The tutoring industry in Nigeria is expanding in recent years as more parents are now willing to invest more than ever in their children's education and future. This investment in tutoring services for their kids gives them a head start in succeeding in an increasingly competitive university entrance examination and the Nigerian labor market.

It is now easier to become a tutor in Nigeria due to the advent of tutoring agencies and improvement in technologies, unlike before, when one must advertise their services in newspapers and public bulletins.

Private tutoring is now a job that one can comfortably do from home, but you need to stand out among the other tutors in the market in other to succeed.

A flexible job like private tutoring jobs requires no formal qualification to start up, but a passion and wiliness to become a tutor.

It's not surprising then that the demand for tutors, particularly in math and English continues to grow. The job market for people looking for one-on-one tutoring also is growing.

Individual tutoring is rewarding but comes at a cost. It gives joy in seeing your tutee succeed in their academic or life pursuit.

There are so many things to consider in becoming a tutor in other, not to underpriced yourself in the market.

The first is your experience and the value you are bringing to the table.

The freedom it affords to a private tutor is undeniable.

Tutor and Tutee
An Experienced Tutor And A Tutee. Source: Getty Image

How Much To Charge For Your Tutoring Jobs Based On Your Experience?

One major challenge that most private tutor faces is setting up their hourly tuition rates. This is because prices will differ based on the subject, your students' level, location, and how much time it will take you to prepare your course content and experience.

In determining these prices or hourly rates, you need to consider the following factors.

  • Professional and certified tutors: These are full-time teachers or presently working in the area of speciality but offering tuition services on the side. These professionals have mastered their skills in a particular subject or skillsets for many years. Their students value these experts due to their depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in a particular field. These professionals mean different things in different areas. In music, it may be a seasoned musician, while in language, it might be a native speaker. As these tutors have a high level of knowledge in their chosen subject, they often charge higher hourly tutoring prices.
  • Qualified Teachers: These are presently teaching in a school but looking for other side hustles. There have proven knowledge of their field and have been in the teaching job or teaching profession for a long time. There has sound knowledge about the subject, familiar with the school syllabus, examination areas of concentration, and external examination standards. As a result of this, they also charge a substantial hourly rate for their lessons.
  • Part-time tutors: These are individuals that are not fully into the conventional teaching field but offer their specialized services to individuals. An example might be an individual who is very good at Math or Chemistry and offering his tutoring services to students preparing for an examination for a fee. This is a specialized area of knowledge, so the tutors are expected to charge a little higher than but not as high as a qualified and certified tutor.
  • Undergraduates: Students currently enrolled in a university often advertise their tutoring services alongside their study to earn extra income. In most Nigeria universities, most undergraduate student offers tutorial services for their junior colleagues for pay. These are the least experienced the four categories, but their enthusiasm, passion, and motivation make up for it. Student tutors are often the ideal choice for parents on a budget and suitable for providing homework help for younger pupils. Due to their inexperience, student tutors usually charge lower rates for hourly tuition.
A tutors presentation notes
Presentation Notes and Planning of a Tutor: Source: Pexels Image

Never Undersell Yourself!

No matter your market experience, never you undersell yourself or believe that your services aren't worth much. It is understandable if you won't be charging top rates for your tutoring services or offering free tutoring in a bit to get new clients, but always remember that private tutoring services are a high-value work.

As long as you are dedicated to your duties, which are to make the students succeed, you won’t have a problem keeping or finding new clients.

Charge too little; you won't be taken seriously by potential pupils.

Never Oversell Your Services Either

Remember never to overstate what you can offer to your students. Don't make the mistake of taking on a subject that you know nothing about to appear smarter or make quick money.

If you fake it, you will be found out, and you can quickly lose your job.

Don’t also overprice yourself out from the market. Look out for what other people are charging and tailor your price towards it.

Does Higher Qualification Affects Price Of Tutoring

In Nigeria presently, there is no qualification required for becoming a tutor. However, your qualification has a way of impacting on your earning or how much you charge.

Whether you need some qualification or not is dependent on your student's aim and your learning methodology and style.

Qualifications are often seen as evidence of the tutor's understanding of the subject matter and the authority to teach the subject.

Remember that you can't teach what you don't know, and as a tutor, you have to care for your students.

Irresponsible tutoring can lead to academic failures and, in some cases, injuries such as in sport or craft tutoring.

Academic Support Tuition

To stand out as an academic tutor, a given level of knowledge in the subject area is important. A qualification in your subject is desirable. To do well as a school support tutor, you must be at least one level above that of the student.

For example, suppose a tutor is expected to teach an S.S 2 student mathematics. In that case, it is expected that he/she has obtained a WEAC qualification in the subject, if not a university degree.

Quite all right, this does not apply to every tutor as some tutors are experienced in a subject area even without academic qualification.

Sports Instruction

The Nigeria Sports Commission offers some sporting training for individuals wishing to become a sports coach.  The sporting body recommends an advanced sports level before fully being employed as a sports tutor in the ministry.

Excitingly, in Superprof, sports coaches are not required to acquire or show any formal qualifications before coming onboard.

All that is required from you is a great attitude, fully motivated, and to demonstrate great skill and knowledge to help your clients. This will help to prevent any injury while training.

Although we fully understand that knowledge can be gotten from both formal training and years of experience. However, most clients’ stills prefer or regard coaches with formal training and qualifications higher than those without in some sports such as taekwondo and basketball.

Music Training

Similarly, music tutor in Nigeria requires no formal academic qualification to tutor any musical instrument such as the piano, guitar, or drum. All that is needed is for the tutor to have reached a higher level of expertise than the students.

In more conventional schools, it is expected that the music tutor must have reached grade 8 levels in music before they can teach. But that is not always the case since they are numerous successful music teachers without any music qualification.  This is often found in non-classical musical instruments such as rock drums and guitar, where less emphasis is placed on formal examination but your dexterity.

An African Taekwondo Player
Taekwondo Players Training. Source: Pixabay Image

Are Academic Qualifications A Guarantee Of Getting A Tutoring Job?

Like we stated earlier, qualification is not the ultimate. If you believe that you have the expertise to teach a giving subject or skill, but you don't have the formal education associated with the talent, find a way to demonstrate to the prospective client your ability to do the job.

You might want to be a copywriting tutor, but you don't have a degree in copywriting or creative writing, find a way to demonstrate your writing skills to your clients in other to land the job.

So, you are not expected to enroll in a 4 years university course to teach the skills you are good at or increase your hourly earnings.

Also, having a good knowledge or academic qualification does not equate to being a good tutor because teaching itself is a skill of its own,

This means that most highly qualified professionals and experts don’t always make the best tutors despite having all the requisite knowledge.

African Tutor
African Teacher Teaching Science Stem Class. Source: Freepik Image

Ways Experience Affects How You Earn Money As A Tutor?

There’s no denying the fact that the more demonstrated experience you have with peer tutoring, the more parents will be willing to pay for their child to be taught by you. Some of the reasons why having the needed experience can positively affect your hourly earnings include

  1. You know what you are doing: No parents want their children to be used as a learning tool. Parents and clients often lookout for experience tutors except for people on a budget. Your experience is also proof of your competence as a professional teacher, which gives parents confidence in your ability, which means a higher price for your tutoring services.
  2. Individualized services: Parents prefers tutors that can offer individualized tuition to their child. And as an experienced private tutor, it is expected that the tutor can offer well-structured lessons and study plans. Certified private teachers are often a good option for parents since they are knowledgeable about the school syllabus, exam skills, and grading criteria.
  3. Professional: An experienced tutor is expected to act professionally when carrying out his/her duties. The rule for professional tutoring includes showing up on time, preparing for the lesson, and identifying ways of pinpointing the student's weakness and where they need more help. Other ways in which experience tutors can add professional include creating tailored study plans for your prospective students considering their age and level and offering constant feedback and markers for tracking their success.
  4. Proven track records: Never underestimate the power of the mouth. Your review and what parents say about your tutoring services greatly impact the rate you set and the number of clients you get. A 5-star tutor is expected to charge more than a 1-star tutor in the same subject or skill set. Parents will be happy to pass your details o to other parents if there are very impressed with your services. Don't be afraid to ask your students to give you a review.

Finally, do not worry if you haven't built up a large number of clients yet or still at the lower end of the experience spectrum. Focus on the ones you do have, and if you're on online tutoring jobs, ask for a review!


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