Over the years, physics and other sciences have been relevant in most inventions we are enjoying today. For instance, the electricity we enjoy was the invention of an English Scientist, Michael Faraday. Also, Isaac Newton is the brain behind the Law of Motion. There are numerous inventions that were discovered by physics scientists.

With proper education, every human can be productive and relevant, as long as the drive and passion are in place.

Great names like the Wright brothers, Gregor Mendel, Albert Einstein are all ordinary people like me and you. What brought them into the limelight was their passion and curiosity to learn and do great things. Anyone can also achieve these feats if the right education is giving at the right time.

Since you now know that anyone can achieve greatness, the earlier you start planning ahead, the more likely you will achieve your goals. Greatness can be achieved in any field - be it information management, sciences, arts, etc. Whatever you study at the university level can be developed and turned to something outstanding. 

These few words are just to lift your spirit and to let you know that nothing can stop a man from achieving his dreams if only he is willing.

In this article, our focus will be on where to get the best physics courses in Port Harcourt, and how to build yourself as a Nigerian to gain mastery over physics subject. If you have the dream of becoming a physicist or are interested in getting a hold of physics, this article will benefit you a ton because you will see where you can get a good education on physics.

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Taking Physics Lessons in Port Harcourt
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Some of the renowned physicists that have graced the world

Physics is a subject that focuses on understanding the universe and how man relates to it. If you are a science student and would want to study physics, there are many things to make research on and the world is waiting to hear about your discoveries and inventions.

Some great physics scientists have spent their entire lives trying to discover and invent things that have been mysteries to mankind. Names like Michael Faraday and Albert Einstein have made so many young folks develop an interest in physics. Below are a few of the greatest physicists the world has ever known:

Isaac Newton: It will be wrong to mention some notable physicists without mentioning Isaac Newton. Isaac invented not only the Laws of Motion but also did a great job in mathematics by inventing Calculus. Mathematics and physics go hand-in-hand. Isaac Newton was a great physicist and mathematician that impacted the world positively. Secondary school and university students still learn about his findings.

Albert Einstein: Known as the man with one of the highest level of IQ, Albert Einstein has done a lot when it comes to the photoelectric effect. Einstein gave the world a different view on how we understand the way gravity, time, space, and light behave. He was also responsible for the Theory of Relativity, after challenging Newton's Law of Gravity. Even though Albert Einstein died about 65 years ago (1955), his discoveries are still celebrated today and will continue for a long time.

J.J Thomson: Thomson was an English physicist that was responsible for the discovery of the electron. He was able to prove that cathode rays were made up of unknown negatively charged particles (which are called electrons). Thomson was also responsible for the discovery of the existence of isotopes in stable elements. He won a Noble Laureate in Physics for his outstanding discoveries.

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Starting your physics courses preparation

Top Universities for Physics Nigeria
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For you to become a physicist or study a course that is related to physics at the university, you must be a science student in secondary school. Some of the subjects science students offer include mathematics, English Language, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, economics, agriculture, etc. You must also understand that physics is the foundation of engineering and technology courses.

To become successful in physics, you must also like mathematics. Early preparations and constant practice of the subject will make you good at it. A lot of students complain about how difficult physics is, and some have changed career path due to their perceptions towards the subject. The truth is, no subject is difficult for anyone who is willing and determined to learn. 

Having credit passes in WASSCE in English Language, Mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology are the requirements for a science student to gain admission into the university level. For JAMB, you will have to take subjects such as English Language, physics, chemistry, and mathematics if you are interested in studying physics, engineering, or any other technology course. Aside from using JAMB to gain admission, you can also use the direct entry method after obtaining a diploma certificate that will last for a period of two years. With the direct entry method, you get admitted into 200 level.

Getting a physics tutor to teach you will be a great idea because the teaching you get in school may not be enough for most students. With a private tutor, you will get the necessary guidance needed to excel in physics. More on where to get a private physics teacher as you read on in this article.

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Where to study physics in the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State has some of the top universities for physics Nigeria. In every university, the department of physics is usually under the faculty of science. While each department is headed by a Head of Department (HOD), every faculty has a Dean. Some of the best physics courses include nuclear physics (very relevant in health science), material science, geophysics, solar energy, quantum physics, and a host of others.

Here is a list of main branches of physics

To study physics courses in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, below are some of the universities to attend:

Federal University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)

The Federal University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT is one of the top universities for physics Nigeria. As a Nigerian, during your 100 level, you will take courses in physics, maths, chemistry, and English Language. This is to prepare you for higher levels. Studying physics usually takes 4 years of study and you will be awarded a bachelor degree in physics (BSc physics). The University of Port Harcourt is located in Choba and it is quite competitive to gain admission. Therefore, you must study hard to be able to beat the school's cut-off marks.

Rivers State University, P/Harcourt

The requirements for gaining admission into the Rivers State University are similar to that of UNIPORT. However, because it is a State-owned school, the requirements for JAMB and post-utme may not be as high as its counterpart. As a science student, you will need at least five credit passes and a score of at least 180 in JAMB to be considered for admission. The school was founded in 1980 and is located at Ikwerre Road, Nkoplu Oroworukwo, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria. They offer a list of programmes including undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

You can also attend a college of education if you are interested in teaching secondary or college students.

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Study Physics Courses in Port Harcourt
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Finding a physics private tutor in Port Harcourt

Every serious student wants to invest in his education. whether you are a science student or art, taking your studies serious has rewards in the future - you can easily get a job after graduating with good grades or travel abroad for international studies. However, getting a sound education doesn't come for free. You have to spend some bucks to get quality training.

To make your physics lesson worthwhile, one notable platform most students have been using to enhance their knowledge is Superprof.

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Using Superprof for your physics lesson tutorials

If you are looking for an approved platform that has a profile of professional tutors, Superprof is the place to turn to. With Superprof, you enjoy a free one hour class from virtually all the tutors on the platform. The essence of the free one-hour teaching is to help you ascertain the level and quality of training you will get from a trainer.

Superprof tutors have years of experience and are professional enough to employ the best teaching method for students. You can read through reviews on the profile of a teacher to see if he's worth working with. Learning can be face-to-face or online via webcam. Whichever is convenient for you, Superprof teachers are readily available to work with you. Start your physics lesson today and develop yourself to become one of the greatest scientists of all time.

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