Good English language skills such as reading and writing, comprehension, and speaking, are in high demand in the workplace, employers are only seeking those with highly polished English skills to join their ranks.

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t matter what type of job you want, most, if not all of them require a perfect understanding of the English language before you are hired, from IT and computing jobs to banking and finance jobs, automotive jobs, engineering jobs, to journalism.

They all require English, that’s why they ask for English language results during job interviews, and that is why because of all these reasons, most people are turning their heads to private English teachers, to help them with English lessons.

People requesting the help of English teachers range from simple secondary school students who need to pass their SSCE exams to advanced level university students trying to pass a certain English course, when exam day comes, having done private lessons can make all the difference.

Private English lessons are not just for students nearing their exams, different ages and all sorts of levels can take part in English lessons.

Adults, pre-nursery pupils, advanced level students, there is no barrier or limit to who can seek lesson teachers to learn English. Even working professionals occasionally seek tutors to learn English either to sharpen their skills or to learn new topics and explore the other fields of the English language that they haven’t had the chance to study back when they were students, such as poetry.

So English tuition is for everyone, and with English teachers' growing number, you have the choice to select from hundreds of English tutors near you, but also, it could be hard to select one from this myriad of choices.

The best thing, we will advise you to do, is to sit and think this thoroughly, what qualities do you want in an English teacher? What do you want to achieve from the lesson? Make assessments so that you can easily find English teachers who meet your criteria, and weed out those who did not.

There are two main ways to receive private home lessons, you could receive it online, where all you need is a webcam and some microphones, or you could go the traditional way, inviting the tutor to your home, that works just fine too.

English Private Home Lessons, Are They Important?

By the learning English language, we acquire skills that are transferable to our everyday lives, the first and foremost is the skill of communication, it is important for a person to learn English speaking skills to communicate seamlessly with other people.

Other skills such as writing come in handy when we are about to write that email, post that social media update or submit that report in the workplace. English learning skills, as numerous as they may be, are all important in our everyday lives.

That’s why the English language is one of the core subjects studied at school, the other being maths. The phrase Maths and English are almost synonymous with 'education'.

But if you have to take English at school, why take English lessons at home?

To begin with, the home lesson is tightly focused on the student, because of that, you get to learn English from a tutor whose attention is not divided amongst several pupils like it is in a classroom. The nature of the one-on-one approach in the home lessons is an effective learning method because it pays attention to your individual needs, and adapt to your preferred learning styles.

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English lessons can be made to fit your individual tastes.
The private home lesson focuses on each individual separately. Source:

There is no rush, the lessons by a private English teacher is conducted at your own pace, unlike at school where you can get left behind, here you have the opportunity to really understand each topic in-depth and at a pace that best suits you.

Even if you happened to be left behind at school, English lessons will help you catch up, thereby saving you from an imminent disaster in exams.

People often find English tutors to help children achieve academic excellence. The tuition supports their formal education and serves as extra practice for all the topics they have learned or are about to learn in the classroom.

Therefore their English skills become well polished and they can use it more effectively in their day to day lives.

Grasping English grammatical rules can be hard, and with a school curriculum that is moving a bit too fast for some students, English lesson teachers can be the best solution to fixing that problem. They will help learners to learn English through lesson plans that are tailored and personalized to their individual tastes.

Point is, learning English with a professional tutor can make you level up in your learning and day to day life.

Is It Worth It To Learn English With A Lesson Teacher Before Entering University?

Many people surmise that since the university or tertiary level has more to do with your future career and so forth, more is at stake, and it will be better to get an English teacher during those advanced level years than to get one during pre-university.

But the opposite can also be said to be true, because learning English at an early stage sets you up for success in the subsequent years to come in your future education and career.

Without proper English knowledge from primary and secondary school, you can’t advance to the tertiary level. How you do at English from the beginning will determine how well you will do in other subjects, because English is used to teach other subjects.

They are taught and written in the English language, so having a solid foundation from the start is essential.

We are not saying engaging the help of an English teacher is not necessary when you are a the university, nope, it’s actually a particularly great thing to do especially if you are falling behind or need more explanation on a certain topic, because at this stage the topics are more complex and difficult to deal with.

English lesson help is available for all school levels, and all ages.

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Where To Find An English Lesson Teacher

After all that is said and done, now let’s discuss the ways and places you can go to find English tutors in Nigeria.

It is easy to just ask around the neighborhood until you find a lesson teacher who will be happy to oblige, but the risks with doing that are you could end up getting someone who is not qualified enough or someone that doesn’t fit your basic requirements or both.

There are different options to consider when you want to hire an English teacher, there are tutoring agencies you can contact and get a meeting with some of the teachers. Then there are individual tutors you can find through social media, they usually put up post ads offering their services.

And then there are online websites that serve as a platform where you can browse through and select from the English teachers listed there, just like Superprof.

You can choose any of the options above based on what is convenient for you.

Find English Lesson Teachers In Lagos

To find lesson teachers in the bustling former capital of Nigeria, you just have to know the right places to look to find as many as you want, because there are plenty of them located there.

You can easily find lots and lots of independent English lesson teachers in Lagos. You can connect with them on social media to talk.

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English lessons in Lagos
Lagos is a hub for English lesson teachers. Source:

Also, it is not uncommon to find leaflets hanging about in Lagos advertising tutoring services, you can look up the number on it and place a call.

Find English Lesson Teachers In Abuja

There are ‘tutoring centers' where you can enroll and attend like in a normal school, but the sessions are carried out after school hours and during holidays.

Students study most of the regular subjects they do at school like maths, English, biology, physics, and government. These types of centers are located everywhere around Abuja and are especially busy during the holidays.

Find English Lesson Teachers In Port Harcourt

Similar to Lagos, finding lesson teachers in Port Harcourt can be done manually, which is checking them out and phoning them.

But another more subtle option is to do that via online channels, especially since Port Harcourt isn’t as populated as Lagos. Tutoring websites provide you with options for English teachers, from there, you can narrow down the search to include only ones near you, and then pick whether you did prefer to study in person or via webcam.

What To Expect From Your English Lessons

Laying Out Your Conditions For The Lesson Teacher

Before hiring an English teacher you must consider your goals, firstly what do you want to gain at the end of these lessons? What do you want in a lesson teacher?

Discuss with the lesson teacher your specific goals and what you hope to gain by the end of your tuition. For instance, do you have to scale any academic level, or want to pass an exam, or to better your grades?

Whatever it is you want, layout the conditions and specifics of what you want with the lesson teacher.

Looking For English Lesson Teachers Online

Online lessons are available on Superprof.
Find your next English tutor online. Source:

When searching for an English lesson teacher online, there is no need for the tutor to come to your house. You can just find the best one available and engage their services, yet they could be thousands of miles away in a different country. That’s how good finding English teachers online is.

Finding suitable private lesson teachers has never been easier because online you can filter your search to find the best fit in a matter of minutes.

Whichever method you choose though is up to you, each has its pros and cons, it is left to you to decide on which will serve you best.

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