Several options are now open for individuals seeking to study chemistry either as a hobby or a career. These options are opened for you either as a student in school or as evening lesson centers.

These lesson centers offer science tutorials that consist of chemistry, physics, biology, or mathematics. Other institutes are scattered across the country that offers A-level, IGSCs, and IJPEB Classes for students looking for direct entry to study chemistry in Nigeria or wishing to school abroad. This is why a great level of importance is placed on learning chemistry for science students in school from SS 1 to SS3.

During WAEC, GCE, and NECO examination, students are expected to credit Maths and English and at least five other subjects. For science students, that would mean either chemistry, physics, or biology.

In this article, we would show you places where you can find chemistry classes in Nigeria and how to connect with private tutors who will be willing to take you through the basics of chemistry.


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How can you study chemistry at school?

Most Montessori schools in big cities in Nigeria offers GCS classes, which comprises of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology. Others offer you the opportunity to go for advance A-Level courses at a particular time.

At A-levels, you are free to study just Chemistry before proceeding to university. At this level, you will be exposed to the fundamentals of chemistry, which will consist of the periodic table of elements, organic and inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, basic lab practice, and, in some cases, the principal aspects of environmental chemistry.

Chemistry courses at Nigeria universities

Most universities in Nigeria have slightly the same entry requirements for admission to study chemistry or other chemistry-related courses such as industrial chemistry, biochemistry, and others.

Admission requirement into the four years full-time B.Sc. program into most Nigeria universities includes

  • At least five ordinary credit passes in WASC, NECO SSCE, or WAEC SSCE/GCE.
  • A minimum of 180 for federal universities or 160 for most state and private universities with an option for Post-UTME
  • The required subjects include Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics, and either Agricultural Sciences or Biology.

Depending on the university ranking and the number of students that choose the school as their first choice, there will be a possibility for a higher JAMB score before you are given admission to study chemistry as a course. It's important to note that the fees for the different universities that offer chemistry as an undergraduate and postgraduate course differ.

Averagely the school fees for a federal university in Nigeria is within ₦35,000-₦48,000, while those in state universities pay an average of ₦90,000 to ₦130,000. Private universities bill the highest and are generally around ₦700,000 to ₦1,300,000 per session (2020).

The chemistry course requires you to go for a one-year compulsory industrial training program to familiarize yourself with the practical and real-life application of the things you were taught in the classroom. Most of these universities offer postgraduate studies in chemistry with the opportunity to specialize in different chemistry fields.

M.Sc. programs for chemistry are usually a minimum of 2 years, while the Ph.D. program usually runs for a minimum of 3 years.

Studying Chemistry with a Private Tutor

Having a private tutor comes with different unique advantages, such as ease of learning and the study's flexibility. Here, you will study whatever aspects of chemistry you are having challenges with and the rate and dynamism you are comfortable with.

This route allows your teacher to focus on graphs, models, and chats if you are a visual learner or on textbooks if you learn and comprehend better with a written text.

Concerning the online classes, you can organize online courses if you're far from the tutor and have a chance to meet different professionals ranging from beginners to experts. The only drawback to this option is that the tutor might not have a private laboratory, but this can be taken care of if the tutor can rent or use a public lab in the city.

Here at Superprof, you can find the perfect instructor that will help to get through A-Level or those thorny organic chemistry and bonding in industrial chemistry.

In Superprof, we have over 10,000 tutors available throughout Nigeria and the globe that are willing to help you with an average fee of ₦1000 to ₦2500 per hour. Take advantage of the first free lesson that the tutors offer to select the best tutor that suits your unique need.

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Finding Chemistry Courses in Abuja

Nigeria’s capital city offers many opportunities for those interested in studying chemistry in Abuja at the secondary school level, at A-Level, Jupeb, or in any of the public or private universities in Abuja.

Lesson Centers in Abuja

These centers are perfect for secondary school students and levers preparing or writing WAEC, NECO, GCE, JAMB, or Post-UTME in Abuja. It's also an excellent place for individuals who are still not sure of what they want to study to be exposed to the course's intricacies.

Some of the places where one can find a lesson center in Abuja include Comprehensive Tutorial Centre – located at Byazhin Kubwa Primary School, Behind Water Board, Bwari, 901101, Abuja, and Ivory Gate Education Centre – located at FHA Lugbe Abuja.

BRIX ACADEMY is another center that has several science-based laboratories that might be of interest, letting you do experiments and see if you want to brave a university tuition fee to study chemistry in Abuja.

Chemistry Academy in Abuja

Different chemistry academy exists in Nigeria's capital city, where individuals can go through the rudiments of chemistry in preparation for getting admission into any of the reputable universities in Nigeria or abroad.

Some of the popular chemistry institutes or academies in Nigeria include Excellent Tutorial Center Abuja.  This academy offers IGCSE, GCSE, and CAMBRIDGE classes for its students. There teach the students topics in chemistry such as atomic structure, formulae, reactivity series of metals, organic chemistry, and reaction rates in the lesson classes. The class includes two written papers.

Other centers where you can take chemistry at an advanced level in preparation for your university education include JUPEB centers located in different areas in Abuja. While IJMB centers located at the central part of FCT at Gwarinpa and in Lugbe prepare you for a university's direct entry course. There also offer Chemistry as A-level subjects.

Studying Chemistry at Universities in Abuja

More than one university in Abuja has Chemistry among its options for both undergraduate and graduate-level courses. Generally, the first three years are all about what you need to know about the course (theoretical and experimental).

In your third year (second semester),  you are expected to go for a compulsory industrial training program before selecting a topic to write on for your project work in your final year.

Some of the universities in Abuja that offers Chemistry include

  • University of Abuja
  • Nile University of Nigeria
  • National Open University of Nigeria
  • Veritas University Abuja
  • Baze University Abuja
  • African University of Science and Technology

In addition, some of these above-listed universities offer different specialities of Chemistry, ranging from Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, physical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry.

Start taking extra-curricular chemistry lessons today.


Chemistry Courses in Edo State

Although Edo State might not have much to offer in terms of A-Level programs for chemistry classes, you are sure to find some evening chemistry classes for secondary school students and leavers.

Learning Chemistry in Higher Institution in Edo State

The University of Benin offers both an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree to learn the theory and practice of chemistry.

Here, you are expected to attend lectures and work in state-of-the-art laboratories. During your final year at the university, you are expected to work on a research project.

The department of Chemistry at the University of Benin offers two programs leading to the award of B.Sc. Chemistry and B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry.

The school offers both Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Masters of Science (M.Sc.), and Doctor of Philosophy (P.Hd.).

If you want to become a chemistry teacher in Benin, Edo State, the University of Benin faculty of education has a chemistry course for those wishing to become a secondary school chemistry teacher.

Chemistry Courses in Ibadan

Some exciting centers in Ibadan offer one the opportunity to learn chemistry at the secondary school level and the advanced level.

Chemistry Lesson Centers in Ibadan

Some of the lesson centers where you can find professional chemistry teachers in Ibadan include Excel Pre-Varsity Center and Excellent Tutorial College both located at Ibadan.

These centers offer chemistry lessons for students preparing for these external examinations and others in lower classes. The tutorial college teaches its students the basics of atomic structure, organic chemistry, quantitative chemistry, chemical reactions, and other chemistry fundamentals.

Study Chemistry Courses at the Universities in Ibadan

Living in Ibadan, Uyo State, and interested in studying chemistry is relatively easy due to the number of universities in Uyo that offer Chemistry as a Bachelors's and Postgraduate courses.

Oyo boasts of numerous Universities that teach chemistry courses at university levels. These include the premier University of Ibadan, Lead City University, Lasoke Akintola University of Technology, and Ajayi Crowther University.

Chemistry Course in Port-Harcourt Rivers State

Port Harcourt is a wonderful area for chemistry classes. You can learn chemistry as a hobby or as a full-time career in Port Harcourt. If you want to study chemistry at university, you will need to credit Chemistry in your WAEC, NECO, or GCE.

Learning Chemistry at a Lesson Center in Port Harcourt

Many higher institutions in Rivers State offer pre-science programs and JUBEP programs for people wishing to foray into the chemistry department at the university level.

But presently, they are specialized institutes and centers that offer evening lessons, revision, or tuition for individuals wishing to learn about chemistry or preparing for WAEC, NECO, G.C.E., JAMB, or Post-UTME.

Some of the lesson centers in Port Harcourt include The Obiye Academy, which offers WAEC, JAMB, G.C.E., and Post-UTME. The center also offers international examinations such as GRE, IELTS, and IGCSE. Others include The Pathfinder Tutorial center and Unique Education Center, where you will be taught different topics ranging from basic atomic structure, the periodic table, quantitative chemistry, and chemical bonding.

Universities in Rivers State offering courses in chemistry

There is more than one institution in Rivers state that you can study Chemistry at the university level. These are:

  • University of Port Harcourt
  • Rivers State University
  • Ignatius Ajuru University of Education

Chemistry Course in Lagos State

Lagos state is a bedrock of different educational centers ranging from evening lessons, specialized academy, and different higher institutions that offer chemistry as a study course.

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Learning Chemistry at a Lesson Center in Lagos

Different chemistry centers exist in Lagos, where one can learn chemistry and prepare for the A-Level course in Lagos.

Examples of these tutorial centers include the Edu light Academy. It's a right-center for individuals seeking help with chemistry or people wishing to complete a formal A Level or IGCES course.

Others include De Waymaker Tutorial Center, BRAINFILL Academic, and GEC Academy

Learning Chemistry in Higher Institutions in Lagos State

The University of Lagos offers a host of opportunities in a number of chemistry courses and specialization.

As one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria, the University of Lagos offers undergraduate opportunities to study chemistry as a stand-alone or joint course such as Biochemistry. The University also provides postgraduate courses to those who would want to specialize and go further in chemistry.

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