The field of chemistry might not be your strong point, but you don't have to worry or fidget because this guide will help you to find the best chemistry courses and tutorial centers in Lagos.

In starting out as a chemistry student, it’s often crazy reading big textbooks until one’s eyes glaze over without understanding anything.

Studying always without understanding can put you off from reading.

At this point, you only wish to get someone that can help you to understand the intrigues of the chemistry formulas and equations.

The study of chemistry offers one the excitement of conducting experiments and the thrill of watching the explosive reactions of chemicals such as acids.

Yet, if it is one of those disciplines that you are not good in it - it might be dull, frustrating and tiresome.

But the good thing about all this is that you can have an experienced and certified tutor sit down beside you and talk you through the periodic tables, atomic structure, formulae and reactivity series of metals, organic chemistry, and other areas of chemistry.  Therefore, whether you are a secondary school student preparing to write your final examination, an undergraduate student working towards writing his/her semester examination or an adult returning to school to learn chemistry – there are opportunities for chemistry classes and courses in Lagos.

Chemistry Lab in Nigeria
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Chemistry Centre in Lagos State

Lagos State boasts of numerous centres for students looking for a place to study and prepare for their unified examinations such as WAEC, NECO, JAMB, IGCES and A-Level courses in chemistry. Some of these prominent centres in Lagos include

Chemistry Courses at Edu Light Educational Consultancy

Edu light is a  tutorial and educational consultancy firm in Nigeria. It's a good centre for individuals seeking help with chemistry or people wishing to complete a formal A Level or IGCES course. They have offices in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja and Edo State. Edu lights help to prepare pupils for entrance examinations and also offer lessons for Nursery-Primary, Junior-Secondary level, and Senior-Secondary level.

Other services that the educational consultancy offers include A-Levels/IGCES in Chemistry, Test of  English As a Foreign (TOEFL) International English Language Test System(IELTS) Pearson Test of English (PTE) and others like GRE, GMAT, SAT. The centre also offers lesson training for Nigerian exams such as Common Entrance, JSSCE, SSCE, JAMB/UTME all Universities POST JAMB with pass questions and mocks, Adult Education and others.

The centre charges ₦40,000 for its Chemistry A-level course. Always remember to do your research if you are planning to enrol into the centre as each course and sessions has different entry requirement and price.

Start taking extra-curricular chemistry lessons today.

Chemistry Class
A Chemistry Class Practical. Source: Pinterest

De Waymaker Tutorial Centre

De Waymaker Tutorial Center is another lesson centre that offers classes for students ranging from JSS 1 to SS 3. They offer preparatory classes for students preparing for WAEC, NECO, GCE, JAMB and POST-UTME examinations. The tutorial centre prepares students for their chemistry examination and also offers days for chemistry practical in their laboratory.


This is a licensed and accredited centre for basic and advanced studies. The centre helps students to legally secure admission into any university of their choice. This is a good opportunity for individuals wishing to study chemistry at any university in Nigeria.

BRAINFILL Academic offer an advanced level program known as IJMB to help them actualized their dreams.

The centre is located in different states in Nigeria and is located at the heart of the Center of Excellence at 2 Olukole Esho Street, Off Simbiat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos. The IJMB program is an advanced Level Program that enables you to secure a direct entry (DE) admission into any Nigeria University of your choice. The nine months program divided into two semesters allows one to gain 200 level admission in any university without any need to write JAMB.

The centre boast of an ultra-modern laboratory fully equipped with apparatus to prepare candidates for the IJMB final exams in areas such as the periodic table and chemical classification and characterization, theoretical chemistry, organic chemistry, pH values, transition metal chemistry, inorganic chemistry and quantum mechanics and chemical bonding.

GEC Academy

The GEC Academy is located in Number 48 Saka, Tinubu Street, Victoria Island – Lagos. It has offices in two other states in Nigeria which includes Abuja and Port Harcourt. The academy offers academic services that guarantee a pathway to both local and international university opportunities.

The academy offers four unique programmes which includes

  • The International Degree Foundation Programme (IDFP)
  • The International Medical Foundation Programme (IMFP)
  • The International Pre-master’s Programme (IMFP)
  • Advanced Level Programme (A’Level)

Find Chemistry Tutors at Superprof

Superprof is a unique tutorial platform that is designed to help you hire reliable and high-quality private chemistry tutors. These private tuitions are tailored to meet your unique needs depending on your academic level.

There are over one hundred chemistry tutors in Lagos as of today offering lessons across the length and breadth of Lagos at an average of ₦1000-₦1500 per hour.

At Superprof, you are given the opportunity to take chemistry lessons face-to-face, online or both. The platform is the best learning website that can offer you a variety of learning styles that fits you best. 95% of the tutors offer their first lesson free without any longterm commitment which enables you to try out different tutors to find the best fit for you. This is all made possible with your student pass.

For that individual who prefers a personalize teaching and learning at their own pace rather than a conventional school pace, then learning under a private tutor from Superprof is the best option.

It is, therefore necessary to find a chemistry tutor that can assess your strengths and weaknesses that will help you to achieve your academic success.

Find the best organic chemistry tutorial here.

Superprof Image
No 1 Tutoring Website In Nigeria. Source: Superprof Images

Studying Chemistry at the University of Lagos

For those individuals that are serious about furthering their education in chemistry, you may not just aspire to become just an undergraduate student in any of the universities in Lagos, but you may have the aspiration to go for graduate studies such as a Master's degree, A Doctorate, a Postdoc degree or to even win a Noble Prize in Chemistry.

This could be a big dream, but it's achievable!

The University of Lagos offers a host of opportunities in a number of chemistry courses and specialization.

As one of the prestigious university in Nigeria, University of Lagos offers undergraduate opportunities to study chemistry as a stand-alone course or as a joint course such as Biochemistry.

The Department of Chemistry boast of the vibrant teaching and research-based laboratory that is of international standard. It’s rated as the best chemistry department in Nigeria both in teaching and research. Chemistry has remained one of the basic experimental physical sciences and consequently geared towards maintaining the prime central position of being the key fulcrum on which modern-day scientific knowledge revolves.

University of Lagos Couse Overview

The Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry covers the general areas of inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.

The full-time programme of Lagos State University also extends to analytical, nuclear, biophysical chemistry and chemical biology.

It studies different laboratory procedures in inorganic and organic synthesis, spectroscopy, physical-chemical measurements, biochemical engineering, analytical methods, and chemical methods in nuclear technology.

The Chemistry course explores computational chemistry, organic and inorganic synthetic methods, surface chemistry and catalysis, molecular structure determination and photochemistry. Graduates of the Chemistry degree programme find careers in biology, food science and medical sciences.

They deploy laboratory research skills for chemical analysis, which is a significant aspect of these fields. The degree course in Chemistry at Lagos State University covers both the theoretical and practical depth of the course.

By completing the degree programme, you will be able to apply your knowledge of chemical analysis across all related fields.

At the end of the degree programme, you will acquire a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and will be able to work as

  • Chemical engineer.
  • Forensic scientist
  • Analytical chemist.
  • Healthcare scientist

Advancement beyond the undergraduate level into the postgraduate level in the Department of Chemistry is dependent on your commitment, the grade of degree you graduated with (First Class, Second Class Upper (Honors) or Second Class Lower (Honors).

The postgraduate program of the University of Lagos offers you the possibilities to research your favourite aspect of chemical science.

If you are interested in spending your life in chemistry research – whether that’s in biomolecular level, computational level, or quantum chemistry – studying at university is obviously a must.

Chemistry practical with a Scientist. Source: Pinterest Image


As one of the most populous cities in Nigeria and Africa in general, Lagos offers one of the best opportunities in the country for anyone that wishes to dive into everything that chemistry got to offer.

Here, in Lagos, you will be opportune to meet numerous experience and renown professors in the field of chemistry that will be willing to take you under their tutelage. Also, there are hundreds of companies that one can practice and intern under here in Lagos.

To stand out in the field of chemistry, there is no point for you to struggle alone when learning and mastering those complicated formulas and equations. So whether it's through a group class, an evening lesson or a private tutor, we hope that you will find the needed support that is suitable for your need.

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