Many people say it's easier to learn a language when you are young, but there are also  advantages to learning a language when you are older.

The question that often besieges most people wishing to relocate to a new country or city is determining how fast they can be able to communicate with the locals in other to socialize faster. Also, learning to speak fluently is not a task one needs to take lightly. The English language is our lingua franca and the most popular means of communicating across the country.

The world is now a global village and learning to speak the language that over 400 million people worldwide speak and the most common language across the six inhabited continents is not a waste of time.

It's almost impossible in today's world to see people that don't speak or hear a little bit of English. While the benefits of learning the English language cannot be overemphasized, finding an excellent and good language institute or private English tutor might be quite a daunting task.

We would therefore show you all that you need to know when searching for a good English language institute or Private English teacher in Nigeria. This article will help those who have recently migrated to Nigeria from non-speaking English countries in search of a better life or as a result of business and need to learn some of the basics of the English language.

The Superprof platform would provide you with valuable information that will help you to find the best English language schools and tutors in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano, and Ibadan.

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Best English Teachers in Abuja

With the English language dating back to the coming of the British to Nigeria around 1884, Abuja, Nigeria's capital, is positioned as a great place for anyone who wishes to learn the English language.

Abuja is a cosmopolitan city, and it welcomes people from different parts of the country and world. This makes it a great city to learn either American or British English. Some of the best English language institutes in Abuja as of today include.

  • Abuja English School 
  • Language School 
  • Primmer Language Institutes 
  • Koos -End Languages Centre, Abuja

The aforementioned schools all shared a common goal of offering top-notch assistance and training in ESL learning to any individual that wishes to master the English language.

But it is not out of place to let you know that learning the English language in academic or language institutes is getting outdated as the most common way of learning a new language for individuals across the world is through an experienced private tutor.

Some of the benefits of engaging a private tutor for online classes or face-to-face English classes include

  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Unique and dynamic teachers
  • Tailored classes to suit one's needs
  • One-on-one personalized classes

More so, different tutoring websites now exist in Nigeria. But deciding on the best platform to hire a tutor can be quite tasking and challenging. But do not fidget as the Superprof platform is there to save the day.

The best ESL private tutors in Abuja are found on the Superprof site. These verified English tutors on the Superprof site offers both online and in-person classes at very affordable rates. Students have the opportunity of choosing the tutor to work with by viewing the profiles and past reviews of the verified tutors.

English Teachers and Schools in Lagos

Lagos State
Learn English in Lagos State. Source Pinterest. Creator Michael Kraus

While Abuja is the nation's capital, Lagos still stands out as one of the economic base and tourist location for most visitors. Lagos is one of the best states in Nigeria when people talk about economic, tourism, social, and educational activities.

Lagos had made a name for itself, being the former Nigeria Capital territory before it was moved to Abuja. The state also boasts of numerous nightlife and hosts different international concerts and programs, making it a meeting point for international visitors.

Lagos have hundreds of English teachers and language institutes, which includes

  • Foursquare Language School, Lagos
  • Marvton Language School
  • Graceville School of Language, Lagos
  • Premier Language School
  • Easy School of Languages
  • Eny's Language Academy
  • Lextorah School of Language 

These listed language academics have earned their rightful positions to be seen as good English Language Schools in Lagos State. But due to modern technologies such as learning applications and video conferencing apps, language learners are no longer compelled to study language in an institute at the same time as every other student.

For convenience and specialized learning, you can engage a private tutor to teach you at your own pace. These English educators can be found on the Superprof platform as the website boasts of the best ESL tutors in Nigeria and, by extension, Lagos State and its environs.

You might be asking why the Superprof platform is the best among the rest. The reason is simply for the fact that the teachers are Smart, Verified, Qualified, Experienced, and are passionate about helping others achieve their life goals and dreams.

English Instructors in Port Harcourt

Learning a new language can be tasking, but it's worth the stress in the long run. Port Harcourt is another city where one can also learn the English language easily.

So many benefits come with learning the English language, and these include.

  • Entertainment Purposes: English is a language where most entertainment programs are air. These include movies, musicals, television programs, books, and even games. These are mostly produced in English before transcribed to other languages.
  • Economic Reasons: Learning the English language can help position you for some great jobs, businesses, and connections in Nigeria.
  • Popularity: the English language stands as a language with the most widely spoken tongue, including LI, L2, and L3 speakers.
  • Computer Language: English is known as the language for the computer. Most software and application are mostly designed with the English language.

The following institutes exist in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where one can comfortably learn the English language in no distant time.

  • Famlang International Language School
  • Schneider Institute
  • Edu-Light Educational
  • Waldolf British Academy
  • Education Plus International Language School
  • Mozmiria International Language School

But for those individuals that are too busy or quite lazy to leave their house or hotel rooms for a language institute, the Superprof platform offers you the opportunity for online or one-on-one tutoring sessions with our verified and experienced tutors.

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Your English Teachers in Kano

One of the most popular and robust state in Northern Nigeria is Kano State. Kano State comes with its unique charm and thousands of industries scattered in different parts of the state. Most locals and international emigrants from neighbouring states tend to flood the city searching for a better life.

Since most people in Kano speak their native language of Hausa - to communicate relatively well with most of the people living there, it is important that you can speak a bit of English. Most families in Kano are also seeking for private tutors or institutes that can also teach their wards how to read, write, and speak the English language fluently.

Some of the popular topics that tutors are expected to teach this language learners include.

  • Part of Speech
  • Idiomatic Expressions
  • Vocabulary Exercises
  • Commonly Used Expressions
  • Frequent English Mistakes
  • Verbs, Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives, etc.

To learn the English language in Kano, you can look up the following institutes.

  • Kamfa Modern English, Private School
  • Fasaha English and Computer Academy (FECA)
  • British Council – Kano
  • M. Haruna English Academy
Hello English
A super and interactive English language learning app. Source: Pixabay Image

English Lessons in Ibadan

Ibadan is often viewed as low budget Lagos since it is always in the background and living in Lagos's shadow. Notwithstanding, it's worth stating that Ibadan is a developed city that merits its uniqueness as it relates to education and commerce,

Ibadan welcomes different visitors from different parts of the country and offers unique and comfortable centres for language classes. Some of the centres include

  • The Speech Academy
  • English Proficiency Class
  • British Preparatory School
  • Language Bookings

You can also learn more about English grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and pronunciation with some English langue apps if you are tech-savvy. These learning apps helps to reduce stress and hectic schedule.

It's also a good option for revision and exercises after every day's learning. Some of the popular English language apps include

  • Busuu:
  • Drops
  • Duolingo
  • Hello English
  • HelloTalk
  • Learn English Phrases
  • Memrise

With these English learning apps, you can learn some of the basics of the language. But if you wish to go deeper and further your understanding of the language and fluency in communicating, we recommend that you seek an ESL tutor's guidance.

This guidance can either be through the face-to-face or English teacher online via skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or other video conferencing apps. Superprof stands as a gap between you and these professional tutors as it boasts of over 1000 verified English language tutors across Nigeria.

You can Google English teacher near me to start looking up the numerous teachers around your neighbourhood in other to find the one that suits your educational requirement and budget.

You also stand the chance of enjoying the first lesson free, to help you determine if the tutor's teaching strategies are in line with your learning ability when you use the Superprof's website

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