Contrary to popular beliefs, hiring a tutor is not necessarily for students who are struggling with their Biology courses. Of course, you would need to get a tutor in such a case, but, it shouldn't be until the student is failing or struggling before getting help. Also, it's okay to not know what to do in the future (professionally or academically) before learning the right way. Getting the best start to your education program will only give you access to more opportunities.

It will also broaden your mind and allow you to have conversations even in fields you do not major in. So, even when you're planning on studying medicine, you'll have a basic idea of how Zoology, earth science, mathematics, and even space science works. 

This is why tutors are so important and worth every hype. Unlike general biology classes, a private teacher gives you one-on-one teaching assistance. Technically, there is more than enough room for the teacher to understand your learning process and apply it to his/her teaching strategies. 

Not only would you benefit from these teaching methods, but it will also boost your confidence in the subject taught. This means that even if you're convinced you're not a strong biologist, having a good tutor who offers great biology lessons can help you see the possibilities in succeeding in the subject and give you a great start to your preparation programme. When you have effective biology lessons, you may end up enjoying the subject so much that you'll be looking forward to the next biology class session. 

When you have a practical teacher, they will help breakdown challenging topics through their lesson plans in such a way that you will begin to understand even the most complicated concepts of Biology.

Choosing a tutor that's not perfect for you will not make this easy for you. It doesn't matter if they have teacher certification or licensure and you may even be far worse off than you were before. So before concluding on a teacher, we have written below a few tips that can help you choose the right tutor


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Biological sciences can sometimes be overwhelming. A private tutor can help make it seamless. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Check Their Credentials And Qualifications

When picking a tutor, look out for their educational background. For example, you may know a mathematics teacher; they are indeed both under the science education bracket. However, the exact specialization and knowledge will differ from that of a Biology teacher. You will notice this during your biology tutorials.  In such a case, your chances of getting a higher grade level may be lower than someone who chooses a Biology teacher.

There are exceptions to this rule though. Why? you may ask. The reason is that a lot of tutors specialise in various related fields. So, it's possible to have a person with a masters degree in Chemistry tutor you well in the field of Biology. As a masters degree holder in chemistry, they may have studied combined sciences during their Bachelor degree program, making them qualified enough. 

What you need to focus on is being aware that your tutor has previously sat for the exams you're studying for at the moment. It will allow you to know if your teacher is conversant about the level of content knowledge required to pass the exams. For instance, you don't want to have biology tutorials under a Biology teacher who never sat for WAEC or has lesser qualifications. 

As a pro tip, choose a tutor who knows your curriculum. They could have gotten familiar with your education programs through past teaching experience and may have previously done a lot of examination tutorials within your syllabus. With a private teacher, you'll not only be getting the needed knowledge, but you will also get tips and tricks on how to get the best score in your exams. 

Lastly go for a genuine tutor, preferably someone that has been recommended by the people you trust. You should also look out for certified agencies or associations that have properly checked the qualifications and credentials of your tutor to make sure that they truly have teacher licensure. 

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Ask For Testimonials, Reviews, And Feedback From Other Nigerian Students 

Hiring a tutor from an agency, a teacher's association or group can mean they are suitable for the job. They would have gone through teacher training in a college of education. Sometimes, however, they may not be as good when you decide to use them. So how do you know the ones that are good at their job? 

Through referrals! They are a great way of finding out who the most talented and influential tutors are for your content area in your subject. Use this same method to finding someone passionate about Biology as they will be more effective in their teaching. 

Most tutors with a good level of experience would have taught students (secondary or post-secondary) regardless of whether they are under an agency or not. So, naturally, there will be feedback on their tutoring service. Additionally, you should see a great track record when it comes to their past pupils' grades. These two will help you decide whether to choose a tutor or not.

If someone told you about them, make sure you ask questions about their teaching license or look for others that were previously students so they can give their reviews.

In the case where you're looking for a tutor online, make sure you check out their certifications, past and present reviews before proceeding to call them

After you have chosen who you would like to tutor you, you should interview or meet them. This way, you get to have a one-on-one conversation and see how conversant they are with your subject area. It is also during this time you should work out a timing and price agreement with them before they begin to teach you. 

Lastly, don't be disappointed by the first few lessons. Sometimes, your private education teacher may need little time to create the best way to make you understand concepts in Biology. This is not bad. However, be a little concerned if you're still struggling after the first month or your grade levels are reducing. You may need to look for someone else if it ever happens. 

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School science like biology allows practicals that make learning fun and memorable. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Consider Your Location And Timing

How many hours would you like to train? Will those hours be clashing with your other activities? Usually, the recommended duration for your classes should be a minimum of two hours once or twice a week. This way, you won't be overwhelmed with so much work from school and your private classes. If a private tutor you have in mind isn't as available as you'd like, it will be better to work with someone who is. Be aware that tutoring is a short term service, however, you want to make sure it has a long term effect on you. 

In terms of location, you don't want to get a tutor who lives far away from you. Even if you have to meet at places other than your house, you'd be stressed out by the journey which is a bad idea for learning. Instead, narrow your search to professionals that live within your area. 

If you're bent on choosing someone afar off, ensure you weigh your pros and cons before deciding to make them your tutor. 

Questions like: Will it affect your scheduling? Will you be stressed out from the journey? Are they willing to accept coming to you? If they are, are you open to an increase in the tuition you'd be paying? Would they be willing to do online video classes or use other forms of technology to make your learning experience possible? should be asked and resolved before your student learning sessions start. 

 Ideally, you should have your tutor living closeby because it makes it easier for you to schedule more classes in preparation for your exams. 

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Get To Meet Them First 

It's important to have a good relationship with your tutor. Imagine if you don't like them or their methods of teaching and you dread every appointment with them. The result of this is that you wouldn't learn anything and you may end up disrespecting each other. 

This is why we would advise you get a tutor via referral. Knowing that they did a great job with someone you know allows more room for you to be flexible and keeps you at ease. This way, your chances of profiting from their tutoring service is high. 

Indeed, not everyone is lucky enough to find a Biology tutor right away or by references. It does not mean you should decide to employ the service of a random Biology tutor you've never met before. Have an appointment with them before deciding to hire them.

A lot of teachers are familiar with having face to face meetings with pupils and their parents. This way, they get to understand why they are needed and what level you're currently running at. It will help them schedule the meetups based on your level of demand. 

So, when you're planning on hiring a tutor, organise a meeting with the tutor in person. Get a parent or guardian to accompany you so as to get an objective view of their teaching method and how they can motivate you. 

When you have face to face meetings with your prospective tutor, it has a positive impact on your relationship with them, tuition and overall confidence. 

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