Lagos is reputed to be the most populous and economic cities in Nigeria and Africa as well. Lagos is known as the centre of excellence. It has absolutely everything that one will need to live a good life, and nothing is lacking.

While this might look like an exaggeration, but that is the gospel truth as far as Nigeria is concerned. The city is a global city that boasts of highbrow areas such as the island and slums such as Ajegunle.

According to recent statistics, Lagos is seen as one of Nigeria’s most expensive cities due to its development, innovativeness, sustainability and investment-friendly environment.

While Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano may be said by some to equal the economy and population of Lagos State, it still remains the attraction to most Nigeria youths and businesses.

Lagos is currently known as one of the best states in Nigeria where one can learn English up to SSCE, A-level and University level. Lagos as a western state in Nigeria, speaks Yoruba, but English is seen as the official language mostly used for business and other religion engagements. This has led to most people, even local to beginning to learn the English language. It is a meeting point for almost all people from Nigeria and over 100 different languages spoken in this great state.

These means that there are always people looking for an English tutor at home to horn their skills of the world most spoken language. Therefore as demand for this subject continues to surge higher, there is also a need for more tutors coming into this field of tutoring as either English teacher online or in-person.

In this article, we would be considering some of the benefits of hiring an English tutor and where to find proficient English tutors in Lagos state and the surrounding cities around Lagos.

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The Importance of Hiring an English Teacher

Thinking about hiring an English tutor for your child? but you don't know if it will be worth it?

Every parent wants their children to achieve an overall better than average result while also knowing how to speak fluent and correct grammar.  Therefore, when children struggle parents think about hiring a private tutor immediately.

More so, students from different states in Nigeria with insufficient English knowledge often seek experienced English tutors to help brush their spoken and written English.

Here are some distinct benefits of hiring an English Tutor for your child.

  • Provide One-on-One Attention: It can be difficult for some kids to learn in a class of 25-30 students. Also, the teacher might not be able to give every child the needed attention. Some kids may need help with some specific topics, while others are ready to move on. With a private English tutor, your child gets undivided one-on-one attention that he/she needs.
  • Follows the student's pace: A private tutoring either online or in-person help to move along with the students learning pace. Some students might face difficulties in learning or spelling out new words. The tutor is expected to follow the student's pace and speed up where necessary.
  • Immediate Feedback: During private English lessons, the child can easily receive feedback promptly. Unlike in conventional English classes where the teachers might not have time to correct every mistake made by the students.
  • Overcome Obstacles: Failing in classes can make your kids feel helpless and depressed. However, private tutoring sessions will help them to catch up easily and boost their morale.
  • Cheaper Prices: Instead of paying thousands of Naira on registering to prestigious language schools and institutes littered around Lagos State, one can hire the services of experienced private tutors. These tutors will be cheaper and also offer a tailored to your need services.
  • Fluency: The engagement of a private English Lessons tutors helps your kids to speak fluently in the second language they are acquiring. Nothing beats the expertise of a trained professional!
  • Flexibility: Instead of a rigid learning pattern of a group class, language tutors are more flexible and can adjust their lessons to a time and location that will suit you.

As the world is becoming more global in this 21st century, it is becoming more important to learn different languages, most especially English, which is spoken in almost every country in the world.

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Where Can I Find Good English Language Educators in Lagos

Since Lagos is a very big city in Nigeria, there is no shortage of learning opportunities in the centre of excellence. Many people and tutors come from all over the country to live and work in Lagos.

There are numerous English institutes located presently in Nigeria with a vast majority of them located in Lagos State. Therefore, it may seem really overwhelming when it comes down to making a choice and deciding on where to acquire the basic skills and knowledge of English.

Learning English at a Language School in Lagos

For those individuals searching for reputable Language classes and school in Lagos State, without a doubt, here are some of the most reputable centres or institutes in Lagos

  • Lextorah School of Language – located at 299 Herbert Macaulay Way, Alagomeji-Yaba 100001, Lagos
  • Foursquare Language School, Lagos – located at 85 Ikorodu Rd
  • Marvton Language School – located at 26 Ezekiel street, 1st-floor Right-wing, off Toyin, Ikeja, 100211, Lagos
  • Graceville School of Language, Lagos
  • Premier Language School – located at 196 Herbert Macaulay Way
  • Easy School of Languages – located at 315 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria
  • Eny's Language Academy – located at No 1a Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos Nigeria

The above English and language academics have earned their rightful positions to be seen as good English Language Schools in Lagos State.

Majority of these schools offer both group and private English classes for their students. Always remember that prices and availabilities vary; however, they are affordable, and classes are usually at a convenient time, such as evenings and weekends.

Private English Teachers on Superprof

Going to academic institutes or schools for language lessons such as English is now becoming a thing of the past.

With the innovations in technologies, most people are now resorting to acquiring new knowledge via online platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and Facetime or through one-on-one tutoring via a reputable website.

Lagos is a big city and you might be wondering 'Where might one find good English Teachers near me?' Don't worry as the Superprof platform shows tutors close to your location and city.

While it's true that there are many reputable online websites dedicated to connecting students to tutors in Nigeria, but the best still remains the Superprof Platform.

Some of the major reasons why the Superprof online platform still remains the best tutoring website in Nigeria include

  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors
  • Varieties of proficient tutors teaching different languages
  • Availability of Native English Speakers that offers engaging and interactive classes
  • Affordable rates ranging from ₦750 to ₦2500 per hour
  • Opportunity to learn English Language online via Skype or face-to-face home lessons
  • 100% free lesson for the first class: The student pass allows you to contact an unlimited number of tutors and have a free first class with each tutor, to find your perfect tutor without any longterm commitment.
  • Availability of tutors in all LGA's in Lagos


Superprof platform boast of over 500 English tutors in Lagos available to give face-to-face lessons or online English classes via webcam.

Take a look at the Superprof website to understand how the platform works. This will help you to connect with the thousands of tutors wishing to teach at a budget-friendly price.

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 Tips to Learn English Language Successfully

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Henry Ford

Learning a language can be one of the most rewarding things one can do, but it can also be a frustrating process.

There are times that you might feel demotivated and unhappy, but with this easy to follow tips, you can get the best results as quickly as possible.

  • Make it a habit: The best results when we do anything comes from good habits. Whenever you learn a language, you make progress in small steps. Make sure that you learn at regular times.
  • Study when your brain is relaxed: if you are a morning person, try to fix your class during the morning session. For a night person, you can session your time in the evenings. The important thing is to schedule our classes when your brain is at its peak.
  • Study at intervals: Studying at shorter intervals helps to build your concentration level when learning a new language.
  • Practice with someone: To help you be perfect in your spoken English, it is important to practice with someone. Practice speaking with a friend, family member that you feel less embarrassed with or better still a private tutor whom you are sure is fluent in the language.
  • Be active: Be active when learning the English language. To become fluent, it's important that you watch English movies. And when watching these movies or playing English games, pay active attention. Get active in activities that would help to stretch you and help you learn new phrases or words.
  • Apply what you learn: When you learn a new phrase or word, endeavour to try it out as soon as possible. You might make a mistake (which isn't a bad thing), but if you don't practice what you learn, you’ll probably forget it. For new vocabulary, write it down and make an example from this new word.
  • Set goals: To stay motivated, set small goals such as ordering food in English or writing an email of enquiry without making mistakes
  • Learn Fluency Phrases: It is important to learn fluent phrases rather than individual words.
  • Practice: Remember to practice, Practice and Practice. This involves practising English every single day. You can converse with speakers, make use of educational apps and reviewing lessons.

By following these tips, beginners can learn to write and speak the English language effortlessly, and English tutors can succeed in teaching more successfully.

You can also Google for English tutors near me in Oyo and other Nigerian states to meet other professional English teachers there.

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