"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" – Nelson Mandela.

As Malcolm X rightly posited, "Education is the passport for the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." This is why it is important to learn a new academic discipline, not minding how easy or difficult the study will be.

Acquiring a new skill or knowledge in different topics or areas of life is important due to different reasons. This knowledge can help to improve one's aspiration or career and provides one with many options to choose from in the future.

When one stops learning, one starts dying, and as a human, we are continually learning about new things that life throws at us daily.

For individuals seeking for ideas on what to learn outside the academic discipline, then you can look at some skills that can help to better your lots.

Some of the topics that you can read about are on creative writing, dancing, photography, arts and culture and foreign languages. These are areas that one can easily grasp after one's formative years.

Languages such as Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and English language can easily be learnt in language institutes and by private tutors in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Here will be showing you where to learn English in Ibadan and some specific steps to follow to gain fluency in the English language in no time and places to fine English teacher online and in-person.

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Best Applications for English Learning

Learning of new language cannot get better than this. Before the coming of the internet and the worldwide web in the early 2000s learning of any new subjects was restricted to the use of textbooks, libraries and via the conventional learning route.

In-class learning sessions now seems like a thing of the past in today’s world as it’s been replaced by newer innovations such as podcasts, mobile applications and websites.

English being the most spoken language worldwide and a language of the internet, it makes it the most desirable language in the world.

As a result of this, there are thousands of online resources available to aid the learning process of the English language.

Without beating around the bush, we would be showing you some of the most popular English learning applications that one can easily download to make the learning of English easier and on-the-go.

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English Language Apps

Various application for the learning of the English language exists on Google Play Store and other Apps. These applications can help beginners to learn English at a flash. There are a number of different apps that can help you to learn the English Language. These apps fall into different categories.

There are some apps for full learning experiences such as Memrise or Drops, practice apps like Tandem or HelloTalk and then phrasebook style apps like Simply English. Here is a mix of all these popular English learning apps available on Google Play Store for free and for a fee.

  • Busuu:

Busuu is a very popular language learning app on Play Store. The app supports English from a variety of other languages. With the app, you can learn spelling, grammar, phrases, words and conversational English. The app also helps you in accent training and one of the few good offline English learning apps.

  • Drops

The language Drops comes with two English learning apps. One of the apps is for British English, while the other is for American English. These give you the option to choose the one that you wish to learn. The app does not teach more grammar but teaches more about conversational English.

  • Duolingo

Duolingo is believed to be one of the best free English learning apps on Play Store presently. The app supports over two dozen languages in total, which English is one of them. The application makes use of a fun method of teaching with a lot of vocabulary and grammar lessons that come in the form of games. This is suitable for language beginners and often recommended for newbies.

  • Hello English

This is another popular app that helps you to learn English. The app helps you to learn the English language from 22 other languages. The app comes with 475 lessons, a 10,000-word dictionary and a teacher waiting to assist you.

  • HelloTalk

HelloTalk is another app that offers an interesting English learning experience. It makes use of a social network of sorts to teach users. The app allows you to pair with other individuals which allows you to teach them your language while they teach you theirs. The app supports over 100 languages which also includes video calls, voice calls, picture messages, text messages and audio messages.

  • Learn English Phrases

Learn English Phrases is a simple, accessible app for learning English. This one works best as a phrasebook or reference guide. It has a bunch of English words and phrases along with American and British pronunciations.

  • Memrise

This is one of the most powerful and popular language learning app around. The app supports different languages which include English. The site comes with lots of teaching tools which includes grammar lessons, basic vocabulary along with games; it also comes with a pronunciation guide, conversational English and lots of other teaching tools.

The good thing about all these apps is that most of them come with an offline enable feature and 100 percent worthy of your time. It helps you to learn English like a pro.

But if learning English on an application is not for you, then you can find tutors near me in Abuja, Kano, the cities of Port Harcourt, or close by the state of Lagos.

Where to Learn English in Ibadan

Learning English in an institute or engaging a private tutor are both great ways to learn more about the English language in Ibadan in Oyo State.

Ibadan is known as a city of professors and boasts of numerous educational institutions. It is also a hub for social, economic and political references.

Since there are some economic opportunities and educational institutions here, the state has become a beehive of activity and an attraction for most immigrants in search for education and a better life.

Here we would be showing you some of the most popular English lessons centres in Ibadan.

Best English Language Centers  in Ibadan

Different language classes exist for individuals seeking to perfect their English speaking ability and conversation skills. Here are some of the best language institutes in Ibadan for ESL learners:

  • The Speech Academy
  • English Proficiency Class
  • British Preparatory School
  • Language Bookings

These language schools come with well-structured class times. It's also possible to have private English classes with a qualified tutor.

Learn with the aid of Private  English Teachers on Superprof

With the rapid advancement in technology in the past years, different education options are now opening for individuals seeking to learn different skills and academic discipline.

Some of the unique ways of learning in this 21st century are through the online route. Here, classes can be done through Skype, Zoom or other video conferencing method.

As a result of the interactive nature of this applications and websites, one can now learn different subjects such as Maths, Biology, Geography, Chemistry and foreign languages without any need to go out from the comfort of one’s home.

You might be wondering, so where can I find good “English teachers near me”? A quick Google search or visit to the Superprof website can bring you to the best English teachers in your locality.

With the numerous online tutoring sites now available in Nigeria, Superprof still stands out as the best among the lots.

To learn English as a second or third language, selecting a tutor from the Superprof platform will be the best decision that one can make.

Some of the qualities that make the Superprof platform to stand out as the best online tutoring platforms in Nigeria include:

  • Qualified and verified tutors with years of cogent teaching experience
  • Affordable lesson sessions within ₦750 to ₦2500 per hour
  • Lessons at a time and place that are most convenient for the student
  • The first lesson is always 100% free of charge.

Also, according to the Superprof website, there are over 70 English tutors that are willing to offer face-to-face or online tutor in Ibadan and its environs.

English Grammar
Tips to learn English. Source: Shutterstock Image

Easy Ways to Acquire Fluency in English

As a non-native English speaker, it might be quite tasking when you are analyzing and learning new grammar, vocabulary, phrases and sentence structure. All these can be overwhelming in the beginning.

However, it is important to state that although English has some intriguing rules, it is far easier to learn when compared to other international languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Here are some of the valuable steps that one can follow to acquire fluency in the English language

  • Don’t worry about the Grammar: When learning the English language, it is important to pay more attention in the reading, writing and speaking than concentrating on the numbers of mistakes that you may stand to make.
  • Trust in your Capability: Always believe in your ability when you are standing out to learn a new language. If you acquire the needed confidence, you will be able to learn to speak the English language fluently in a short time.
  • Talk to yourself: This may sound like the advice given to a mad man, but talking to oneself in front of a mirror can help you to practice new words and conversational skills.
  • Focus on Learning a New Word Daily: Task yourself to learn a new word daily by reading the newspaper, listening to the radio or watching television to help you to acquire a new vocabulary word.

By following these tips, you can necessarily learn the English language in a jiffy.

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