Indeed, Biology is an amazing subject that offers so many opportunities. You get to learn about photosynthesis, cell structure, animal and plant cells, life on earth, human life, ecology, evolution, plant biology and all other organisms living amongst us. However, the complexities accompanied with this life science can be excruciatingly exhausting and thus, wear students off. Again, you don't have to wait till you notice you're lagging before you get a tutor and there are quite a lot of chances this is going to happen. With the possibilities of this happening, then it will do you good if you get extra help to help you learn biology. 

For example, you can attend after-school biology tutorials coordinated by your school or classmates to help with biology courses. The result can be a great advantage to your revision, homework and other textbooks. 

However, having these are a great solution to helping you solve minimal studies. In the case where you notice your grade levels are going a lot slower, or you're preparing for a major exam, you should consider getting a private lesson teacher.

Are You Really In Need Of A Biology Lesson Teacher?

A private teacher is not just available to help students that are struggling with their courses or exams. Technically, you can still have a good knowledge of the basic concepts of Biology or know a lot about the complicated ones. However, there's so much to gain when you're having biology tutorials with a good tutor. 

For instance, if you have a good knowledge of the subjects or you're fortunate enough to go to a prestigious secondary school, a tutor can help with improving your SS3 grade level as well as your WAEC, NECO, GCE or any equivalent examination required to qualify you for JAMB and post JAMB which ultimately leads to admission into any university/ college level or polytechnic of your choice. 

Having more time to work on your coursework can easily allow you to get an A or a B grade. Your grades during these periods are crucial. The reason is simple; if you plan on becoming a Biologist or learning courses related to this subject like zoology at the university, then your grades in biology, math and science subjects need to be good enough to make you eligible. 

Choosing to use the services of a tutor can make all the difference for your grades and overall confidence. 

If you're working towards a professional and sometimes personal goal, good grades are important. In a lot of cases, it sets you apart, giving you more opportunities than someone with average grades. In this case, you should consider whether school fees, lesson fees or any other tuition is good for your future or not. 

Principles of Biology
Consider getting a private tutor who has a good lesson plan when you're preparing for your main examinations.  Photo Credit: Unsplash

What Can Your Lesson Teacher / Private Tutor Offer Over Class Teachers

Indeed, teachers are expected to help students be the best they can be. Theoretically, they are meant to use all their resources to make sure every student succeeds during their exams. However, in reality, the case is different.

Just as life characteristics, hobbies, and even life patterns differ amongst students, so does their manner of learning. As biology even teaches about human physiology, it is clear that every student has a different level of competency and has a variety of individual experiences before learning science courses or any other course. So, it's impossible to have two students performing at the same level. 

Based on this, some students manage to work their way up to the grade levels required while others aren't so lucky. It can be quite difficult to get back on track once your grades start falling. You may find yourself desperately struggling to catch up with the rest of the class and being unable to. 

If you're in this position, you should not feel discouraged. It's normal to not be good at all subjects; some topics are even easier than others. The moment you lose interest in your ability to be better, you're going to slip completely. Rather, embrace a positive approach to your studies. It will be of huge impact to your overall confidence and grades. 

If you feel you cannot do this on your own especially in certain stages, then getting a tutor with great lesson plans can help you breakdown the difficult theories and improve your grades. You will learn, in easier method, biology topics like introduction to biology, the food chain, living organisms, protein synthesis, the study of life, the nature of science, other complex biological systems amongst others. 

Private teachers, unlike class teachers, focus on individual competence level to determine the best approach needed to make a student understand a course. Spending money on hiring one is usually a rewarding experience as they help in boosting your interest levels, improving your grades and your confidence in general. 

Check out how to choose the best tutor specifically for you. 

When getting a lesson teacher, you should strongly consider the ones close to you. Not only would there be more time for sessions, but they will also tailor the sessions to suit your learning capability. Unlike the classroom where there are default teaching methods, a private class is designed just for you.

This approach means that you can always revisit any topic that is complicated to a student without being concerned they are drawing others back as you would have in a classroom. 

Biology exams
Having a student-focus approach gives you the all-round experience you need to succeed in your future career and life. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Why Don't Many Schools Offer In-House Tutors?

Many schools offer in-house tutoring services. However, quite a lot of them are withdrawing from this. One of the reasons being that most schools wouldn't want their teachers familiarising themselves with the parents. Sometimes, there are cases of fraud or bad reviews made by the teachers about the schools. This is why most institutions leave it to the parents to find tutors themselves.

On the other hand, most schools believe that a student is getting all the necessary resources needed to pass exams and does not need extra lessons. The result of this is that the not so lucky ones end up struggling when they cannot keep up with a difficult course, issues in their homes or other subjects are taking all of their time. 

Whatever the case is, private tutors recognise that not all students learn the same way. This is why they focus on tailoring their classes to individual needs, level of knowledge, competence, learning speed, amongst others. 

This does not mean that the principles of biology you’re being taught in class are not as good or that your Biology school teacher is not doing a good job. Your inability to cope with a difficult subject may be as a result of lesser resources by the school, your high school science lab is inadequate or any external factor.

You hiring a private tutor just shows how invested you are in your studies and will help you prepare well for your future biology classes and exams.  

How Much Does A Private Lesson Biology Teacher Cost in Nigeria?

You may believe that getting a private tutor is expensive. However, it is far from the truth. It's good in the pockets of parents and guardians who aren’t able to support as much financially. 

Private teachers can cost between ₦5,000 to ₦15,000 or more per hour. On average, you should be spending between ₦30,000 to ₦150,000 on a private tutor. 

Explore the best tutors for online biology

Additionally, it’s possible to pay more and still have a bad experience with a tutor. Usually, it doesn’t always mean they are bad tutors, as the reason their fares are high in the first place is as a result of their experience and expertise. It may sometimes just not cut out for the student. This is why it is a great idea to work with referrals as they can help avoid any discrepancies that you may likely experience.

Truly, education is a great investment, but it doesn’t mean everyone can afford it. In the case where you cannot afford an overt professional, work with a teacher that has higher qualifications than you do and be sure they have sat, as well as taught others who got great results in any of the exams you’re sitting for. 

experienced Biologist
Learning from a professional tutor has its long-term benefits in comparison to someone who isn’t as qualified. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Is Your Fee Well Spent?

In this case, different scenarios determine whether your fees were worth it. For instance, you may have hired a tutor and your results end up being a C even with your time and money investment. The role of a tutor is only minimal if the student is not dedicated enough to learn. The student is expected to give an equal amount of effort to see the improvements. It’s advisable to take a quiz or practice test after every biology lesson you take. 

Additionally, try to create more realistic scenarios. For instance, it will be quite impossible to have a student scoring an E or an F in biology exam to automatically get an A. It takes gradual steps outside of school biology classes and enough timing to groom the student to get to this stage. In a realistic sense, the student is more likely to get a C. With constant practice, study and more private sessions, the student will certainly be aiming towards an A. 

Tutoring, unlike any other field, requires tactics and an ability to enjoy making people understand complex principles. This is probably one of the reasons why it will never go out of vogue. Every day, more people are requesting for tutors to help with understanding complex school topics and sometimes even the basics. Student learning tends to improve drastically after this. 

While it’s possible to not find a private tutor in your institution, look out for or ask around for places, groups or associations where you can find a perfectly suited tutor for yourself. 

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