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Private Biology Teaching In Nigeria

If Biology is a course that interests you, one of the most important things is knowing what it entails. The word Biology is derived from the Greek words bios (life) and logos (study). In simple terms, biology is the science of life. It is the science that studies living organisms, divided into many specific fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behaviour, origin, as well as distribution. Some different aspects of biology include cell biology, molecular biology and human biology.

Since this is a science course that requires a lot of practicals, it's very important to view and work with biology teachers or tutors that offer the proper tutorials. In senior secondary schools, students are expected to do the Biology lesson. In fact, biology education is one of the compulsory science education required to teach students about themselves and their environment. Perhaps, one of the reasons is because it is a knowledge that pertains to us as humans and other living organisms that exist on earth.  From the first senior secondary school year, students are introduced to this science education curriculum. One of the core features of this science biology is research and laboratory experiments. In your first senior secondary school year, your tutor will introduce you to different views of science subjects including the curriculum of biology topics and of course, suggest biology textbooks that can aid better understanding of this life science.  While biology textbooks, constant research and proper lab practicals can boost your understanding, the need for a private biology tutor is inevitable.

Why Study Biology Subjects?

A subject like Biology is necessary. To reiterate, taking a biology lesson brings you closer to understanding living organisms. Not only will your tutoring classes (through the help of a good teacher) do this, but they will also help students make better life choices. Your knowledge in biology can serve as skills that will help you for years.

Take Biology Courses With A Private Biology Tutor

More than anything, a science lesson like chemistry and physics has helped in shaping a better society. Even with the new advancement in technology, experiments done with courses like physics and chemistry can sometimes have an adverse effect on living organisms. Truly, new technology requires more research. The higher the technology, the more work is put in the research to ensure the safety and longevity of all life.  This is probably why biology is needed in all aspects. As a subject, it can be divided into three major parts;

Botany which is the branch of biology that deals with the study of different aspects of plants.

Zoology is the branch of biology that deals with the study of animals. It is believed that Aristotle is the father of Zoology.

Microbiology is the biological branch that deals with the study of different parts of microorganism. The father of Microbiology is Leeuwenhoek.

While these are the major branches of biology, there are still other branches like cell biology, taxonomy, ecology amongst others. The history of biology dates as far back as 1800 B.C. Technically, humans within this era began to take their time in learning this course.

People who become Research scientist, Biologists, Pharmacologist, Nature conservation officers, Ecologists, forensic scientists, etc, all have a passion for biology.

So, if you have a flair for science education and especially a science that deals with life, studying with a biology textbook is just not enough. An experienced private biology tutor can help you understand biology topics in easier ways than you can imagine.

Additionally, students who are preparing for any biology exam can benefit from a private home or online biology tutorial. It's important that experienced tutors have the necessary tools to teach great lessons. It will include possible questions that may be asked during an exam and a vast experience in teaching biology lessons for any level (be it secondary or university level).

They should also be equipped in taking online science classes which online biology classes is a part of. In terms of biology tuition, a tutor with experience can charge a negotiated amount per hour.  Tutoring websites like Superprof even have 95% of experienced tutors of biology willing to offer their first hour of biology classes for free. Additionally, a view of profile includes their education experience and reviews from students they have been working with.

With a qualified tutor or tutors, a student's view of the world can change. This is why getting a good tutor or teacher is important. More often than not, a student's performance is based on the degree of a teacher's influence. Quite a lot of tutors in your secondary years may not have the needed flair for teaching biology in an individualised way for your exam or other purposes. This is why a home teacher or tutor goes a long way in boosting your academic profile to a greater level.

Biology Lessons For Secondary School and University Level

If you never knew anything about biology and its subsets like human biology, molecular biology, cell biology, one of the first opportunities you will get is in primary and secondary school. People who want to learn biology from scratch are advised to start with elementary biology. This is the kind of biology for kids which is also transferred into biology for secondary school students.

So, even if it happened that you didn't learn biology in school, you can opt for online tutoring with biology tutors online ready to take your lessons. Just like other science courses, you can get the degree of help you need from biology tutors.  Teaching biology requires a qualified tutor or tutors who can aid your learning process. In your secondary school experience of biology, you will do a lot of research and experiments. It will also open the minds of students to take time in asking questions, help advance their research skills, and improve their ability when it comes to working on seeing results.

In your university years, you're expected to spend 4 years learning biology. This is the level where you're learning an advanced view of biology. A student looking forward to passing his/her exam should consider private tutoring to help with getting a high degree in school. Making a tuition budget for private tutors asides your university tuition is an investment that will go a long way.

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