Biology; the life science that offers so many contents is a captivating subject. You learn about how different species react to their environment, human anatomy and many more. There are so many mind-blowing contents to explore. With proper biology tutorials, you will be equipped with the necessary skills needed to progress into a wide range of interesting professions.

Biology, simply put, is a science that explores all living things such as animals, plants, and humans. 

If you would like to study Biology at the university, you must first get 5 credit passes in your WAEC, GCE or any other equivalent examination including English, Mathematics, and Biology. 

With a great school certificate, you qualify for JAMB and Post JAMB at any University of your choice. After you qualify, you would be admitted into the undergraduate program and eventually bag a Bachelor of Science or B.Sc degree. 

Find out how you can benefit from getting a Biology Teacher

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As a Biologist, your career path is not restricted to just medicine. Photo Credit: Unsplash

When Should You Consider Extra Lessons?

You may be wondering whether you need a Biology teacher especially when you're quite good at it. However, despite your comprehension of the subject, a tutor can improve your understanding of concepts greatly and therefore allowing you to get higher grades than you would have achieved learning on your own. For people who are having difficulties understanding in their Biology class, getting a science teacher would also help.  

In history, tutors were hired to help students who were failing in their exams so that they can bring them up to speed with the rest of the class. However, even in top universities, some students still lookout for professional Biology teachers or senior students for evening biology lessons.

High paying or private school students still need tutors to help them reach, maintain or exceed the required grades expected of them by the school. Additionally, tutors are also needed to help make sure that they are on the right path to their desired professional development. 

Even with the change in history for teachers, it does not mean their specialization is always in demand. Tutors are professionals trained to offer quality services to students of all ages and skills. Professional tutors can be from quite affordable to expensive. Let's admit it; a good education is expensive and with the services they are providing, you can consider it as value for money. 

Consider private schools for instance; they make use of entry tests to make sure that their pupils are academically sound enough to continue studying in their institution. Parents of these students also get teachers to give them private lessons. In the end, a lot of the students get excellent results, proving on a large scale that they have higher chances of gaining better qualifications than a lot of public schools. 

This is why it is advisable for parents who have children both in public and private schools to get professional tutors for them so they can get the best start in life. 

Having a tutor does not mean that you're unintelligent or rich. Rather, tutors are required nowadays to help fill the gaps that classroom teachers are unable to fill and the fact that they focus on individual needs as opposed to an objective need like in terms of the classroom makes it even more worthwhile. 

In conclusion, when you begin your search for a tutor, make sure you're aiming at someone qualified and knowledgeable in the field. They should understand the education curriculum and can be able to tender their teaching degree upon request. 

Additionally, they should be familiar with your course structure and the examinations you're working towards. That way, their method of teaching will be done effectively. 

Who Is A Bad Example Of A Tutor?

Yes, you may have an uncle who was top of his class in secondary school and was exceptionally great in Biology. Consider that teaching is completely different from being an intelligent person. So, do not think that this person would be fit to be an educational tutor. 

For starters, you need someone with advanced knowledge in the field, such as a university degree holder. Preferably, you should go for people who have an education degree or professionally trained science teachers. 

Secondary, you need to ensure that they are familiar with your curriculum and have a teaching license that makes them qualified to teach you biology courses or hold biology lessons. 

Lastly, your teacher should have a proven record of being a tutor in this subject. Yes, your Math teacher or Chemistry teacher may have an idea but he would not have the field experience as a professional biology tutor. He may also be unable to handle biology tutorials as it is required.

Look out for tutors who have great testimonials from their students or referrals. 

Teaching Biology in Lagos
Even in cases where the money is an issue, don't get a classmate or a senior to teach you. This is because they have the burden of studies as well and they may end up not having your time. Rather, you can opt for online lesson plans. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Who Is A Great Example Of A Tutor 

A lot of tutors in Nigeria are existing or past teachers that know the subject and the syllabus that is being taught. People who want to take it a step further usually get a teacher certification or get a Bachelor's degree in Education. Additionally, there are several agencies and groups they will be a part of so they can have access to students in need of extra help. 

As an education teacher, being a part of an association already reassures your clients that the necessary checks have been made in terms of qualifications, training, and background. 

Professional tutors vary in age, gender and even level of experience. However, the main person you should look out for should be someone you're comfortable working with. If the teacher makes the subject easier to understand, then you should go for them. Also, remember that teachers are not your friends. So, it's best to keep it professional. Have a good relationship with them and make sure you give the expected respects for yourselves. 

It is a great idea to work with referrals as well. However, parents or guardians should still interview with their children to determine the teacher they are most comfortable with. 

School Teachers and Private Tutors
Unlike your school teacher, a private tutor focuses on individual learning competence. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Where Can You Find A Biology Teacher in Nigeria? 

One of the best ways to find a good Biology teacher is through recommendations. Usually, your parents are expected to ask other guardians about tutors. If you feel your Biology teacher in school is a great option, you can recommend them to your parents. 

In another case, you can ask someone you know to be your tutor. However, you have to be sure they are qualified for the job. Otherwise, you may end up not learning anything and would have wasted a lot of money for biology classes.

If you have made your inquiries and have not found a suitable teacher, you should consider online websites that offer tutors both online and offline. We would advise that you make sure they are genuine and can give you certified professionals.

For instance, our site, Superprof Nigeria has a wide range of science teachers including Biology teachers set up private biology classes and help make comprehension better. Additionally, your first class is free! This will help you decide which teacher you would like to choose. You can also check out reviews of them made by previous or existing students to decide who to go for. 

The Do's And Don'ts Of Finding The Right Biology Tutor 

  1. You don't have to fail your Biology course before you can benefit from a tutor. As stated earlier, a Biology teacher is also trained to teach you the basic principles of Biology asides from being skilled at helping you understand more difficult concepts. Technically, having a Biology teacher means that they can prevent you from failing your course or getting a higher grade level. The teaching methods of a high school biology teacher is great for students who are studying for secondary school certificate, JAMB, and post JAMB as you're more certain of a better grade. 
  2. Rather than paying your sibling, friend or classmate to teach you, have a group where everyone can benefit from each other especially when its for complex courses in Biology. You can choose to pay them of course if they have teacher licensure. However, the best bet is to look out for a professional. 
  3. Opt for someone previously recommended by people you can trust. Think about it this way; if a tutor has been held in high regard because of his/her teaching strategies by the people you know, then they can teach you as well. 
  4. Make it as professional as possible. Try not to dabble personal interests into professional matters with them. They are not your best friends and as such, you're expected to treat them with respect as you likewise expect them to. 
  5. Go through agencies or associations when you're hiring your tutor. That way you can be extra sure that the tutor has a teaching certification as well as a good teaching experience. 

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