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The average price of English  lessons is ‎₦2905.

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From a sample of 18037  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Why You Should Consider Getting A Private English Language Tutor In Nigeria

English has been ingrained in all our activities as Nigerians, e.g leveraging on your English tutorial helps to confidently position yourself in the professional space. 


So the question remains; why should you consider getting a private English tutor? Nowadays, being able to communicate thoroughly is a necessary attribute. What better way can you pass your message across other than using a language that is the most spoken all over the world (1.5 billion speakers and counting)?

With qualified English teachers, your tutoring classes can help you achieve the following:

  • Break down difficult topics in your English courses.
  • Help students with any entrance examinations (like IELTS, WAEC, GCE)  across all levels.
  • If you’re looking to learn the English language or you’re interested in some education/professional certifications, learning English grammar can help you navigate specific registry like business English. 
  • Taking English grammar lessons can also help improve your learning and communication skills (online and offline). For example, people who are a part of an English language club would have better chances at confidently communicating and expressing thoughts than the ones who aren’t. 


An English teacher will equip you with better cognitive reasoning and an increased appetite for reading, writing and familiarizing well with unique contents.  E.g having a good English teacher in Primary school positively boosts their writing skills, confidence and communication skills of most students. 


Starting children early in English lessons is necessary. If you’re a little concerned about the English tutors to use, consider the following: 

  • Does your English grammar tutor have a professional background?
  • What level of education does she or he have?
  • Did your English home tutor have a least a credit in English in WAEC, NECO, SSCE or any equivalent secondary school examinations? 
  • Is your English teacher well versed with the specific scheme of work used in primary school and the English language curriculum for secondary school students in Nigeria? 
  • During your tutoring classes, is their mode of teaching in sync with your learning?
  • For example, is there a difference in teaching between the English language for primary 3 students and when they work with an English language scheme of work for SS2 third term?

Having this checklist can help you narrow down the English language tutor that’s right for you. 

Would Learning An English Language Course Get You A Better Leverage?

Contrary to the popular belief that learning English grammar in Nigeria is a waste of time, you have more opportunities even with the English language basics. 

 You have access to communicating with people globally. If you choose advanced English courses or you decide to major in English at the university, you can work in several industries within and outside Nigeria. 


Work environments such as digital marketing agencies, tech spaces, editorial companies, and many more would be part of the list. Consider the fact that every company in the world needs a communications department, a creative department, an human resource department and so on. Technically, you have options in varying fields across the professional space.


In terms of communication and expression, when you learn English, it will help in breaking language barriers, increase networking opportunities and grow better connections and camaraderie. 

Since English is the widely spoken language in the world, you will have bigger access to reaching a wider audience for different purposes. 

Why Getting An English Teacher That Follows The English Language Scheme Of Work Is Necessary

Just like other education subjects, learning the English language as a subject requires a proper step-by-step process. This is why a thorough quality check of the tutor is important. For example, English language topics for primary 3 students and the method of teaching is different from English language for primary 1 or English language for primary 4.


English language teachers help with navigating the specific curriculum or scheme of work will make learning faster and easier. During your English language class, it’s also important to take English language questions and answers seriously. It’s one of the surest ways of keeping your memory fresh for exams as well as other activities needed for that purpose. 

For English language beginners, one of the most useful books you will encounter is Brighter Grammar. You will have a memorable experience with this 4-sectioned book as it is used as a reference in some universities. Perhaps one of the benefits of Brighter Grammar is how easily the use of English is broken down to the simplest form. 


Qualified English teachers that follow the Nigerian education curriculum, your English lessons have a more organised mode of learning. Additionally, students can easily sit for entrance exams at any academic level without having to worry that you’re somehow lagging. 

Where To Find English Teachers Near Me

"Finding a qualified English teacher located near me" in Nigeria shouldn’t be a difficult task. However, without proper research and recommendations, English learners may fall into the wrong hands. For instance, an English tutorial for beginners requires a home tutor that can make English language learning easier and more comprehensive.  If you’re a primary school student, a beginner, or a secondary school pupil, you want to make sure you find the right candidate to cater to your needs.


English tutorials are not only designed to brush up your English knowledge but to also prepare you for English exams, boost your confidence and nurture your communication, expression towards life and living. It is probably safe to say that the job of an English teacher goes beyond just the classroom. 


For English language learners, be on the lookout for English teachers with good experience. If you’re concerned about where to get English tutors, using certified tutoring websites like Superprof will grant you access to reaching a wide range of online English tutors located near you who offer home tutoring services in all parts of Nigeria including Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt and Abuja.


95% of our English tutors offer their first English lesson free. Hence you can decide from your first class whether you’re in sync with your teacher. Imagine the possibilities!

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