We can’t deny the vast application of the English language in our everyday lives, it is the major language of communication in Nigeria, not to mention it’s great importance in the school curriculum.

Good English language skills is necessary to find you a job, and necessary in many aspects of life. That is why no one can afford to not study it.

While some find it easy, probably because of their backgrounds, because they have been speaking it at home from a young age, some students find it difficult because like many in Nigeria, it is a second language that they only get to learn at school.

To be able to write and speak English fluently you have to learn English with everything you have got, and this could mean taking private English lessons.

Having a private lesson teacher can help a person achieve better grades at school, and can help one improve their English language skills as we shall see.

Here are 10 awesome reasons why you should take English private home lessons.

1. It Is Tailored To Your Needs

The great thing about learning English with a private tutor is that you are taught personally, because of its individualized nature the English teacher will be able to assess your preferences from the very beginning and act accordingly.

And with a one to one teaching approach, the lesson teacher will be able to tailor the lessons to fit your needs and distinct learning objectives.

For instance if your goal is to achieve good grades or to just hone your English skills, the private lessons are taught in a way to adapt to those needs. Something the normal school systems cannot provide.

An English lesson teacher will also consider your learning speed, unlike at school, where every student is required to keep up with the entire class and curriculum, you will be taught in private home lessons at your own pace, so you will have ample time to digest any new information.

It gives you a peace of mind that drastically reduces your academic stress, in your effort to learn English language.

2. Your English Skills Improve Everyday

Without question, the continuous practicing of the English language through private lessons will make you become better at it with time. Your English skills will continue to improve thanks to personalized teaching and the extra time you spend studying it with a lesson teacher.

English is used everywhere, it is in our daily lives in fact, it is there on billboards, signposts, and newspapers, and we use it when we want to write emails and order something at the restaurant.

In essence, we use it everyday, and by applying what you learn from the lessons, you become really skillful in your daily dealings and interactions.

Anyone who feels like neglecting English language should carefully reconsider, as this may have long-lasting implications on their future, because everything taught in English classes reflects back as useful skills in the real world.

3. It Gets You Motivated

The English language has vast and interesting fields that can be opened up to a student by their English language teacher, they can find something that interests them such as creative writing, poetry, white paper writing, or theatre.

Once a student is exposed to the varied but intriguing fields of the English language and they realized how interesting it is, they become inspired, and would want their English course to carry on forever.

Meaning they become motivated, a necessary tool to keep the student going. Private home lessons are what some pupils need to start taking interest in their English language classes at school, besides the extra English language help they are getting, it reflects nicely on their exam results.

You get inspired by the many fields available in the english language.
You can get inspired to learn English, and enjoy the process. Source: Pixabay.com

Also, as part of the lesson teacher's responsibility, they want to make sure their tutee improves at school, and part of that responsibility is to inspire them to take up more interest in English to help them learn it happily, and willingly.

4. It Helps You Keep Up In Class

One of the main reasons parents and students find help from professional private tutors is because they need the extra help to avoid falling behind in class.

The way schools teach subjects means that some students get left behind, and they will have to catch up if they want to make it in their tests and exams before it is too late.

If you are finding it difficult to keep pace, a one on one home lesson will ensure you keep up with the class and you get the specific help you needed in the areas you least understand.

5. It Helps You Achieve Exam Success

Another big reason why people look for English teachers is as stated above. . . . exams.

Most people target the time close to the exams period to hire an English teacher to help them or their kids with home lessons, so they can pass their exams with flying colors.

Some are up against Junior WAEC, some Senior WAEC or Advanced Level exams, while others just want to pass their third term exams.

A lot of students feel they need extra help during exam periods to cover all the syllabus since they don’t know which part of it the questions will be coming from. Many tutors are experienced teachers who specialize in exam preparations, these tutors can provide insights on how to tackle the exams you are about to embark on.

You can get those who are experts in the WAEC/WASSCE syllabus, or those who prep you for A-level exams, depending on what your situation is.

Achieve exam success with private home lessons.
You will be happy to know, an English lesson teacher can improve your chances in exams, thus helping you graduate with a smile. Source: Unsplash.com

So, there is nothing to worry about, there are lots of qualified English teachers out there who are ready to make sure you pass your exams.

Find the perfect English teacher that can help you prepare for your exams.

6. It Boosts Your Confidence

It often is alarming for some people to be asked to answer questions in front of the whole class, even if they know the answer to the question they become confused and may answer it incorrectly.

It all boils down to confidence.

Students with low self-esteem affect their learning activities in such a way it hinders their progress at school, but when they have a private lesson teacher who guides them in an environment free from any judgment and from their peer’s pressure, the student practice their English skills without worrying.

And when next they are asked a question, they won’t cower and instead answer directly, because they are confident in their English skills and in themselves.

7. You Gain More Perspective

You can imagine having to learn a topic at school and to learn it again from a different perspective during a private home lesson session, your experience on that topic will be unmatched in your class.

You will be able to understand how one topic relates to another, and you will gain a broader understanding of the subject as a whole.

8. You Can Choose Your English Lesson Teacher

Can this get any better? It’s one of the perks of English home lessons, you get to choose who will tutor you. Usually, they come from a tutoring agency or as an independent tutor you can contact through a tutoring website.

And since English is such a popular subject, you get to choose your lesson teacher from a myriad of options, especially if you used a tutoring website.

You can select lesson teachers based on their level of expertise or experience in the subject, based on your learning preferences, or based on what your goal is, so they can help you achieve it.

Selecting an English teacher based on set goals and specific areas you want help with, can only be possible with private home lessons.

9. Choose Between Different Types Of Learning Methods

English tuition doesn’t have to be you, at home with your tutor, there are so many different learning methods you can choose from, ones flexible with your schedule as a student.

Some come in form of group learning, a typical example is of a reading club, you can seriously sharpen your reading and comprehension skills by joining a reading club. Or through tutoring centers.

There are many reasons to start private English lessons with a lesson teacher.
Learn English however you prefer. Source: Pixabay.com

Tutoring centers are very common and popular in Nigeria. Students are taught in a classroom setting, the extra hours of learning really improve the students’ overall knowledge of English.

If you don’t feel like meeting a bunch of people just to learn English, then there is always the online option.

10. It Is Budget Friendly

With a simple search online, you can quickly find an English teacher who suits your needs and your budget. There are a great number of tutors to choose from especially in dense urban areas such as Lagos and Abuja.

You get great value for money because of the flexibility of the learning hours and the personalized teaching. And it is not like you have to part with money everyday, you may only need to hire a lesson teacher for a few hours each week or only during your exam periods.

Private home lessons are now an option for everyone really, so don’t hesitate to look for someone to help you with your English language subject.

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