Biology is not restricted only to students who are seeking a career path in medicine, it is a life science that everyone should be a part of. In your biology lessons, you will learn about photosynthesis, evolution, cell biology, human biology, the origin of life and so many more. Studying the biology course opens your mind to so many opportunities and discoveries. Interestingly with so many things to explore, a lot of people still don’t believe that biology opens up a variety of career paths.

The entirety of Biology study focuses on all living things including humans, animals, and plants. So, as a biologist, you don’t necessarily have to specialise on human genetics or human anatomy. There are so many other principles of biology or biological concepts you can work with. However, if this is an interesting path to follow, you will need to get at least credit passes in 5 subjects including English, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and science-related subjects.

Of course, after your WAEC examinations, you would need to sit for JAMB and post JAMB and pass them all before you’re eligible to study at the university. However, passing alone would not help, you need to be excellent at all your science subjects as that is what will keep you afloat in the advanced biology courses you will be learning.

As mentioned earlier, Biology is beyond the study of human body systems. It focuses on other things such as the history of life, animal and plant cells, animal physiology and all other life on earth. So, if you’re concerned about ecology and evolution, you’ll particularly love biology as it answers questions related to nature, how things grow, gardening and more.

During your biology lessons, you will be educated on the importance of keeping the environment as healthy as possible. You will also learn about animal species, their diversity of life, how they are categorised, the detailing of their cells, how they feed and generally, the food chain.

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Biology allows you to be conscious of your environment. Photo Credit: Unsplash

10 Benefits Of Learning Biology as a Nigerian student

For science lovers as well as everyone else, there are a lot of benefits to learning biology.

1. It allows you to utilise practical lessons

Biology courses are not just theoretical, your lesson plans will also include a lot of experiments. Usually, learning this way always allow students to remember faster during biology exam and when making life decisions in general. From practicals to field trips to personal research, Biological science offers first-hand experiences to its students.

2. You Get To Learn The Most Recent Developments In The Field Of Biology

Would you be learning about the most innovative research methods used across scientific companies all over the world? Yes and usually during when you’re doing your practicals. So, if you’re interested in the field of research in modern biology, your beginning career days start in the biology labs in your secondary school.

3. You can use the principles in Biology To Answer Tough Questions

As a life science, biology focuses on facts and figures to allow more student learning as well as provide evidence for implied information. The fact that you can find out more about characteristics of life and many more will allow you to question a lot of concepts and theories. Biology is a tool you can use to answer all of your questions like what multicellular organisms are, how a fetus is formed or how DNA works.

4. You'll Have A Bright Career Future

As stated earlier, Biology does not only lead to a career in medicine. Other branches in Biology can open the doors to many alternative professional careers like Zoology, Ecology, amongst others.

5. Biology Will Help You Explore the Basic Living Concepts

We know how to stay alive based on instincts. However, you get to discover in detail, the activities that keep all living organisms alive and excelling on our planet.

6. You Understand How The Human Body Works And The Best Way To Treat It

Human genetics is one of the things you learn in Biology. As Biologists, you get to learn about factors that affect the cells in our bodies like illnesses or diseases leading to sickness and how we can cure it. In terms of death, it also teaches how to prevent future cases.

7. You'll Get To Understand How The Food Chain In An Ecosystem Works

The ecosystem requires all living organisms to interact with the environment and other organisms. Your high school science will start with an introduction to biology; teaching you some basic principles of biology. Here, you will discover the biological interactions of the natural world.

8. You'll Get A Better Understanding Of The Environment

Interested in plant reproduction or plant growth? You can learn about vegetation, plant life and how to take care of your environment in general through this course.

9. You Will Get An Accreditation

When you study Biology in the higher institution, you will receive accreditation for your expertise and qualifications. After you graduate, you’re awarded a Bachelor of Science or B.Sc degree which you can use for Masters and Postgraduate studies.

10. You Get To Make A Difference

Scientific research has contributed to our knowledge about animals, plants, and even our race. So, if we’re willing to learn a lot more, we should be willing to pay more attention to science courses.

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For more biological research to happen, newer and fresher biologists are needed. Photo Credit: Unsplash

How To Find The Right Tutor

The prerequisites to learning about characteristics of life, anatomy, and physiology, and many more in biology can become overwhelming. Apart from the science teachers in your school, you need a private tutor to help breakdown the biology topics and help you get a higher grade level than you would have achieved.

In that case, where should you be looking at when you want to hire a tutor who is not only knowledgable and qualified but also familiar with your syllabus and the final examinations you’re working towards?

Firstly, your elder sibling or a neighbour who had a good result during his WAEC exams may be able to help you with your homework. However, if you’re planning on advancing your knowledge, you need a professional tutor who can take on private biology classes.

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So, you should be on the lookout for someone who has a proven track record of his/her specialization in the subject. A lot of the time, these tutors are previous or existing teachers who have a great amount of knowledge of the subject. They are also aware of the syllabus being taught. So, you should consider asking your science teacher, your peers, parents or guardians if they know any good private tutor.

Although asking for recommendations is a good thing, you should also do your homework properly. Check out their qualifications and credentials before hiring them. Otherwise, getting an under-qualified teacher will cost you a lot of money and affect your grades.

If there are no alternatives or recommendations and you’re thinking of choosing an online tutor, make sure to go for only genuine websites. Check the reviews made by others about their skills aside from their qualifications. You can also check our site, Superprof as it offers a variety of biology tutors who can create a schedule for biology classes and help you sort out the topics you’re finding hard to grasp.

How To Choose The Right Teacher

As earlier stated, you should always be aware of your tutor’s educational background. For example, during your biology tutorials, a math and science teacher may not have the specialisation required to teach some advanced concepts in biology.

Using references is a good idea. It will give you an overview of what an experienced tutor is through their tutoring approach and the feedback given by previous or current students.

For people who found a tutor through word of mouth, make sure to ask the person who referred you about the qualifications of the tutor. You can also take the time to look out for reviews outside of your reference. If you’re searching online and you find a perfect tutor, you should consider contacting them and asking necessary questions before agreeing to any commitments.

We would also advise that you meet with your prospective tutor to be sure they are the right fit for you and your studies.

Also, you’re expected to have at least a one to two-hour session once a week to keep your learning fresh and constantly improve your learning experience. Since tutoring is a short-term experience, you should be looking out for the maximum effect it will have on you in the long run.

Lastly, it is very important to keep a professional relationship with your tutor. Being disrespectful, too friendly, or hating your next appointment will not have a good impact on your confidence or your grades. It will also cause a strained relationship between you and your tutor. This is why you should ask for personal recommendations or have a proper meeting with the tutor begore proceeding.

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Work with recommendations when getting a private tutor. Photo Credit: Unsplash

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Private Biology Tutor in Nigeria?

Contrary to the general beliefs, getting a private tutor is not going to eat up all of your money. It is great news for people who cannot financially afford to pay for expensive biology tutorials.

You should be paying an average of ₦30,000 to ₦150,000 for a private tutor. Usually, the higher their expertise, track record and credentials, the higher their fees. However, the good news is, you can get a good private tutor with a reasonable amount of money.

Learn more about the cost of biology tutors.

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