Private tutoring in Nigeria has grown significantly in the last ten years. In Lagos and Abuja alone, private tutoring had grown from 15% in 2015 to 35% in 2019. We've also seen it in the number of private tutoring companies that have expanded across different states in Nigeria.

According to a recent study conducted by the Global Market Research, over 45% of young people participates in one form of extra-curricular activity or the other.

There is no better time to start off as a private teacher if you consider becoming a tutor than now. Private tutoring can be in academic works, coaching in sports or any other skills or acts that parents might want to encourage their wards to get fully into.

Tutoring jobs are also a great way for certified teachers looking for another income source to supplement their salaries.

In recent years, retired teachers and young teachers who are just beginning their careers are looking towards private tutoring. Their teaching experience makes them invaluable resources for interested parents whose children are struggling in school and other prospective clients.

Other skill coaches are also in higher demands, such as taekwondo trainers, basketball trainers, drum tutor, piano instructors, etc. These skills and sports aficionados' trainers generally charge higher rates than most academic tutors due to the number of needed resources to train their respective students.

A teacher and a child
A Private Tutor With A Student. Source: Shutterstock Image

Types of Private Tutors

The teaching jobs are not a regulated industry in Nigeria. There are no stipulated qualifications needed to become a tutor; however, tutors with higher educational qualifications and experience will be expected to charge higher.

The different types and level of tutors that you can find in Nigeria includes

  • Student Teachers: These types of tutors teach students who are mostly below ten years or younger than them. Examples include peer tutors in secondary schools, tutorial teachers in universities, and undergraduate teachers doing part-time tutoring jobs.
  • Certified Teachers: These are teachers trained in pedagogy, teaching techniques, classroom management, and effective teaching methodology. These certified teachers are good at managing students facing challenges in their academics. The certified teachers are expected to command better than an average rate than a student tutor.
  • Professional Grade: These are tutors that have mastered their art. There are professionals in their subject matter and command higher rates due to their certifications, qualifications, and experiences. Examples are professional boxing instructor, a certified career and business coach, or a professor in medicine.
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Factors to Consider when Fixing Tutoring Rates

Different factors are believed to influence the rates that tutors fix per hour or session for each subject or training in Nigeria. These factors differ in importance as it relates to the subject in question or skill that the student wishes to acquire. Some of these factors that a tutor needs to bear in mind when determining how much they can reasonably charge in their area include

  • Affluence of Location

Location is believed to be the most important factor to consider when setting your price as a private tutor. The average salaries of people living in a location have a lot of roles to play in determining your hourly or monthly rates. Know that the more affluent the area is, the more the residents will be willing to pay for private tuition.

A private tutor teaching in a remote village in Ibadan would not expect to be paid the same fees or rate as another tutor teaching in Lagos or Abuja's high brow areas.

  • Competition

There is a need to compare rural and urban earnings when determining a suitable hourly rate for private tutoring. In a city, you are more likely to find more students seeking private tuition, but the flipside of this is that they are more tutors in those areas too. Likewise, fewer individuals seek private tuition and FEWER TUTORS TO MEET THE DEMAND in rural areas.

In a simpler term, there are more students in the cities but more competition and lesser in the villages or slums but less competition.

City-based tutors in places such as Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt are expected to set more competitive rates than their rural counterparts to enable them to attract newer students. These rates are dependent on the cost of living and affluence of the area.

  • Transportation

Tutors in developed cities in Nigeria might need to travel from one location to another to meet their students. A tutor living on the mainland is expected to go to the Island to meet their students. This would require a high cost in transportation and the stress of getting stuck in traffic. All this will affect the rate the tutor will be expected to charge when compared to tutors in the rural areas that might not need to travel far to meet their tutees.

  • Private Schools in the Location

The type of school in a location affects how much an academic tutor will be expected to charge for private tuition.

Studies have shown that students in private schools are more likely to receive private tuition than those in government schools.

Good private and Montessori schools are most likely to be located in affluent areas where parents are willing and able to invest big money in their children's academics and development.

Another reason for a high demand for tutors within areas with a high concentration of private schools is the need for assignments, and tuition for entrance examinations is higher in demand in those areas.

As a tutor working in this area, you are more likely to charge a higher hourly rate. However, this might not be the case for music and sports tutors as most of these big private schools often have in-house music and sports tutors.

Image of government school
An Image of a Government School in Nigeria. Source: Pinterest Image
  • Qualification and Experience

The tutor's qualifications and years of experience play a major part in fixing the tuition rates. A certified private teacher with over ten years of experience is not expected to earn the same amount or hourly rate with an inexperienced undergraduate tutor.

  • Preparation Time

The level of time needed in preparing for the class or lesson has a way of influencing the hourly rate the tutor is expected to charge.

Primary school lessons might take a tutor fifteen to twenty minutes to prepare for the class, while chemistry or mathematics class for a secondary school student might take thirty to forty-five minutes in preparing for the class. Therefore, it is important to ascertain the average hour it will take you to prepare for the class when fixing your hourly rates.

  • The Level Taught

The higher the education level needed to teach a particular subject, course, or skill, the more expensive the tutoring rate is expected to be. But in fixing this rate, keep an eye on what your competitors are charging. A primary school Math tutor in a wealthy neighborhood may make as high as a secondary school math tutor in another less affluence area.

  • The Tutoring Format

The teaching profession comes with different tutoring formats. These tutoring formats determine the rate that you are expected to charge your clients. There are different formats that you can offer. These are

  1. Home Tutoring: The home tutoring class is the traditional and more conventional method of teaching. These are still the most popular method for younger children. The home tutoring encourages face-to-face interaction with the students, enabling the teacher to pick up non-verbal communication signals. In this route, remember to factor in your travel costs and time spend in moving around.
  2. Online Tutoring: This is one of the growing markets in the private tutoring industry. The benefit of this route is that there is no commuting cost or time wasted traveling. The online tutor client base is global with a flexible time. All that you will be required is a computer and an internet connection. Note that they are not much difference between the average rates of in-house and online tutoring jobs in Nigeria.
  3. Tutoring Agencies: This has become more popular over the past ten years in Nigeria. Working for a tutoring agency such as Superprof will reduce the amount of time you will spend advertising and sourcing for new clients. These agencies allow you to advertise your services for free on those websites and give you a professional outlook.
A black Tutor
A Tutor With A Tutee Having A Private Session. Source: Getty Image

Tutoring Rates by Subjects

Different subjects come with different rates depending on the tutor and experience of the tutor. Math and English tutors earn higher than other subjects since it is a compulsory subject in almost every external examination and the university. Here is a compiled rate of different subject's offers on Superprof per hour

Math                                                                                                                     ₦2500

English                                                                                                                 ₦2500

Chemistry                                                                                                            ₦2000

Physics                                                                                                                 ₦2000

Biology                                                                                                                 ₦2000

Geography                                                                                                           ₦1500

JAMB Preparation                                                                                             ₦2500

WAEC                                                                                                                   ₦2000

Common Entrance                                                                                             ₦1500

Economics                                                                                                           ₦1500

Piano                                                                                                                     ₦2500

Guitar                                                                                                                    ₦2000

Drum                                                                                                                     ₦1500

Criminal Law                                                                                                       ₦4000

Civil Law                                                                                                               ₦3000

Foreign Languages (French, German, Arabic, Italian, Spanish)              ₦2500

Remember that these prices vary according to location, experience and levels.  It still depends on you to fix what you feel is okay for your services.

If you wish to learn more about becoming a private tutor in Nigeria, then you can check out our other articles on a guide to becoming a tutor in Nigeria.

Good luck in your search for getting your tutoring jobs and fixing your rates.


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