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💰What is the average price of Physics lessons?
The average price of Physics  lessons is ‎₦2682.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
  • The location of your lessons (at home, online, or an outside location)
  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

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On Superprof, many of our Physics tutors offer online tuition.

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175440 tutors are currently available to give Physics lessons near you.

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From a sample of 20312  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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How To Find Physics Tutors In Nigeria

Are you looking for the best physics teachers in Nigeria to teach your kids at home?

Private home lessons are an opportunity for your kids to learn more about the physics subject. The home lessons can help them when preparing for science exams, or when they are having difficulty understanding physics topics. In the event where you are the one in need of the private physics tutor, you will notice that it is an opportunity to practice and solve more physics formulas.

What is Physics, you may ask? Physics is one of the fundamental subjects of the science class in senior secondary school, the others are biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Physics and maths go along well usually because of similarities in some calculations found in both of the subjects. That is why a physics and maths tutor is often the same person.

Now, to find a physics lesson teacher in Nigeria who will come to my address to teach my child or to teach me physics is simple, you can begin by asking around, it always works because word of mouth travels fast. Someone might know someone who is teaching the subject to young folk. If your inquiry bears fruit and they happen to have a free time slot, then you are in luck. Your kids could be learning physics for beginners in no time.

If you are interested in learning physics online, you can look up an online physics tutor on tutorial websites, there are thousands of them offering an online physics class for a fee, usually paid by the hour. This way, you can learn physics easily with these online physics lectures. They offer high school physics tutoring for students at secondary school level and advanced level physics for those at the university levels. Tutors will instruct you on how to learn physics effectively.

On Superprof Nigeria, you will discover that there are private physics teachers from all walks of life, from moderate students to professional teachers of the subject. The students are often university undergraduates who have spare time in their hands and need some extra pocket money so they get tutor jobs, while the professionals are graduates with years of experience.

They come from all parts of Nigeria, every state has its share of physics and maths tutors, and are available for face to face lessons at your home or online physics lesson. Note that the first hour of the lesson is free with 95% of the tutors. Hence, it is highly unlikely you won't find someone who could teach physics for beginners, who has the experience and is capable of teaching you or your child according to your physics class requirements.

All you need to start your physics tutorials is to find the right time you are most comfortable taking physics tuition, check the size of your budget, determine your goals (e.g. get better grades), select your state and choose qualified 'physics tutors near me', then head over to the tutor's profile and contact them.

Ways Physics Tutors Can Help You Learn Physics

A physics tutor for high school can help you with a number of things, among them is helping you prepare for examinations.

If the upcoming exam is physics WAEC for instance, the tutor will train the candidates on answering objectives and theory questions, and they will use the WAEC syllabus as a guide.

For the Jamb UTME, the private physics teacher will adhere to the Physics JAMB syllabus. The tutor may also instruct the student using physics textbooks, and past questions and answers, e.t.c, giving them elementary physics lessons. If it’s a school end of session exams, the physics tutor will simply adhere to the school curriculum or scheme of work, as prescribed by the system of education in Nigeria.

Who Will Teach Me Physics In Nigeria?

A physics teacher's job is to help impart the knowledge of the laws of physics to a student. With tutoring, physics will be made easy and you will learn more about physics topics that range from motion in physics to vectors. If you become good at physics the other science subjects such as chemistry, biology and mathematics become easy during regular classes. Physics is also the bedrock of many other science and technology courses, so they too will become easy.

What sets a private home lesson apart from the traditional class or group lesson is the personalized learning experience. The one on one approach will enable you to pay more attention and it increases focus. And while learning face to face with a physics tutor, you will be learning at your own pace.

If you want, however, the tutor doesn't have to come to your place, you can find a physics tutor online, meaning, it could be online tutoring via webcam, making it become a physics class online.

How You Can Learn Physics Online: Physics Made Easy

Learning through the internet is common these days. You can set up an internet connection in your home and start lessons with a physics tutor online.

You can study physics online in Nigeria with the aid of Skype, google chat, or Zoom. To find online physics tutors, search the tutorial websites.

Superprof lists many physics online tutors in Nigeria who give you the option for online lessons via webcam. You can filter the search to exclude those profiles that don't offer online tutoring and vice versa.

Keep narrowing down the list to only those who fit your criteria, and check the reviews and ratings on a tutor's profile. The profile will also tell you more about their experience, how qualified they are, and their fee by the hour, etc., so that you can get the best possible lesson teacher. You also get the first hour of lesson free.

All you need (to begin), is a computer with a webcam and microphone, an internet connection, and then carry on with your physics tutorial.

(TIP: Choose a strong and reliable network in your state, video streaming requires a good network connection).

Become A Private Physics Teacher

Private physics teacher jobs are quite popular and in high demand. Parents hire qualified physics tutors to give students a physics for beginners tutorial.

Online physics course is often sought after by degree or master's engineering students, whose study is focused on one branch of physics or course at a time and may need physics online lectures.

You can start earning income if you take a private teacher job, and the more years you are employed as a tutor the more experienced you will be which increases your earnings.

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