If you are seeking help with private tuition there is a big and diverse pool of options you can choose from. But the most demanding question is, how much does it cost?

Most people assume private English lessons cost a lot of money, thankfully, that is not the case. Because of the wide range of different English teachers out there, it is now possible to easily find an English lesson teacher that is within your budget.

And all this could be achieved without sacrificing quality in the least.

There are several types of tutoring methods, you have quite some options to choose from, there are the tutoring centers where you learn English in a classroom, with other students, just like in a school.

Then there is the option to learn English in small groups, some of the tutoring centers also provide this type of learning method, while this is not very popular, the next one is.

Learning on a one on one basis at your home, this is the most accepted English language learning method, and quite frankly, the most effective, probably because of the focus on the individual, the learner in this type of arrangement has the full attention of the lesson teacher, an advantage you normally wouldn’t get at school.

The market for English lesson teachers is expanding because of the growing demand, and that made it very easy to find a tutor these days.

Some of the English teachers offer their services in tutoring centers and tutoring companies, where they are either paid like a salary or paid by commission. If you want a tutor, they could simply arrange for one for you.

But the easiest most convenient method is by looking for an English teacher through a tutoring website such as Superprof, lesson teachers post ads on the website advertising their tutoring services where learners then find and contact them. Through the website, you can locate a lesson teacher near you or carry on with the lessons online.

The tutoring websites offer effective ways to search for lesson teachers who meet with your criteria, and who are within your budget.

Maybe you still have doubts why you need an English teacher to start English home lessons? Here's how it can benefit you.

How Much Do Tutoring Companies Charge?

Tutoring companies are registered businesses and therefore need to cover expenses such as taxes and the like. So the cost may be higher due to these running costs.

Some English teachers prefer to run their own business themselves, and so they charge the parents directly, lessening the running costs than a regular tutoring company, but that doesn’t mean they can’t charge similar or even more than the tutoring companies, they sometimes do charge higher.

One big advantage of using tutoring companies is that they have done the hard work for you and have verified the qualifications of each and every lesson teacher they have.

So you can pick anyone who meets your needs without worrying too much about whether what they said on their CV is true or not.

We have looked up the price of some of the most popular online and offline tutoring companies in Nigeria and found this;

  • The hourly rate cost at least ₦2,000 per hour.
  • In some cases less than ₦1,000 hourly and higher than ₦5,000 hourly.
  • Monthly tutors are paid ₦30,000 on average.
  • Prices range anywhere between ₦10,000 to ₦50,000 monthly, depends on location.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s online or offline, the price is usually the same.

With that in mind, you have a rough idea of how much hiring an English lesson teacher will cost you, even though factors such as location may affect the pricing (English lessons in Lagos may be higher for example), the overall difference is not that much.

Everything you need to know about taking private English lessons with an English tutor.

Students As Part-Time Teachers

Students make up a great number of lesson teachers in Nigeria, it is the perfect part-time job, and fits well with their current area of expertise and schedule.

And just because they are students doesn’t mean they will not be good at it, on the contrary, students have advantages experienced English teachers don’t have, their up-to-date knowledge of school systems and closeness in age makes them the perfect tutors learners will identify with.

They will be familiar with all the school craze kids are into these days and also know the latest exam practices and be able to give revision techniques to counter it. They are very useful in their own way.

Students teach English language.
English undergraduate students make up a bulk of those involved in teaching English lessons. Source: Unsplash.com

Most of these student-tutors comprise of undergraduate English students and Advanced level English students.

Due to their level of education, there is a limit to what they can teach, because of that they mostly only teach primary and secondary school students, helping them with their common entrance certificate exams, SSCE, JSCE, to better their grades at school and so forth.

Their fee is lower than if it were a professional English teacher, but a good enough pocket money for a student.

Expect to pay anything below the ₦1,000/hr benchmark for new and inexperienced English student tutors and ₦3,000/hr on average for the experienced ones.

How Much Does English Lessons Cost On Superprof

Superprof is an online platform where tutors advertise their services from all over the world, where people who want to learn any subject can simply search and find a tutor.

We are a community of passionate tutors ready to share knowledge with you. At Superprof, we have thousands of subjects you can learn from, including the English language which happens to be a very popular subject among learners.

We also verify and validate our tutors’ profiles making it safe for you to interact with them, something less to worry about. The platform is 100% secure, giving you the confidence to talk to and share information with tutors.

The average cost of English lessons is about ₦2,100 hourly.

The rate is consistent with a lot of the lesson teachers offering the English language course. This is especially true for students who are offering English tuition.

Because of the variety of our lesson teachers, it is not difficult to find a price range that suits perfectly with any budget.

The steps to using Superprof are easy and straightforward, firstly you got to:

  • Find a tutor

You input the subject and your location into the search bar, then click on 'Find a tutor'. Their prices will be displayed alongside their profile pictures.

  • Select your new lesson teacher

Select from all the best tutors available in your area. Each tutor after clicking on their profile you will see their teaching method and a brief breakdown of what they are offering.

  • Contact the tutor

Once you have made your choice, you can then go ahead and book a session with the English teacher. Most respond in less than 24 hours.

English Extra-Lessons In Schools

After-school hours, some schools partake in their own brand of extra tuition famously called ‘extra lessons' or just lessons. For two to three hours after the closing hours, students are required to stay behind to learn more, only the most basic subjects such as maths, English and the sciences are taught during these sessions.

Both private and government schools take part in the practice, it is not reserved just for one, and the regular school teachers are the ones who teach these classes. This type of school lesson is organized and run by the school authorities.

School English lessons are conducted after school hours.
School English lessons are conducted after school hours, organized by the students and teachers. Source: Pixabay.com

Another form of this lesson is one that is organized by the students. This usually occurs at higher levels, higher than nursery or primary levels. Students who are good at a particular subject are chosen to teach the classes, it is also after school hours.

The atmosphere is more relaxed and no one is necessary made to join by force, the tutors are just volunteering, and the learners are there to get help with subjects or topics they find difficult.

Other Alternatives To Private English Lessons

It may be hard to believe but there are many alternatives to private lessons if you care to look, some even free of charge.

These types of lessons are usually set up by institutions, universities or libraries for the community at large. Let’s look at some examples.

American Corner

The American Corner is a program by the US embassy to Nigeria in which the host country (Nigeria) holds lessons and activities that educate the public on American culture.

The lessons include English language learning, Educational advising, Alumni activities, Cultural programs, and Information about the United States. They provide resources from the greatest American English literature to the best multimedia resources, all for free.

Free English languages resources can be found near you.
One of the learning sessions of the American Corner in Ibadan. Source: Facebook.com

There are currently 12 American corners around Nigeria, six in the Northern regions and the other six in the southern region. You can check here the library catalog of books and resources they have available for download.

Online English Learning Resources

Totally free again. The internet is full of useful information, and that includes English resources that you can get for free. You can download worksheets and interactive games as a teacher or parent, introduce it to your child to help them learn English.

There are plenty of them you can choose from, stuff to learn English spelling, writing, speaking, alphabets, fill in the gaps, and so much more.

So, whether free, or paid private lesson, or a little bit combination of both, what matters most is that the learner gets the best value in their education.

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