Article for Tutors

Visibility of my ad

Want to improve your ad? Follow the advice of our team.

Add a photo:
A profile with a photo is 10 times more likely to be viewed. Choose a photo that clearly shows your full face, highlights your professionalism and your profession.

Elaborate all sections :
Write a minimum of 40 words in the parts “about the lesson" and “ about the tutor". Providing information on your skills and experiences increases the chances of being contacted by students.

Be responsive :
Respond to requests as quickly as possible.

Ask for recommendations :
To reassure your future students, do not hesitate to highlight your past experiences. Send them the link found in the "Reviews" tab on your dashboard or in the “Recommendations” text block at the bottom of your ad.

Ask for reviews :
Your Superprof students can also leave you a review via the “Evaluate” button in their messenger. Do not hesitate to suggest this to them.

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