Biology is one of the most interesting subjects because of the vast amount of knowledge it offers. However, the method of teaching most Nigerian teachers offer reduces the interest rates of students. Yet, it's one of the subjects that offer great career prospects for the future, and interesting contents. Still in doubt about what the subject can deliver? Check out the list below for the 10 benefits of studying Biology. 

1. It Allows You To Utilize Practical Lessons

If you love practical lessons, then Biology is a fantastic choice. You get to experience hands-on learning like never before. Some of your activities in Biology class in a secondary school include studying the anatomy of plants and animals, bacteria farming, Animal dissection, using binocular microscopes to study plant materials, the concepts behind photosynthesis and many more. 

Let's not forget that you will be doing a lot of field trips and experiments as your biology tutorials allow you to move away from the general classroom. Technically, practicals you do in Biology offers an opportunity to learn faster. It also aids the memory especially if you don't like theories or aren't a fast learner. Besides, learning within real-life contexts can be inspiring and interesting. Thus, giving you the chance to provide more specific details during your exams that will help you get higher marks. 

Biological research
Biological sciences have been, and are still making a difference in the world today. Photo credit: Unsplash

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2. You Get To Learn The Most Recent Developments In The Field Of Biology 

Another benefit of learning Biology is that it allows you to learn the latest research methods. Scientific subjects do not only include theories learned in the past but they also focus on future concepts. So, you shouldn't expect anything less from Biology. Just like other science subjects, it is largely (and will continually be) influenced by technology, innovation, and evolution. With this subject driven largely by these factors, educational textbooks, practicals, and experiments are designed to keep prospective scientists up to date on all of the old and modern research methods and techniques available.

With the use of biological techniques, you can study living things or in general, the study of life through several methods including computational and experimental methods, etiquette and instruments. Using these approaches can help boost your biological research and you may be on your way to discovering something new! 

However, the best way to benefit from learning about these approaches in detail is by starting Biology lessons. This can also give you the opportunity to carry out your personal investigations with the use of these advanced protocols. Even though your secondary school may not be as hi-tech as a research laboratory, they are more likely to have a well-equipped Biology lab where you can carry out on a smaller scale, all your experiments.

Make sure your secondary school offers practical biology tutorials, has an equipped lab and a wide range of tools needed for research. However, in the likelihood of its absence, look out for schools or places that offer practicals in Biology. It will help boost your experience and give you a clear explanation of all that you've learned theoretically.

3. You can use the principles in Biology To Answer Tough Questions 

A lot of times, people have criticized science as being all about facts and figures. However, it is because of its existence that we have been able to solve a lot of issues and answer questions. It has also allowed people to think better by asking all the questions and through science, search for solutions. 

When you understand the principles that surround what is anatomically and physically possible, you can apply these laws repeatedly when you start to ask questions that intrigue you.

Life science
Biology opens your mind to the characteristics of life and allows you to become aware of your environment. Photo Credit: Unsplash

4. You'll Have A Bright Career Future

Are you wondering whether studying Biology would land you to a great career path? Yes. Biology leads the way to a budding career in Medicine, it is also the base for jobs as a Scientist and a Teacher. Although Biology is important for people seeking a career in healthcare or teaching industries, it also offers other careers. 

Asides the aforementioned career paths, Biology can open up professional doors like Zoology, Ecology, Marine Biology and a lot more. As a graduate from any of these jobs, you can become a certified Pharmacologist, Microbiologist, and even a nature conservation officer. If you would like to be a Dentist or a Writer of science-related subjects, choosing to learn Biology can help you achieve this fit. If you're having trouble with understanding the subject, you can hire a Biology teacher who can help you with any Biology exam. 

5. Biology Will Help You Explore the Basic Living Concepts 

Biology is a life science that focuses on a wide range of topics including human biology, plant cells, respirations, and study of life. Even though it is an inbuilt instinct that makes us know how to stay alive, Biology courses let us see why. 

Technically when you study Biology topics you get to know in detail, life on earth and the basic events that keep all living organisms alive and flourishing on our planet. For example, Biological science shows us how to plant food that can be consumed later so as to maintain a nutritious and healthy diet. In Neurobiology, for instance, you get to understand how the brain works.

This life science will also teach you ecology and evolution and explains why it is important to keep the human body hydrated. It also clarifies in detail what humans need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in eating, sleeping or exercising. 

6. You Understand How The Human Body Works And The Best Way To Treat It 

Apart from learning the ways to stay alive, biologists can also find out other things that cause a change in the cells of our bodies, like illnesses or diseases and how they can be treated. Biology as a high school science will teach you about human physiology and how low or high temperature affects the body.

Additionally, you will learn more about the disorders that affect the body which causes disability, sickness and sometimes death.

Through your science teachers and lesson plans, you will understand how drugs affect the human body positively or otherwise. During your Biology classes, you will examine legal and illegal substances including antibiotics and prescription drugs. 

7. You'll Get To Understand How The Food Chain In An Ecosystem Works 

During your Biology classes, you will get to understand the effect one organism has on another living thing. All organisms in the natural world interact with each other and the environment to survive. 

Biology teaches the interwoven dependency between animal and plant species and the supply of energy needed to feed growth and cell division. With your lessons, you will be able to identify which species are consumers and the ones that are producers. It will help you understand as well, the layout of the interconnecting food chains in an ecosystem.

8. You'll Get A Better Understanding Of The Environment 

Would you like to learn how to take care of your environment? Learning how vegetation and other plant life thrive will help you make better choices.

As a prospective scientist, you will learn how carbon dioxide, temperature, and light affect photosynthesis.

High School Biology
Your secondary school experiments and practicals can inspire you to explore the wonderful elements in this life science. This period is also the foundation of excelling at biology subjects in the future. Photo Credit: Unsplash

9. You will Get An Accreditation

If you study with a biology teacher to a high level like degree-level, you will receive accreditation for your expertise and qualifications. As a science graduate, you will be awarded a B.Sc or Bachelor of Science and you can proceed to do an M.Sc or Master of Science for postgraduates. 

With this accreditation, you're assured of a great career because you become employable. Having a good university qualification will show that you understand the complex skills under this life science. 

10. You get to make a difference

A lot of the things we know about animals, our race and plants have come from scientific research. This is why scientists are very important to society. The science that is most important to us is Biology because it teaches us how life came about, how it works, as well as how it responds to the environment. Being aware of this allows us to know how to prolong our lives. 

 Without Biology, there would be a lesser discovery of medicine. Thus, leading to a lot more deaths. 

By studying Biology, you get to make a difference one research at a time. Over the past centuries, the discovery of Biology has helped a lot of lives and has saved millions of species. There's so much more this course offers as it is a great investment for the learners and the society at large. 

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