For individuals living in Ibadan, Oyo State, and interested in learning about chemistry in secondary school, at the university level, or just to have a general knowledge about the subject matter, the opportunity now exists both in the University and at home.

Chemistry courses can also be taken in the federal capital of Nigeria and other states in Nigeria.

Chemistry as a science subject has its origins dating back to probably 3000 years ago. People have been conducting experiments with different kinds of substances and compounds until now that it has been modernized into a stand-alone course.

Modern-day Chemistry now allows practitioners to create drugs that can help to fight bacteria and cure deadly sicknesses. Chemistry as a course is a compulsory subject for science students in secondary schools starting from SS 1 to SS 3.

Passing chemistry is a prerequisite for science students to gain admission into the University to study most physical and biological sciences. This article will show you where to find chemistry lessons in Ibadan, Oyo State, and on platforms such as Superprof.

A chemist in the lab
A Professional Chemist in the Laboratory. Source: Shutterstock Image

Chemistry Lessons For Secondary School Students

Learning chemistry at the secondary school level is a foundation for students wishing to further their studies in chemistry. At this stage, the student is expected to study the basics of chemistry at an introductory level.

Teaching chemistry is important since it can be seen in our day to day activities such as the plastic cup one use in drinking water to the metabolic actions taking place in our bodies. Learning chemistry is a great way for young students to learn scientific methods that are often under-emphasized in primary schools.

Encouraging an early interest in this field will help to boost potential careers in STEM fields. An understanding of how chemistry works will help kids develop reasonable expectations.

Therefore, whether you are looking for full-time chemistry tuition or preparation for external examinations such as WAEC, GCE, or JAMB - Ibadan offers you the opportunity to meet professional and experienced tutors. Some of the institutes or centers where you can find professional chemistry tutors in Ibadan include

Excel Pre-Varsity Center is a tutorial center located at number 50 Oba Abimbola Road, Felele, Ibadan, Nigeria. This center prepares students for POST-UTME, UTME, SSCE, and GCE examinations under WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB. The center teaches students the basics of chemistry, such as how organic compounds and other chemical substances interact.

Excellent Tutorial College offers UTME, POST-UTME, SSCE, and GCE under WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB. There offer chemistry lessons for students preparing for these external examinations and others in lower classes. The tutorial college teaches its students the basics of atomic structure, organic chemistry, quantitative chemistry, chemical reactions, and other fundamentals of chemistry.

Chemistry Lessons For Pre-science or JUPEB Level

This is a step further along the path of becoming a full science student at the University. It is greatly recommended that you have a good foundation of chemistry before going fully into studying it as a course at the University.

Different Universities in Nigeria now offers pre-science programs for individual seeking to study chemistry in higher institutions. Another route in which individuals wishing to study chemistry at the University is expected to follow is the JUPEB route.

JUPEB is known as the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board. This is a national examination body approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria to conduct common and standard examinations for the candidates. These candidates are exposed to a minimum of one-year approved courses in the different affiliated Universities.

JUPEB is one of the advanced programs that you can use to gain admission today in Nigeria aside, Cambridge A-Level, NABTEB A-LEVEL, and IJMB.

Different Jupeb Centers exist in Ibadan. Some of the prominent centers in Ibadan are the center at Monatan, Iwo Road. Others include the Jupeb center at the University of Ibadan's second gate, Orogun, and another along Old Ife Road Ibadan, Oyo State.

There are many Jupeb Centres in Ibadan but you must attend the right and accredited one so that you can pass your Jupeb Exam in flying colors. You need good Jupeb grades to be able to gain 200level Admission into the University of your choice.

The body is affiliated with different universities in Nigeria such as the University of Benin,  University of Port Harcourt, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Abia State University Uturu, University of Lagos, and lots of other States and Federal Universities across Nigeria.

Some of the universities in Uyo, that offers direct entry admission through the Jubep route are

  • Lead City University
  • Ladoke Akintola University of Technology
  • Dominican University
  • Ajayi Crowther University

The above-listed Universities in Oyo State accept Jupeb. And some of them run Jupeb Programme in their campuses. Here, the foundation offers courses to improve your knowledge of the basics of chemistry and chemical sciences.

Some of the topics that you will be exposed to include the calculation of molar gas volumes, substance amounts with moles, the use of chemistry, kinetics in chemical reactions, and empirical formulae.

Other topics that you would be taught in preparation for the conversion into a second-year chemistry-related course student will include atomic and molecule structure, periodicity, reaction rates, acid-base reactions, organic chemistry, and analysis techniques.

You would also learn about buffers and pH, electrodes, entropy, and free energy.

If you wish to go through this route in gaining more chemistry knowledge or to bag a degree in chemistry while living in Ibadan, Oyo State - walk into the University Campus and ask for the Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board Institute or any of the listed centers in Ibadan.

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The Joint University Preliminary Examination. Source: Pinterest Image

Chemistry Degree at University Of Ibadan

Having understood the basics of organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry, you are now ready to get admitted into a higher institution in Oyo. Oyo boasts of numerous Universities that teach chemistry courses at university levels. These include the premier University of Ibadan, Lead City University, Lasoke Akintola University of Technology, and Ajayi Crowther University.

Most of these universities offer chemistry as a course. We would be looking at some of the universities in Oyo that has a chemistry department and what their curriculum looks like

Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan

The department of chemistry of this premier University was established in 1948 as one of the school's pioneering departments. The chemistry department at the University of Ibadan is the oldest in Nigeria and boasts of being the best and the largest.

The department offers a degree leading to B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil, and Ph.D. The department focuses its research areas in the following areas.

  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Organic/Natural Product Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry

The University focuses on an interdisciplinary approach by collaborating with other science subjects such as physics, mathematics, and biology to achieve the best approach to the application of chemistry. The chemistry department at the University of Oyo boasts of a fully equipped laboratory that can help in practical learning opportunities.

UI Gate
The University of Ibadan, the Oldest Chemistry Departments in Nigeria. Source: UI/iStock Image

Department of Chemistry, Lead City University

The department of chemistry of the Lead City University is embedded in the faculty of sciences. The faculty consists of several departments that offer different undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology and Toxicology, Physics, and others.

The departments across this faculty enable a collaborative environment for research and teaching.

The course is four years for the award of Bachelor of Science in (B.Sc.) Chemistry

Courses for Developing Your Knowledge of Chemistry in Oyo State

Universities offer advanced studies for individuals that want to become lecturers or teach chemistry in secondary schools. This would require the individual to further their study in chemistry by doing their Master and Doctorate programs in this area.

Here, you are taught the intricacies in instrumentation, the interaction of various substances, and basic chemical analysis.

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In the lab
A Certified Chemist in the Laboratory. Source: Shutterstock Image

Learning Chemistry with Private Tutors in Ibadan

Learning chemistry might not only entail studying in the University or with any of the other programs such as JUPEB and Pre-science programs offered by these universities. There is always an opportunity to enlist private tutors' services that are always willing to teach and explain complicated areas of the study.

You can enlist the services of postgraduate students doing their Masters or Ph.D. programs in chemistry or other professionals to put you through in areas such as titrimetric analysis: acid/base, redox, complexometric, and precipitation titrations, Gravimetric contamination, and appropriate handling of precipitates/crystals.

These tutors can also put you through in your undergraduate majors or for your research program in areas such as

  • Advanced Analytical Chemistry and Applications
  • Nuclear and radiochemistry, and Material chemistry
  • Advanced Chemical Kinetics
  • Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Colloid and Surface Chemistry
  • X-ray Crystallography
  • Quantum Mechanical Treatment of Chemical Bonding
  • Spectroscopy and Organic Structure Determination
  • Pericyclic Reactions, Heterocyclic, and Naturally Occurring Compounds

But remember that these tutors might only help put you through on the theoretical aspects of chemistry, which includes the formulae and equations, but unless they have a laboratory or can access one, then they would be less likely to help you with the practical aspect of the learning.

Where to find private chemistry teachers in Ibadan, Oyo State?

You can go to any of these listed universities such as the University of Ibadan, Lead City University, Lasoke Akintola University of Technology, and Ajayi Crowther University and check their chemistry department. You may be lucky to see an undergraduate or a graduate student that will be willing to teach you either for free or for a little pay.

Most students will jump to the offer since they are looking for other sources of income. But suppose you are not cut out for the stress of travelling to the university environment to look for a private tutor - In that case, you can easily search for professional and reliable private tutors on the Superprof Platform.

The tutors on this platform charge an average of ₦1000-₦1500 per hour. Here, you will meet different tutors ranging from those offering tutoring services to students preparing for WAEC, JAMB, Post-UTME, and GCE to those with a doctorate offering more advanced classes.

Other experts on the Superprof platform offer specialized tutoring services such as tutorials in chemical engineering, biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, bio-medics, and other areas of chemical and physical chemistry. The advantage of this route is its flexibility and adaptability. Also, 95% of tutors on the platform offer their first class free (without commitment) which helps you assess tutors before choosing the best fit for you.

Here, you can arrange the class to suit your calendar and chemistry areas that you wish to understand better. It is quite different from the normal conventional universities.

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