Kano State is located in the Northern part of Nigeria and borders different states to the northwest and northeast. The state capital is Kano's city and one of the most important early centre of commerce in the Sudanic Africa region.

Kano State is renowned for being the second-largest industrial centre after Lagos State in Nigeria and the largest in Northern Nigeria. It boasts of companies specializing in textile, footwear, tanning, plastics, cosmetics ceramics, pharmaceuticals, enamelware, furniture and other industries.

Other sectors of the economy that Kano State boasts of and tend to attract people and foreigners to the state include soft drinks, agricultural implements, dairy products, animal feeds, vegetable oil, food and beverages, etc.

The state is also the centre for the growing Islamic banking industry in Nigeria and boasts of good tourist attractions such as

  • Kano's centuries-old city wall
  • Gidan Rumfa (Emir's Palace, the oldest continuous site of authority in Nigeria)
  • Kano Zoo
  • Dala and Gwauron Dutse
  • Gidan makama (Kano Museum)

The state also boasts of one of the oldest universities in Nigeria, which is the Bayero University Kano (BUK) that was founded in 1977.

Therefore, with an ever-increasing number of immigrants coming into Kano State, there is more of a need for professional and experienced English classes and English tutors/educators than ever before. It is possible to meet the needs of English Language lessons in cities such as Abuja and Lagos, but in today's article, we will be discussing the possibility of finding English language tutors for beginners and intermediate students in the city of Kano.

The Caliphate city of Northern Nigeria. Source: Pinterest Image

Duties of a Professional English Teacher

Most private schools in Nigeria now pay attention to spoken English of their students. Since most people in Kano State Nigeria speak Hausa and mostly have their early education in Arabic, parents often seek good centres, schools and tutors that can teach their wards well in writing, reading and spoken English since English is seen as the language for the future.

Why Is It So?

It's known that Mandarin Chinese and Spanish have more native speakers than English, but the English language still stands as the language with the widest spoken tongue worldwide. The language has a combined speaker of 1.5 billion natives, L2 and L3 speakers across the six inhabited continents.

You see why it is a good decision to learn how to speak the English language and get trained as an English language tutor.

Learning the English Language is a good decision anyone can take in today’s 21st century.

However, as most individuals seem to have the desire to learn the English language to the point of fluency, there is still the fear of time, efforts, and money needed to achieve a high level of fluency.

But this should not be a cause of worry to anyone seriously in need of learning the English language. There are hundreds of tutors who are well trained to put you through the course's intricacies in Kano state in particular and Nigeria in general.

We would be considering some of the things that experienced English tutors are expected to do and teach.

Do you know that hiring an experienced English tutor in other Nigeria cities is quite easy and straightforward? Try and find an English teacher near me in Abuja's capital city or the oil city of Port Harcourt.

The Job of  a Private English Teacher

The job of a tutor
Duties of a Private English Educator. Source: Unsplash Image

English teachers are professionals, such as other professions like medicine and engineering.

Why is that so?

English tutors offer learners the needed remedial assistance that would be needed to help them make rational decisions as it concerns their education. This will help them to achieve their academic and career success.

Professional English teachers provide 360-degree services to their students by testing their elementary skills, determining the student's overall English proficiency and reviewing their basic skills in reading, writing and speaking.

Here are some examples of what an English teacher is expected to help you with:

  • Writing: To have effective communication skills in the English language, it is important to develop ones writing skills. Therefore, the tutor will help you to perfect your writing skills by giving you small essays or compositions to write.
  • Reading: An experienced English teacher will help to polish your reading ability. Tutors examine the student's reading efficiency based on the adequacy and level of the learner in question. To do this, the teacher will have the students read out the information aloud while also helping them in their oral communication.
  • Speaking: Most people hiring a private English lesson tutor, most especially English as Second Language (ESL) speakers, does that to perfect how they speak and communicate with other people in school or their business environment. The teacher is expected to develop a good technique to highlight the most critical aspects of the language while correcting errors and pronunciation when there is a need.

While the aforementioned areas are the major reason for engaging an English tutor, there are other specific sub-disciplines that ESL tutors are expected to acquire and teach?

English teachers are expected to help newbies acquire fluency while communicating and instructing them on other areas that they might experience difficulties while trying to learn the new language.

Some of the specific topics that an instructor is expected to teach its students include:

  • Commonly Used Expressions
  • Idiomatic Expressions
  • Vocabulary Exercises
  • Frequent English Mistakes
  • Part of Speech
  • Verbs, Nouns, Pronouns and Adjectives etc.

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Professional English Educators in the City of Kano

Online Classes by Professional English teachers. Source: iStock Image

Professional English teachers are not just limited to teaching in the conventional classroom in public and private schools. It also involves teaching as a private tutor.

Most private English teachers in this our dispensation can now teach in coffee shops, library or you can even engage an  English teacher online via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or any other video conferencing method.

How easy it is for one to locate an English lesson centre or tutor in Kano is the question in the mouth of most individuals looking for excellent English tutors or institutes in the caliphate?

But there is no cause for alarm as Superprof is here to provide you with all the needed information and services.

Best English Language Schools in Kano

Since Kano is a major state in Northern Nigeria, it will come as no surprise that one can easily find some competent and good English language institutes and colleges there.

The following options come with some unique reviews from their past students who have enjoyed their world-class services via the help of their professional educators.

  • Kamfa Modern English, Private School located at No. C7 B Kabuga First Gate, Beside Jujin Labbu Store Gwarzo Road, Kano-Nigeria
  • Fasaha English and Computer Academy (FECA) – located at BUK Road, Kofar Kabuga, Kano
  • British Council – Kano
  • M. Haruna English Academy – located at 13A, Airport Road Nassarawa, 700001, Kano

By consulting with the aforementioned language schools in Kano, beginners can easily learn about the classes and select tutors to suit their unique needs.

Superprof English Tutors

While it is great to learn the English language in an academic institute and schools in Kano State, technological innovation in this 21st century has made it relatively easier to learn any need subject or skills outside the conventional school environment.

Different options are now open for individuals seeking to learn English, such as seeking an English teacher's assistance online.

Superprof boasts of the best English language tutors and educators in different subjects and skills in Nigeria. The tutors offer one on one classes at a time and place that will be most convenient for learners.

In today's world, attending a language school is now a thing of the past since you can learn from the comfort of your home.

Superprof stands out as the best in Nigeria due to the following reasons:

  • The platform offers a competitive price when comparing to others.
  • Tutoring classes can either be done via the online route such as Skype, Zoom or in-person at your choice location 
  • Specialist tutors in different academic disciplines
  • Qualified and certified tutors
  • Opportunity for reviews from previous students to help you make an informed decision
  • The venue for the lesson (time and place) is dependent on the students' needs.
  • The first lesson with its tutor is always 100% free of charge 
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Tips to Successfully Learn English

The following are some important tips to follow when learning English as a second or third language in school, at home or with a private tutor.

  • Surround yourself with English: To become better with the English language course, there is a need to surround oneself with English movies, English music and other English programmes at all times. These programs will help you to build your grammar, vocabulary and comprehension of basic grammar.
  • Study Partners: Make sure that you have a study partner who can speak the language frequently.
  • Apply the Lesson: Ensure that you apply all that you learn to help you not to forget it. When you learn a new vocabulary, try to use it while communicating and be sure that you write it down.
  • Practice: Make sure that you always practice as this will help you become more fluent and confident.

Remember that while the English language is relatively easier to learn than other international languages like Spanish, Chinese, Mandarin and German, the basics of this language require some time and effort. Therefore, we strongly encourage that you make use of educational apps and reviewing lessons at intervals.

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