If you are a science student, there is a list of primary subjects that are termed compulsory in secondary school. While some students find it quite easy to cope with complex courses, others struggle to cope without the help of a private teacher. If you must be successful in the science class, you must do well in primary subjects such as English Language, Mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. This is not to say that arts or social science students don't have anything to worry about.

For you to do well in subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, you need to study hard, and in most cases, get the help of an approved tutor.

It is quite understandable that some students consider education as too difficult for them to cope. However, it should also be noted that education is the surest pathway to building a successful career in any field. Without preparing yourself in secondary school and university level, there are some top jobs that you will likely not able to lay your hands on.

Therefore, to build a generation that is ever ready to take on complex responsibilities, it is necessary to employ the services of the best teachers to build pupils and students with strong character and intelligence. 

The truth is, no student is too dull to learn whatever he sets his mind to learn. Teaching a child at an early stage will shape his mind and prepare him for the complex tasks ahead. The teaching method used by a teacher can also determine the learning experience of students.

Without further ado, Superprof has taken it upon itself to help students find the best schools for physics courses and how to get the best tutors to enhance your physics skills.

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Studying physics at a secondary school level in Ibadan, Oyo State

Where to Study Physics in the City of Ibadan
A youngster taking his physics lessons assignment serious | Photo Credit: kone kassoum from Pixabay

Studying physics at the secondary school level starts at Senior Secondary School (SS1). Physics is meant for science students. To be good in physics, you may need the services of a private teacher to help you with any topic you find difficult to understand. Memorizing physics formulae has been the undoing of many students, hence they complain of physics as a difficult subject. Once you can memorize those formulae at an early stage, your journey to becoming good in physics would be a nice one.

As a Nigerian secondary school student, the curriculum is the same for all the states in the country. Your first year in the senior secondary school is a crucial one because that is when you start to decide what career path you would like to follow.

Are you interested in engineering, medicine, pharmacy, education, or physics? This is the crucial time to decide what path to go with. Whatever career you choose as a youngster, the sky would be your limit if you take your studies serious by seeking help in time of difficulties and studying hard whatever you are being taught.

If you decide to become a scientist, then you must be in the science class. The primary subjects you will offer include English language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, agricultural science, geography, and economics. Many students are afraid of the sciences majorly because of mathematics and physics. Once you have a good grasp of maths, understanding physics wouldn't be a big deal for you.

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Accredited Universities that offer physics courses in Ibadan

The Federal University of Ibadan

If you are interested in studying physics or any course related to physics at the university level, there are top universities for physics Nigeria. One of such schools is the Federal University of Ibadan, Oyo State. however, it accepts only outstanding students

For you to study physics, engineering, computer sciences, technology courses, or any other science course, you need to meet certain requirements. The requirements include getting credit passes in subjects such as English language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Without these credit passes, it will be impossible for you to gain admission into the university.

Also, your JAMB score must be good enough to be offered the opportunity to sit for Post-UTME. For universities like the Federal University of Ibadan, competition is fierce! It accepts only the best students. You need to perform well in your WASSCE and JAMB to be offered admission.

Lead City University

Lead City is another good school to study physics in Ibadan. It is a private university that was founded in 2005 by Tunji Olaopa. The school covers a wide range of courses including physics and electronic, engineering, pharmacy, computer science, geosciences, and a host of others.

Lead City University also has postgraduate programmes for students who want to further their education after their first degree. Since it is a private university, the admission requirements may not be as strict as the university of Ibadan, but the tuition fee is higher when compared to a public institution.

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The Polytechnic of Ibadan

The Polytechnic of Ibadan is one of the leading schools for students who want to pursue their education at the polytechnic level. Although most students will prefer a university, the polytechnic is not as bad as most people think. You can study physics in a polytechnic and further your study for Masters and PhD.

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Some outstanding careers you can pursue with a solid degree in physics

With a solid background in physics, there is hardly any career you can't achieve in the sciences. This is why physics as a subject is considered as one of the core subjects for science students.

Below are what you can do with sound knowledge in physics:

Becoming a physicist

Contrary to what most people think that anyone that studies physics at the university level will definitely become a teacher, there is more to physics than what you think. There are dozens of branches in physics anyone could specialize on, some of which include geophysics, nuclear physics, atomic physics, material science, computational physics, and a lot more. These are research courses that are suitable for anyone who enjoys research.

Scientists such as Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Michael Faraday are all great physicists that have impacted the world positively. They dedicated their lives in unravelling some mysteries that ravaged the world.

To become a researcher, it is highly recommended that you go for your Master's and PhD after you complete your first degree. If you search properly, there are international schools in Europe and America that are ready to fund your Master's and PhD.

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Top Universities for Physics Nigeria
A female engineer that built herself by learning physics | Photo Credit: sagoodi from Pixabay

Be it mechanical, electrical, chemical or any form of engineering course, a solid background in physics would give you an upper hand to further in Engineering. Engineers form a part of the professions that make the world a better place to live. As an engineer, you can work in telecommunication companies, oil and gas, energy, mining, healthcare centres, and a host of others.

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There is a lot to be achieved in the IT sector if you have the brain to handle things like coding. Having a solid background in maths and physics would help you thrive in ICT. With your IT skills, a lot of job opportunities will be available to you.

As it stands presently, most science students are beginning to work in other sectors such as banking. This is because subjects like physics and mathematics have helped to develop the brain to the point of handling complex tasks. So don't be surprised whenever you visit a bank and you discover that some of the employees there are core science students.

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Finding a private tutor to take you physics courses Nigeria

Physics Courses Nigeria
Learning physics formulae at an early stage | Photo Credit: PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Technology has made education easy to acquire. Online learning via webcam is now possible with easy access to the internet. Unlike before, we can now study with soft copy materials without needing to leave the comfort of our homes.

In Ibadan and other cities in Nigeria, one can actually find a lesson class for learning. There are private classes organised by people to teach students. There are also private tutors that engage in one-on-one teaching.

Now, there arise questions like, how easy is it to get a teacher with an approved profile for my lesson? Well, you can go to search engines such as Google and type in words like, "finding a private tutor for physics courses in Ibadan" and you would get some useful information. However, some students still find this process daunting because they don't trust online tutors.

If you are interested in improving on subjects like physics, mathematics, or any other subjects but don't know where to get an approved tutor, Superprof has come to give you what you want. You can start your lessons on Superprof because it has been the number one platform for most Nigerian students

Why should I choose a tutor on Superprof? With the platform, you can decide to learn online via webcam or organize a face-to-face class with your tutor. You can read reviews of tutors and see which reviews appeal to you most before starting your training.

Another thing that makes most students run to Superprof is the fact that you get your first one-hour teaching for free for you to test any tutor. This means that you have nothing to lose if you are not cool with the teaching method of a tutor. There is a list of dozens of teachers to choose from and all the teachers on the platform have the required experience to coach any student on any subject.

You can start your training in physics courses today via webcam or face-to-face classes. The right time to start your lesson is now. Groom yourself in physics, maths, and other subjects and stand a high chance of excelling in any career of your choice.

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