids are seen to outperform their government school counterparts. It is nothing more than the extra attention they are given, because of their less-cramped population, teachers can focus more on individual students.

Importance Of English Lessons On Everyday Life

Remember that English is the official language of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria. So, news reports, business transactions, court orders, contracts, and other legal documents, are all written and undertaken in the English language.

It is the language spoken in the open markets and other public places. Since its adoption, it has been taught in school, because it is the means by which other subjects are taught, and the sole means of communication whereby the 50 (or so) tribes in Nigeria use to understand themselves.

So to prosper in this society of ours, it is that crucial stage where one is learning to read and write that matters most, the early stage, the stage when, if an English teacher imparts any knowledge on them it sticks.

You Get Motivated

With private English lessons, students can not only gain from the help they get with their school work, but they can also quench their curiosities, by delving into other fields of English such as poetry or creative writing.

A private tutor who specializes in any form of English can take the student in that area of specialty during an extracurricular home lesson.

It is self-satisfactory and gets the student motivated to go to school the next morning, and the next and the next, because they have learnt something they have passion for.

It is like taking sports or dancing classes, they lift the spirits of those who love sports and dancing.

Who Is The Right English Teacher For You?

With all the tutoring agencies and websites popping up, there is a huge abundance of English teachers out there, which is great, because you have all the choice in the world when it comes to choosing an English teacher.

You can select lesson teachers based on their experience, or based on their expertise, or you can decide to select one based on their level of knowledge.

Whilst one could be an advanced level lecturer with years of teaching experience, one could be an undergraduate student, each offering something different from the other, any of which you could need.

For instance, while the advanced level English tutor can easily explain away any English topic under the sun, an undergraduate student can relate with the student more, it’s almost like learning with one of those classmates of yours who are really good.

Note however, early-stage learners are best left with experienced veterans on the job, i.e. adult teachers, while older students relate more with someone much closer to their age.

You can select a tutor you are comfortable with to teach you English
Your choice of English teacher can make a big difference. Source: Unsplash.com

We understand having a great number of choice is great, but we at Superprof decided to narrow down your search criteria, to help you find specifically what you are looking for in a lesson teacher.

Many things come into consideration when finding a tutor, such as the level they can teach, whether you did prefer it online, and the availability of both the lesson teacher and student.

Another great factor is geographical location, the lesson teacher has to be near you if any arrangements are to be made.

Places with dense populations have more lesson teachers residing there and have higher demand than small towns or villages. So it’s easier to arrange for English home lessons in Lagos than anywhere else in Nigeria.

How To Find An English Lesson Teacher

Back in the days when someone needs a lesson teacher for their child they just ask around or remember someone they knew who is in the senior classes. It relied heavily on word of mouth advertising.

But with today’s online social media platforms, and the rise of tutoring companies, finding private English teachers has never been easier.

Depending on what you are looking for, tutoring companies or agencies can range from those that offer a classroom setup with a standard curriculum, those types often have a physical location where the students go to learn English after school hours. Those preparing for exams are most familiar with this type.

You can study with an English tutor online or offline.
With a few clicks, you can find the right English lesson teacher for you. Source: Unsplash.com

And then there are those that operate online, serving as a platform where parents and tutors meet, tutors put up their ads there and you can search potential lesson teachers for your child, if they fit the bill, you can hire them.

How Much Does English Private Lesson Cost?

Private home lessons cost on average about ₦30,000- ₦50,000 a month. Depending on where you live, it could cost less or more.

Some places are even paying ₦15,000 monthly for an English tutor, if you decide to go with hourly, the average price is ₦1,000-₦3,000 per hour.

Where you are located is a big contributing factor to the cost of tutoring, students in Lagos and Abuja for instance usually pay higher than others in rural communities and small towns. And it is not just simply because of the demand in big cities.

The diversity in knowledge and higher cost of living in cities is a factor, English teachers might have to commute long distances to teach their subject.

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