Physics, they say, is the bedrock of engineering and most complex technological courses. The human brain is like a muscle that can be developed. If you are serious about knowing physics, nothing can stop you as long as you have a good coach and the right mindset

Subjects like physics and mathematics have been the undoing of most science students because they have programmed their minds from what they have heard from the people ahead of them. The truth is, just like every other subject, if you start preparing yourself for physics at an early stage, you will definitely gain mastery over the subject.

The modern world we live in today is mainly part of the discoveries from great physicists such as Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Albert Einstein, and a host of others. With a sound foundation in physics, you will excel in courses such as engineering, computer sciences, and other related science courses. At this point, it is safe to say that physics is one of the major constituents of becoming a physical scientist.

In this article, you will learn about physics education and some of the best schools that offer the best physics courses in Abuja, FCT.

Before we go into details on where to study physics in the city of Abuja, it is necessary to see why physics is important and what are the careers one can build from physics.

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Physics Courses Nigeria
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Why do you need to learn physics?

Physics is one of the major (if not the major) requirements to becoming an engineer or technologist. As a student, you are first introduced to physics lesson in secondary school, then the university level if you decide to pursue a course that has to do with physics.

Physics is the study of the universe and how it relates to man. Physics has made humans understand the world they live in and the best ways to interact with our surroundings.

There is no person that successfully studied an engineering course that omitted physics in is SSCE. As a matter of fact, courses like physics tends to put the brain into work, which helps in the development of the brain. No wonder most science students that offer mathematics, physics, and chemistry tend to be smart academically.

What can you do with a physics degree? There are tons of careers you can pursue if you have a sound background in physics. As a computer science student at the university, you will offer physics courses up to 200 level before focusing on your area of speciality. Physics makes up engineering! Whether you want to become a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer or aeronautic engineer, without physics, you can't become successful.

For those that want to work with an international oil company, professions like geology, petrophysics, engineering, etc. all require physics to be successful.

Most of the developed countries are in search of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) students, and physics and mathematics are the major subjects that form STEM.

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Getting started with physics tutorials in Abuja

Physics education begins at senior secondary school. Most students are ignorant of the fact that even if they are not directly study physics at the university level, physics is one of the major requirements needed to gain admission into the university. As a science student, you need to do well in physics, mathematics, English Language, chemistry and biology.

It is no longer news that an average student doesn't like physics because they believe it is too complex. Contrary to this belief, getting a qualified and professional physics teacher from platforms such as Superprof can change the narrative for you. 

If you want to gain mastery over physics, you must be determined and ready for the task. You need to constantly practice whatever your teacher teaches you and try to memorise as many physics formulae as possible. As a secondary school student, you don't have to dwell on only the teaching you get from your class teacher. Getting a private teacher will help you by guiding you on the right steps to becoming a guru in physics.

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Attending to Physic Assignments
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Finding a university to study physics in the city of Abuja

First things first! Before you can gain admission to study physics, there are requirements you need to meet as a student. Getting credit passes in WASSE in subjects such as English language, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology is required before you can be considered for university admission. Also, you need to meet JAMB cut-off mark of the school you are putting in to be considered for a post-utme.

Another method of gaining admission into the university is through direct entry. How does direct entry method work? It's simple! You obtain a diploma certificate from a polytechnic or any other diploma school, and you use your diploma certificate to gain admission into 200 level in the university.

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The Federal University of Abuja (Uni-Abuja)

Uni-Abuja is one of the good schools in Abuja that offer physics courses and award bachelor of science degree in physics (B.Sc Physics). The Federal University of Abuja is among the top universities for physics Nigeria. The course is a 4-year program that requires you to carry out research as part of the requirements to earn a degree.

Nile University of Nigeria

Nile University is a private institution that was founded in 2009. It runs both undergraduate and postgraduate physics programs. Currently, there are 6 faculties, which include the Faculty of Law, Management Sciences, Natural and Applied Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Social Sciences, and Health Sciences.

Veritas University

Veritas University is located at Gwarimpa, Abuja. It is a private institution that provides academic and non-academic programs to students of all ages. They offer courses that cover a wide range of field of study, physics inclusive. If you are looking for a private school in Abuja to study physics, Veritas might be a good option.

If you are comfortable with getting your degree through online or distant learning, you may consider the National Open University of Nigeria.

The department of physics is under the science faculty. Every department has a HOD that oversees the activities of the department, and every faculty has a Dean as the head. Typically, it takes 4 years to study physics at the university level. However, if you attend a technology school such as FUTA, FUTO, FUTY, etc, you will likely spend 5 years.

After your first degree, you may decide to go for further international studies abroad to obtain a Master's degree or you can decide to continue your education here in Nigeria. If you have a dream of becoming a physics lecturer, then you need to further your education. For those who want to teach college or secondary school student, you may decide to study physics education as a course.

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Best Physics Courses
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Finding a private tutor to take you on physics lessons in Nigeria

The Nigerian society is blessed with some good teachers that know how to pass knowledge to students. If you live in Abuja or other parts of the country, there are different ways to find a class for a physics lesson. You can decide to enrol in one of the classes organised around your home or you can decide to employ the services of a professional physics tutor. With the advent of the internet, things have become easier for us and you can now take online physics courses via webcam in Abuja or any state of Nigeria.

You can start taking Physics class online.

It could be tiresome and time-consuming to select an approved teacher to take you on physics lesson. However, with platforms such as Superprof, learning has become easier for students looking to learn any subject. 

With Superprof, you are sure of getting a list of approved and professional teachers that have been screened and certified to take you on any lessons. You also get a free one hour lesson from most of the tutors on Superprof. You can use the free lesson to assess the teaching method of a tutor and decide if you like it or not.

Whether you want face-to-face teaching or online teaching via webcam, Superprof is the best way to go about it. You can also make an arrangement with your tutor if you want your physics class to hold in your home.

To choose a physics tutor, all you have to do is to read reviews on the profile of different teachers and choose the one that most appeal to you. The choice of choosing from a pool of tutors makes Superprof the number one teaching platform for most students.

No matter the subject you are having difficulty in, Superprof has the right coaches to help and guide you to master the subject.

The good thing about Superprof is that it has teachers in virtually every state of the country. So no matter the state you live, you can simply get a private tutor that will teach you physics and any other subjects you are having challenges with.

Superprof teachers have years of experience that will help you in learning physics in the best possible ways. Tutors are readily available to give you the best experience you need.

Don't wait any further, enrol for your online or on-site training today and be blown away with the kind of flexibility you will enjoy while learning.

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