Port Harcourt is known as one of Nigeria's richest cities due to its abundance of oil deposit and the high number of experts working with the different multinational companies located in the state. The presence of these oil companies in this city has led to an increase in the number of individuals coming into Port-Harcourt.

But moving out from one's place of origin to another might require you to learn how to speak the most popular language among people in that area.

English is seen as the official language in Nigeria and the most popular means of communication.

And for you to enjoy the joy that comes with travelling and to experience life's greatest pleasure, which consists of learning new languages, customs, and culture, then there is a need for you to learn the common language spoken.

It's no exaggeration when one says that the best moment of life is traveling and meeting new friends and acquaintances.

With the advent of social media and millennials, they are a surge in the number of people travelling from one state to another or relocating to another state or country searching for greener pastures, relationship or exposure.

English classes
Why you need to learn the English Language. Source: Pinterest Image

Reasons Why You Need to Learn a Foreign Language

Some of the most popular languages in the world include French, Spanish, and English. These languages are most popular in French and English-speaking countries of Africa and Europe and it's also popular in Latin American Countries. Learning these languages gives one the chance to connect with fantastic people that might change their life for good.

Other popular languages include Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, and Mandarin Chinese. Among all these languages, there are still many other languages that one can still learn.

Nevertheless, when it comes to a foreign language, English remains the most globally accepted language.

Although you might have a working knowledge of the English language since you are reading this article, there is still room for improvement in your fluency and speed reading ability. Since many distinct languages are being spoken daily, deciding on the one to study is now dependent on some factors.

Some of the reasons why you need to learn a language as a second, third, or fourth language may include

  • Economic Reasons: The major reason why most people learn a foreign language as a second, third, or fourth language is mostly as a result of some economic factors. Most people travel to a distant land to seek a greener pasture, such as work, trade, finance, and commerce. Knowledge of these languages can give you an upper hand and create stronger bonds between you and the company you will work with. For example, a Chinese who speak Mandarin and want to work in any of the multinationals in Port Harcourt needs to learn how to speak and read English well.
  • Social Reasons: Learning a foreign language in a place like Port Harcourt helps you communicate with people easily. A good example is an Igbo wishing to socialize with a Yoruba. There is a need to learn the other language or speak the English language as a mediating language.
  • Political Reasons: Due to the Boko Haram insurgencies and hardships in different parts of the country and other African states, many almajiries and refugees tend to flee to Nigeria from these states and other countries.  For these emigrants to speak and be understood, they need to become fluent in Nigeria's lingua franca.

While there are still other reasons why people need to learn the basics of a new language spoken in a country, the aforementioned remains the best reason for learning a new language.

You can also learn a new language for fun and adventure.

Why You Should Learn English

Most Movies Showed in Nigeria are aired in English Making it a Popular Language. Source: Getty Image

English as a language can be learned because of different reasons. Here are some of the reasons why you need to learn the English language. Hopefully, this will give you the motivation to start your journey.

  1. English is the most used and spoken language around the world: Studies show that one out of 5 people can speak or understand the English language.
  2. English is known as the language of international communication: It's the official language of 57 countries and it's spoken by over 400 million people worldwide. Speaking English is not just for you to communicate with native English speakers but the most common Second Language in the world and the lingua franca in Nigeria.
  3. English is seen as the language for business: It's now almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are willing to work in a global company, as seen from the numerous multinationals in Rivers State. Also, other sectors of the economy often mandate that English be used as a means of communication while some international companies expect their employees to be fluent in English.
  4. Learning the English language will help increase your chance of landing a job. It will also help you to participate in discussions while improving your networking skills.
  5. Learning English is quite easier than learning some other languages such as Chinese, German, or Arabic. Considering that the language is the most spoken worldwide, there are many routes to learn the language from the internet or through personalized online tutoring.
  6. Learning and speaking English gives you access to a world of entertainment. Most of the top films, music, and books are produced and published in English. Therefore, by learning the English language, you can have access to a great wealth of entertainment and have a greater cultural understanding.
  7. English is known as the language of the internet. While some websites can easily be translated into other languages and tongues, most reputable sources believe that the English language is the internet's language.

You may wish to Google "English teacher near me" in Kano, you can also learn English to help you to hone your English skills.

Best English Teachers and Schools in Port Harcourt

Completing an English class at an A-level, GSCE, IELTS, and other ESL classes with a qualified tutor give you a great possibility of improving your English fluency in no time.

Port Harcourt is located in the South-South part of Nigeria. It is a state rich in oil and one of Nigeria's most important cities due to the number of resources generated from the state. It's a city that boasts of numerous multinational companies, commerce, education, and tourism.

The city has a little of everything with good nightlife. It is a city that can satisfy your appetite, educational craving, and other critical personalities of yours.

Port Harcourt also boost of prominent immigrants from different part of the world as an expatriate with most of those multinational companies.

Therefore, we would be considering some of the best English language institutes and classes that are specialists in teaching the English language and the best English based website where you can also learn the English language without leaving the comfort of your home.

Port Harcourt-Based ESL (English as a second language) Schools

Port Harcourt boosts of numerous language schools that also offer classes for other foreign languages. These schools offer their students the needed training and guidance in acquiring fluency in the language.

One good thing about these selected ESL schools in Port Harcourt is that they have well-trained English teachers with the needed qualifications and experiences. The schools also boost of conducive learning environment that allows you to learn under the best environment.

The following are the most popular and highly recommended English as a Second Language Schools in Port Harcourt and Home for preparation for A-Level, GSE, and IELTS Examinations,

  • Famlang International Language School
  • Schneider Institute
  • Edu-Light Educational
  • Waldolf British Academy
  • Education Plus International Language School
  • Mozmiria International Language School

We encourage you to do your own research before registering for your first ESL school in Port Harcourt. It may take time, but it's worth the time.

English Teacher
Hire a Professional English Language Teacher in Port Harcourt. Source: Unsplash Image

Superprof Private Online and Face-to-Face English Teachers

It’s not an overstatement if we say that Superprof is currently the best online tutoring website to find private tutors in Nigeria. It's a great platform for anyone searching for an English Teacher online or face to face tutoring at home. The platform offers 100% verified services to its students.

Superprof tutors teach a variety of academic disciplines such as Maths, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, and English. The platform teachers also offer services such as Piano, Dancing, Guitar, Drumming, and other services.

The website currently boasts of over 225 verified, professional and experienced English tutors in Port-Harcourt and Rivers environs for all levels of learners. The teachers on this platform offer either face-to-face English Lessons, online English tuition, or both.

On the Superprof website, the tutors are the best in the industry due to the following reasons.

  • Affordable and budget-friendly prices
  • Extremely engaging, experienced, and qualified tutors
  • The tutors offer in-person and online English lessons.
  • The time and places for the English classes are often dependent on the student's availabilities.
  • The first lessons are always free of charge to enable you to confirm if the tutor is suitable for you.

In conclusion, acquiring the basics of English as a Second Language isn’t that difficult as it can be quite engaging.

Don't give up in your English Lesson Classes, as you strive for excellence and fluency!

You can also Google for English tutors near me in Kano, Oyo, Lagos, or Abuja to meet other professional English teachers there.

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