Every time the word science comes up in a conversation a person with a conical flask playing around with chemicals comes to mind. For almost all of modernity, chemistry has been the face of science probably because of how enticing it looks. Some people are drawn to chemistry lessons simply because of its charm as a science subject.

We all agree chemistry is the absolute cliché image of science but it has been around from a very long time ago. The chemistry education you are receiving at your school is actually the result of millennia long research and tests and a great deal of knowledge-gathering by many people from history from more than 3000 years ago.

Right from antiquity to that time when we delved into the shady science of alchemy to the times of Aristotle to Robert Boyle to the man known as the father of chemistry, Antoine Lavoisier, a French Chemist from the 18th Century. These people and the rest of humanity all contributed to chemistry in their own way.

Chemistry education began a long time ago.
We have been tinkering with chemistry since antiquity. Source: Unsplash.com

Some found new chemicals and compounds, some found them by accident but most did by trial and error and a deliberate understanding of the subject. Chemistry is valuable as it tends to our most basic needs, such as medicine, sanitization, drinkable water and safe food, no wonder they went to such great lengths to make sure the field of chemistry is very much alive.

It is even the foundation of beauty products and plenty of other everyday products we don’t have the time nor the space to mention here. Taking chemistry lessons is a step to becoming a chemist, one of the most needed jobs in society. A countless number of students take chemistry lessons every year in Nigeria, starting from their Senior Secondary, they begin from SS1 through SS3.

Chemistry is the study of the state of matter and the changes that occur to the states of matter and to matter itself. It is the study of reactions between atoms, molecules and substances, in chemistry, you will learn about the nature of these elements and substances, and learn how they react under certain circumstances.

Chemistry is vital to preserving life on Earth today, with all the crisis of climate change and ecological disasters happening all around us, we are relying on chemical engineers to devise safe solutions i) to reduce pollution of the environment, ii) to find sustainable methods for the continuance of our existence on Earth.

For instance, they could create new agro products that do less harm to the environment when growing crops.

Chemistry education in Nigeria is a core science subject and it could feel overwhelming sometimes, you may understand one part and not understand another part at all. That is why it is sometimes necessary to find a chemistry tutor.

As it is a popular science subject just like Physics is, finding a chemistry tutor in Nigeria is not difficult, in fact, all you got to do is read on. It’s a guide on everything about learning Chemistry in Nigeria, but wait, why study chemistry?

Why You Should Take Chemistry

There are probably a dozen or so reasons why you should take chemistry lessons, we are going to highlight a few of them here to let you see the impact chemistry has on our modern society.

Here we go:

Helps Us Improve The  Environment

Toxic chemicals and industrial waste that is let out into the environment freely is killing where we live and poisoning our food and water (a crisis we also face in Nigeria). It has long been a problem many politicians, advocates of the environment have been campaigning for it to stop.

They want us to live a clean healthier life, and that can only happen with the help of chemists stepping in to neutralize the harmful chemicals that are being let out into the environment.

Hence, chemistry, quite literally saves the day.

Helps Us Understand The World Better

Since chemistry is the study of matter which is what we are entirely made of, and the things in our surroundings which are also made from matter, understanding chemistry means we will understand the world around us better (and ourselves too).

Knowing the properties of things and understanding how they work makes us better at utilizing energy and raw materials. For instance, when we knew how effective Cobalt (Co) is in storing charge, it quickly replaced other metals in batteries. Cobalt is now widely used in making cellphone batteries.

Chemistry helps us understand the world around us.
Chemistry helps us understand the world around us. Source: Unsplash.com

If we had not known about the unique property that made Cobalt what it is, we wouldn’t have been able to harness its full potential.

Chemistry Is Useful To Your Everyday Life

With the knowledge of chemistry education, you will be better informed about what you buy at our supermarkets in Nigeria. From beauty products to food products, you will be able to read what the labels said and understand it.

With that, you can tell what is harmful to you or identify something you are allergic to and prevent any problem from happening. In general, you will make better choices in your everyday life if you knew even the basics of chemistry.

It Has Lots Of Job Opportunities

Chemistry has many branches in the sciences such as biological chemistry, nuclear chemistry, pure chemistry and making of drugs, etc., and with each branch of chemistry is a job opportunity waiting to be taken.

Each and every field is a specialty of its own that requires one to get a bachelor’s degree for it, after which is the possibility of a job offer at the end of your studies.

It Is Fun To Learn

Have you ever been to a chemistry lab at your school? If you haven’t you need to get down there and see for yourself how amazing chemistry really is.

When some chemicals are mixed they change colour and it is incredibly satisfying to watch, besides you know fully how it happened and why it did what it just did.

Looking for more reasons why you should study chemistry? Here are 10 reasons. 

How To Find A Chemistry Tutor In Nigeria

Chemistry is one of the most important subjects in science class, just like biology and physics and maths. For that reason, many students seek help with chemistry lessons to perfect their understanding of it.

You can find a chemistry tutor around your local area or you can try the more reliable method and go online to look. Superprof has what you need, it is a knowledge-sharing website with tens of thousands of tutors listed on the website from all around Nigeria, so you will definitely find a tutor near your location, all you got to do is search.

On Superprof you can narrow down the search listing by location, and by whether you want the lessons to hold in-person or online, you take your pick.

You can also try to approach your seniors at school for help, they are always willing to explain stuff to their junior ones. And also don’t forget the chemistry teachers too, you are obviously not the first to come directly to them for extra help, either after classes or during breaks.

How To Know The Right Chemistry Teacher To Choose

Pick a chemistry tutor according to your needs, you could be preparing for chemistry WAEC and what you need is a chemistry tutor that can help you prepare for your exams on topics from the chemistry WAEC syllabus.

There are many qualified chemistry teachers out there but they won’t be of much help to you if they aren’t the right ones for you. To choose your tutor you need to choose according to the goal you want to achieve, like the WAEC we talked about. It could be the goal or objective, and you can choose a chemistry private teacher based on that.

If you just want simple chemistry home lessons to improve your overall performance, fine.

How Much Is Chemistry Tuition In Nigeria?

Before you hatch any plans for chemistry tuition you should first consider the costs. Private home lessons are quite costly depending on where you live in Nigeria.

Lagos and Abuja are probably the most expensive, because of the demand there is high so there is a rise in the cost of tuition. But even so, you can find chemistry tutors well within your budget.

Some are undergraduate students simply trying to earn a few extra bucks, their prices are usually very reasonable. For about ₦1,500 to ₦3,500 per hour, you can find a tutor for chemistry lessons in Nigeria on Superprof.

What Kind Of Job Does A Chemist Do?

Chemistry lessons is useful to get a job at a factory.
Chemistry is used across many industries to manufacture chemicals for everyday use. Source: Unsplash.com

Chemists are responsible for extracting most of our resources from the ground, from extracting it to purifying it and making it into a final product for use, and one of our main resources in Nigeria is petroleum.

Chemical processes are used to purify it and make available for purchase to use in our vehicles and to use at home for burning to cook. This is the job of a chemist, and there are plenty of other examples where chemists make resources available to us.

One could become a chemical engineer working on petroleum products or working on agro-chemicals and so on. The possibilities are endless.

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