Studying scientific subjects such as chemistry, physics and biology in Nigeria can enrich your experience because there is more to be learned in those subjects. In this article, our focus will be on physics subject and where to find the best physics courses in Nigeria. You will also get information on where to get the best private tutors to teach you physics in the best possible method available.

An average Nigerian student finds it difficult coping with subjects like mathematics and physics. Why is it so? Could it be because the subjects are too difficult? Truth be told, physics and mathematics are a little bit more complex than an average course like biology, agricultural science or even English language. However, with a sound educational background and the right information, you shouldn't be struggling with any academic subjects.

To have a good grasp of mathematics and physics, the journey starts from primary school. Once you put in the hard work and equip yourself with the necessary skills needed at an early stage, there shouldn't be any serious challenge moving forward.

With a strong knowledge in maths, you will find it easy to learn physics when you get to the senior secondary school. Becoming a science student demands that you must be good in calculations and research. This has been the challenge of many, and quite a number of people have run away from their dreams because of calculations.

Nothing is bigger than a man if only he faces his challenges squarely. Studying properly and getting help from an expert in any subject is the best way to gain mastery over the subject.


Top Universities For Physics Nigeria
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Why you need to learn maths and physics in Nigeria

To become a successful scientist, you can never run from these two subjects. All engineering, technology, and IT courses require that you have a solid background in physics and mathematics. As a matter of fact, physics is the gateway to dozens of careers in the science field. Jobs like mechanical engineering, IT, telecommunication, oil and gas, all have physics as one of the requirements. Do you see why Physic is very important to our society?

You are introduced to physics programme in senior secondary school. This is a very crucial moment in your life because it is when you start to design your career. In most secondary schools, you will be advised to stay in science, social science, arts or commercial class. If you want to become a doctor, engineer, computer scientist, pharmacist, physicist, chemist, etc., you have to be in the sciences.

Your senior secondary school education shouldn't be taken lightly. You must study hard to gain admission to the university. While some students are very brilliant to cope with subjects being taught by their teachers, the majority of the students would require the services of a private tutor to help them out in subjects like mathematics and physics.

Some of the top universities for physics Nigeria are always in search of the best students to admit. In your final external exams (NECO and WAEC), you need to write the English language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, geography, and agricultural science. A minimum of 5 credit passes is required in your applications to be considered for admission. Writing JAMB is also one of the requirements needed to gain admission to college as an undergraduate.

Aside from using JAMB as an entry method to the university, one can actually gain admission through direct entry applications. Direct entry simply means gaining admission to 200 level after spending 2 years to acquire a diploma certificate. Although this is an uncommon way of getting accepted to college.

Having said all these, we shall be looking at where to study physics in Nigeria. Our focus will be on major cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, and Ibadan.

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Studying physics course in Lagos

When it comes to business and education, you can take it from Lagos State. Lagos has been known to produce some of the best scholars in Nigeria. If you decide to study physics in Lagos, there are good universities and polytechnics in the city you can attend for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. One notable one is the Federal University of Lagos (UNILAG). The school was founded in 1962 and has different faculties. They have physics programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Another school that is worthy of mention is the Lagos State University (LASU). LASU offer physics courses and it is usually a 4-year course.

If you decide to attend a polytechnic in Lagos, We highly recommend Yaba Polytechnic. It has been in existence for years and has produced great students that are making waves at international level.

See a list of schools you can study physics in Lagos.

Study physics program in Abuja

Being the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, education is taken seriously in Abuja. There are both public and private institutions you can study physics or any other related courses in Abuja. The first school that comes to mind is the Federal University of Abuja, Gwagwalada. Founded in 1988, UNI-ABUJA offers both academic and non-academic services to students. The physics department is under the faculty of science, with lots of lecturers with years of experience in teaching.

If you enjoy online or distant learning, you may also want to consider the National Open University of Nigeria for your studies. After your first degree, you can apply for scholarships to study in international universities if you graduate with outstanding qualifications.

Other private schools to attend in ABJ include Baze University, African University of Science and Technology, and Veritas University. While we are sure that the department of physics in UNI-ABJ is accredited, you may want to confirm the other private institutions to be sure of their accreditation status.

Read more on where to study physics in Abuja.

Best Physics Courses Nigeria
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Studying physics in the city of Port Harcourt

The Federal University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) and the Rivers State University are the two government-owned and most popular higher institutions in Rivers State. UNIPORT is known to have one of the best physics courses Nigeria has ever had. The areas of physics you can specialize on in your final year include geophysics, computational physics, material science, quantum physics, and solar energy. After your first degree, if you are interested in research and would want to further your education, UNIPORT has good facilities for a Master's degree and PhD. On the other hand, Rivers State University is a state-owned college that has its primary focus on science and technology.

Get full details on where to study physics in Port Harcourt.

Get a physics degree in Ibadan

You can't omit the Federal University of Ibadan when talking about the top universities for physics Nigeria. Apart from studying physics, UI is considered the best university in Nigeria and one of the best in Africa and can be compared to international schools. Getting admitted to study physics course needs adequate preparation. The requirements for entry are always high and for you to stand a chance, you may need to get help from learning platforms such as Superprof. After a 4 year period and you meet all requirements, you will be awarded a bachelor degree in science (BSc physics).

If you are interested in building a career in education and want to attend a college of education in Oyo State for physics education course, the Oyo State College of Education would be the perfect school to choose.

See the full list of schools that offer physics in Ibadan.

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Getting a physics degree in Kano State

If you are looking for where to study physics in Nigeria, Kano State has some reputable schools to consider. If you live in Kano or are interested in schooling in the northern part of Nigeria, universities like Bayero University, Kano (BUK) and Kano University of Science and Technology are good schools to give a shot. Other schools are Yusuf Maitama Sule University and Lamido University.

Studying physics in any of these schools require credit passes in the core science subjects and a good score in JAMB. To help boost your chances of gaining admission into the university, you may need the services of a professional private tutor for coaching.

See details of schools to study physics in Kano.

Getting a private tutor on Superprof for physics courses in Nigeria

Learning Physics Online
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Getting a private tutor for a physics course from Superprof platform would support you to understand the concept of the subject. Superprof has a list and profile of approved tutors with years of teaching experience. Many students in secondary and university level make use of our platform to get assistance in their studies. With Superprof, you get your first one hour of lesson for free. Why is it free? This is to ensure that you have nothing to lose. After taking your free lesson module, you can decide to subscribe to the service of the tutor if you enjoy his teaching method.

There are dozens of teachers to support you in learning physics, English language or any other subjects in different states of the country. Read through the reviews of each teacher and check if the profile has what it takes to be your coach. No need to wait any further! Develop your maths and physics skills today and build a solid career for yourself.

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