The market for English home lessons is growing larger and larger every day, more people are offering English tutoring services to anyone who needs it, the upside is, you are spoilt for choice, there is just so much to choose from.

The apparent downside is that you have to sift through many potential tutors to find who is best for you, or your child.

So, you may want to narrow down your search criteria to a few basic and primary reasons why you need an English teacher. Like for exam reasons, to catch-up with the class, etc.

English lesson teachers come from all walks of life, from those from the teaching profession with years of hands-on teaching experience, to the undergraduate students who have up-to-date and first-hand experience with the latest curriculum and exams.

They each have different values they can offer, you can select the best one for you based on your goals and objectives.

On the subject of selecting an English teacher, how do you know the right one for you?

It is not easy to pick one out of the lot, taking some time to research carefully before choosing anyone can prove very fruitful to you, you will start seeing results from the first few learning sessions if you take the time to research the lesson teachers.

Since private English lessons are a mix of skills and individual characteristics, it doesn’t have to be someone with a qualification before you have to learn English.

Also cost may come as a hindrance for some but rest assured, home lessons are not as expensive as most people believe them to be (we will talk more on that later), and now more than ever, there is a high number of private tutors both individuals and those under a tutoring agency/company, the high competition has made it possible to find one near you and within your budget.

Many factors affect which English teacher is best for you, just focus on the needs of the learner, what is best in their interest? And go with it.

Need help finding the ideal English teacher for your child? Rest assured, we have got you covered.

What Are Your Criteria For An English Lesson Teacher?

Learners have different and unique learning styles, what may work for one may not work for another, that is why an English teacher must be considerate of their needs, and personalize the teaching experience to fit with those needs.

So for example students who have a learning disability or something similar, can have an English lesson tailored to their individual strengths and weaknesses, and won’t have to worry about falling behind in class.

Before embarking on a private home lesson, it is important to list out what you want to find in an English teacher. It could be anything from their hourly rates, to the level of qualification and so on. Anything you feel will help get you closer to what you want to achieve from the lessons.

Examples of factors you may want to consider include the following below.

What Is Your Goal

There are many reasons why people hire private lesson teachers, it could be they need help with a specific problem, like an exam for instance.

Many want help with preparations for their exams, and there are excellent English tutors who specialize in helping people prepare for examinations.

From SSCE, GCE O'level, JAMB to advanced level English exams, you can easily find suitable English teachers or tutorial centers to train you during the exam period.

Other reasons include to widen your field of study, to achieve better grades, to catch up with the school curriculum, etc.

List out what you want in a lesson teacher.
List out what you want in an English lesson teacher, and what you want to achieve from the English lessons. Source:

So looking for an English teacher because of what you want to achieve is perhaps the most defining factor for finding a lesson teacher.

Teaching Arrangements

The learning environment is just as important as the learning itself, some parents prefer a tutorial center where the students learn in a classroom-based setting, far away from the leisure of the home.

With an arrangement like that learners will feel more in an academic setting and will not easily get distracted since their video games and TV aren’t nearby.

At least that is what some parents think, others prefer to have a lesson teacher come to their homes to teach their children.

This is more effective, because of the one on one lesson approach. It helps learners learn without the pressure of a classroom environment, or judgment from their peers and teachers, they don’t have to fear to answer questions wrongly or fear speaking up in front of other students.

And as an added bonus, they will learn at their own pace. Private home lessons would seem to be the teaching arrangement that you get the most value from, because part of the reason why people take private lessons in the first place is so they perform better individually.

Of course, again, it all depends on what you find most suitable for you. It is possible the learner may prefer to be taught in a classroom full of pupils.

If none of those work for you, there is always the online option, where the English tutor and student carry out the lesson through a webcam and a microphone.

Most laptops nowadays come equipped with a good enough webcam and excellent microphones, so you don’t have to invest in an external webcam.

Thanks to technology, they can share documents, view them and even perform tests and fill in workbooks in real-time.

It’s just like home lessons but without the hassle of having to travel several kilometers to meet up.

Cost Of Private English Lessons

Compared to the regular school fees private English lessons don’t cost as much, the price per lesson is usually about ₦1,000 to ₦3,000 hourly.

Though you can find less, this is the mean average. It is a reasonable amount considering the fact that the majority of private lessons don’t occur daily, only for a few hours in week.

Consider your budget before you start searching for a lesson teacher.

Importance Of Teaching Experience

This whole private tutoring thing revolves around schooling, you are either having private lessons because you want to gain some qualification, or because you want to pass an exam or because you want to do well in class, any way you look at it school is always the epicenter of it all. So, teaching experience matters a lot when it comes to who will become your English lesson teacher.

It could be teaching experience they gained from teaching at a secondary school, primary school, or from lecturing at a university, or summer classes.

The fundamentals of teaching are basically the same, so wherever it is they taught students is enough to qualify them as private English teachers.

Remember however that formal teaching experience is not a deciding factor in selecting a tutor, some may have years of teaching experience at schools and colleges but lack the necessary needs of the student.

The learner needs to feel at home (figuratively speaking) and not pressured like they are used to at school, so someone who is more close to their age and who they can identify with is exactly the kind of person they need to learn English from.

This is where English language undergraduates and advanced level English students come in.

Choosing these types of teachers as English tutors are effective in making the learner more at ease because not long ago they were students too, so they have all the recent experience of a student that the tutee will find useful and can identify with.

Learn English with a tutor from Lagos.
The key to understanding a student are the students themselves. Source:

Their advice on what to expect from the school system will be more spot-on than from teachers who graduated from school a long time ago.

They will advise them on; revision, areas of concentration, preparation for exams, a guide to following the syllabus, and so on, their information will be very effective because it is up-to-date.

Before hiring an English language teacher, chat with them and ask a few questions to measure how qualified they are to take on the job, and one of the most important questions to ask should be regarding their teaching experience. Read what makes a good teacher.

That is why one of the advantages of finding an English teacher online or through tutoring platforms is that they have done most of the work for you, you should be able to sort through tutors and select anyone based on their level of experience, education or qualifications.

Here are 10 great reasons why you should hire an English teacher.

How To Engage Potential English Teacher

If you have a few potential candidates make sure to contact them before commencing to hire any one of them.

A few minutes chat can reveal a great deal of information about a person, for instance, you can learn about their personalities, level of interest, and of course, their teaching experience. This knowledge can help you decide on whom to pick, someone suitable for what the learner needs.

Questions like “How long have you been doing this?” “Do you have experience teaching a child?” and “Do you specialize in any area of the English language?” are sure to bring back useful answers that will help you decide.

This conversational chat is important in the sense that you will find out sooner, rather than later if the English teacher is good for you or not.

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